Thursday, September 23, 2010


Heart's Abound
Copyright © 2010 Aurora S
12" Square with "I" Hook

Special Stitches:
BEG CORNER: Sl St into Ch-2 space, and work ch-3, dc, ch-2, 2dc. Corner made.

CORNER: Work 2 DC, Ch-2, 2 DC in next Ch2 space.
BACK CROSS STITCH (BCS): Skip next st, dc in next st; working behind last st made, dc in skipped st.

FRONT POST DOUBLE CROCHET (FPDC): Yo, insert hook behind post of stitch (from front to back) one row below, Yo, pull through, Yo, pull through 2 loops, Yo, pull through remaining two loops to complete stitch. fpdc  completed

Double FPDC: Work 2 FPDC around post of next dc in previous round.

Single FPDC: Work 1 FPDC around both posts of next double fpdc.

FRONT POST TRIPLE CROCHET (FPTR) Yarn over twice, insert hook from the front side of the work right to left around the post of the indicated stitch on a previous row; yo and draw up a lp (4 lps on hk)
yo and draw through two lps (3 lps on hk) yo and draw through two lps (2 lps on hk) yo and draw through two lps (1 lp on hk)

Double Crochet Decreases: Work a dc in the next stitch without completing the very last step (leave the last two loops on the hook), then dc in the next stitch without completing the last step. You should have three loops on the hook then yarn over and draw through all the loops. Decrease made.

Note: Anytime you see, "Stitches" this means any dc, sc, fpdc, ch1 space.

Ch 4 and join to form a ring.

Round 1: Ch3, work 9 DC in ring, Join (10)

Round 2: Ch3 (counts as 1st DC now and throughout) DC in same stitch, Work 2 DC in each stitch around. Join (20)

Round 3: Ch2, Work a 3dc decrease, Ch7 *4 double crochet decrease, Ch7* Repeat around and join in top of first star point. (5 Star Points, and 5 Ch7 spaces)

Round 4: Slip stitch into Ch7 space, Ch1 *2 sc, FPTR around post of dc in row 2, 2 sc all in same Ch7 space. Ch3 and skip star point, repeat and join.

Round 5: Ch3 DC in each stitch, working 3 DC in each of the ch3 spaces.  Join  (40dc)

Round 6: Loosely Slip stitch into next 3 stitches, Ch3, DC, Ch2, 2 DC in same stitch. *DC in next 4 stitches, Work a double FPDC around post of next dc of rnd 5.  DC in next 4 stitches, work corner in next stitch* Repeat around and join.  48dc, 4 dbl fpdc 

Round 7: Beg Corner, * DC in next 5 stitches,  Work a double FPDC, single FPDC, double FPDC.  DC in next 5 stitches, work Corner in next ch2 space.*Repeat and join.

Round 8: Beg Corner, *DC in next 6 stitches, work a double FPDC, Single FPDC, FPDC, single FPDC, double FPDC.   DC in next 6 stitches, work corner in next ch2 space.* Repeat and join

Round 9: Beg Corner * DC in next 7stitches, Slip stitch in next dc, skip next stitch, work 6DC in next dc, skip next dc, slip stitch in next dc, skip next dc, workd 6DC in next dc, skip next dc, slip stitch in next dc.  DC in next 7 dc, work Corner*  Repeat around and join.

Round 10 Slip stitch into corner ch2 space, and work Ch1, SC, ch2, SC *SC in next 9 stitches, slip stitch in next slip stitch.  Ch4, skip 6 dc of heart hump, (look behind heart at the middle slip stitch, see the 2 horizontal loops? SC in that, Ch4, skip 6 dc of next heart hump, slip stitch in next slip stitch.  SC in next 9 stitches.   In next corner ch2 space, work a SC, ch2, SC.* Repeat around and join.

Round 11: Beg Corner *DC in next 10 sc.  Skip slip stitch, work 5DC in next ch4 space, DC in next sc (between heart humps) 5DC in next ch4 space, skip slip stitch, DC in next 10 sc.  Work corner in corner ch2 space, Repeat around and join. 

Round 12: Beg Corner, *DC in next 12 stitches, Work a TR in skipped slip stitch of round 11, DC in next 11, Work TR in skipped slip stitch of round 11 (this one might be harder than the first, but find it, and work your hook into it) DC in next 12 stitches.  Work Corner in next Ch2 space. *Repeat around and join.


© Aurora S 2010
This pattern is for personal use only. Please do not sell the finished project or my patterns on the internet or commercially. Do not post this pattern on any website/blog/group or anywhere else without my permission. Do not make a profit off of my hard work.


Diane said...

Just worked this square up today and it is beautiful!! I make squares for Heartmade Blessings and this square will go into a Comfortghan to a lady who recently lost her mother.

Wonderful square and easy!! Very well written pattern.


Ginger said...

Aurora this square is just perfect for our Heart Made Blessings group. Could you PLEASE contact Edith at She is trying to get in touch with you to link up. Ginger

Dragonflymom said...

Hi Ginger, I just sent Edith an email. Thanks so much!!

Thanks Diane, Heart Made Blessings sounds like a wonderful thing, please tell me more or send me a link.

Ginger said...

Aurora, Need a tester for the month of November's square? Ginger

Dragonflymomof2 said...

Yes Ginger I will. It is almost done, but a very busy weekend kept me behind. I think I have your email still. Ahh never mind I see it in your comment. Will send when typed up.