Wednesday, August 25, 2010


“Flower Love in 2D”
FLOWER LOVE 2D (2).jpg
Designer: Aurora Suominen/DragonFlyMomof2 Designs©2010
Size: 6” Square using,  Hook: H/5.0mm, Yarn Used: Worsted Weight in 2 colors: A:Purple- .28oz & B- .18oz
NOTES:  Bold print: Repeated in pattern.  STS=Stitches: Work into next st/chsp   JOIN: Join W/slst in beg st, (ch3, ch2, sc) unless otherwise stated.
Abbreviations/Stitches Used                                     
Beg=Beginning    Ch=Chain    Slst=Slip Stitch    Sp=Spaces   
Sk=Skip        W/=With    St(s)=Stitch(es)    Sc=Single Crochet   
Dc=Double Crochet        

Rnd 1: W/B, Ch4 and join to form a ring.  Ch1, 12sc into ring, join to 1st sc. (12sc)

Rnd 2: Ch3, dc in same st.  [Ch2, sk 1sc, 2dc in next st.] Repeat around ending w/a ch2, sk-1sc, switch to A w/slst to join.  (12dc)

Rnd 3: Ch3, dc in next st, [*Ch1, (working behind ch loop), trc in skipped sc of rnd 1, ch1*, dc in next 2sts]5x.  Repeat *to* once, join.  (12dc, 6trc)

Rnd 4: Ch1, sc in same st, sc in next st, [*4dc in next chsp, slst in next trc, 4dc in next chsp*, sc in next 2dc]5x.  Repeat *to* once, join.  (48dc, 12sc)

Rnd 5: Slst in next sc, slst into next 2dc, [sc in the sp between the 2nd and 3rd dc of petal, ch4] Repeat around, join.  Fasten off color A.   (12sc, 12chsps)

Rnd 6: W/B, join in any sc, (ch3, dc, ch1, 2dc) beg corner made.  [3dc in next sp, hdc in next sc, 3hdc in next sp, hdc in next sc, 3dc in next sp, (2dc, ch1, 2dc), corner made in next sc]4x, minus last corner, join.  (40dc, 20hdc)

Rnd 7: Slst in next 2sts, beg corner.  [Dc in next 15sts, corner in next ch1sp]4x, minus last corner, join.  (76dc) Finish off

Personal use/print only, no pattern reproductions, selling or copying allowed.   
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Jenny McB said...

I love this square and would like to try it this weekend for share a square. Thank you for the pattern!

Dorlis said...

I love your patterns and would like to make some lap throws to sell to benefit our senior center(267 in town). Is that okay?

Dragonflymomof2 said...

Hi Dorlis, I don't mind if you are sell some lapghans made from my patterns. I just don't want internet sales or major commercials sales. I think it is really great of you to help out the senior center.

Prof Lanci said...

I am trying to crochet different items for my granddaughter's Girl Scout troop to use for Fundraising either by raffling them off or selling them at the fundraising ziti dinners. They are trying to earn the money to go to the Grand Cannon in 2013. They must earn the money or they will not go it is part of a badge. Can I please have permission to sell or raffle off anything I make with this pattern for Girl Scouts? I can supply you with the leaders name if it is needed. Please email me and let me know thank you.