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“Turkey Gobble Towel Holder”
Designer: Aurora Suominen/DragonFlyMomof2 Designs©2014 TURKEY GOBBLE TOWEL HOLDER.jpg 

Size: 9 ½”, Hook: H/5.0mm, Yarn: Red Heart WW in 2 colors: A:Turkey color (.6oz) & B: Variegated in Fall colors in (.6oz), Small amount of yellow, red, & black Additional Materials: Button.
*NO turkey was hurt in the making of this pattern.
Notes:  Bold print: Repeated in pattern. Sts: Work in next st/chsp. Join: Join W/slst in beg st, unless otherwise stated.
Abbreviations & Stitches Used                                   
Beg=Beginning    Ch=Chain    Slst=Slip Stitch    Sc=Single Crochet   
Sp=Spaces        Sk=Skip    W/=With        Dc=Double Crochet       
St(s)=Stitch(es)    Lps=Loops    Fpdc=Front Post dc   Hdc=Half double crochet                    
Body:(Make 2)
Rnd 1: W/A, ch4, work 11 dc in 4th ch from hook, join in top of ch4.  (12dc)

Rnd 2: Ch3, dc in same st.  2dc in each st around, join.  (24dc)

Rnd 3: Ch3, dc in same st.  2dc in each st around, join.  (48dc)

Rnd 4: Ch3, dc in next 29sts, fasten off, leaving remaining sts unworked.  (30dc)

With both pieces together wrong sides facing each other, work through both:
Rnd 5: W/A, join in 1st dc of rnd 4, ch1, sc in same st, sc in next 29sts, ch1, sc in next 8sts of rnd 3, *ch5, 2hdc in 2nd ch from hook, slst in next 3 chs,* sc in next 3sts, repeat *to* once. Sc in last 7sts,  switch to B w/slst to join in first sc.  

We are working in rows now.
Row 6: Ch1, sc in same st, (fpdc in dc from rnd 4, sc in next st of rnd 5)29x ending w/fpdc. Ch1, turn.  (30sc, 30fpdc)

Row 7: Ch1, sc in same st.  (Ch3, sk-1, sc in next st)Repeat across, slst in last sc.  Ch1 turn.  (29lps, 30sc)

Note: This row is worked behind the ch3 lps
Row 8: (Ch4, sc in the skipped sc of row 7)Repeat across, fasten off.  (29lps, 30sc)

Towel loop:
Row 1: W/A, Ch14, sc in 2nd ch from hook and in next 12sts.  (13sc) Ch1, turn.

Rows 2-3: Sc in each st across, ch1, turn.  (13sc)

Row 4: Slst in each st across, fasten off & sew to the back of your piece near the bottom.

There are 2 types of hangers for my design: Hanger w/button closure, or tie,  both are given below, choose which one you want for your turkey.  

Hanger W/button:  Start your row 1 with a long tail to sew onto turkey
Row 1: W/B, Ch10, sc in 2nd ch from hook and each ch across,  ch1, turn.  (9sc)

Rows 2-26: Sc in each st across, ch1, turn. (9sc)

Row 27: Scdec, sc in next 5sts, scdec in last 2sts, ch1, turn.  (7sc)

Row 28: Scdec, sc in next st, ch2, sk-1, sc in next st, scdec in last 2sts, ch1, turn (4sc, 1lp)

Row 29: Sc in all sts, including lp.  (5sc) Fasten off, leaving a long tail.  

I attached my hanger to the back of my work, starting at the top of rnd 2.  I sewed half way up.  I attached my button on the front of the work, (with face showing) between rows 10-14. This will depend on the size of your button.  

Tie Closure:
W/B attach in the 15th lp. *Ch40, slst in 2nd ch from hook & next 38chs, slst next sc, slst into next lp* Repeat *to* once more.  Weave in your ends.  

Eyes: (Make 2) W/black yarn: 10sc in a magic circle, join to first sc. Sew onto turkey

Beak: Ch5: sc in 2nd ch from hook, hdc in next ch, 2dc in last ch, fasten off, and sew onto turkey.

Wattle: (crocheted verison, or you can use felt)
Ch6, join to form a ring.  Fasten off, sew onto turkey in the shape of a wattle, not a circle.

Personal use/print only, no pattern reproductions, selling or copying allowed.   
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