Monday, September 13, 2010


Honor in Love Coaster
I made my coaster with a G hook and Cotton Yarn
Copyright © 2010 Aurora S
Abbreviations: SS=Slip stitch, Ch=Chain, St=stitch

Ch4 and join to form a ring

Round 1: Ch3 (Counts as a st) Work 11DC in ring. (12dc)

Round 2: Ch3, 2DC in same dc.  (Ch1, skip a dc, 3DC in next dc) 5 times.  Ch1 and join to top of first ch3.  (18dc & 6 Ch1 spaces)

Round 3: Ch3, 2dc in same dc.  1DC in next dc, 3DC in next dc.  (Ch2, skip ch1 sp, 3DC in next dc, 1 DC in next dc, 3DC in next dc) 5 times.  Ch2, skip ch1 sp. join to top of first ch3. (42dc & 6 ch2 spaces)

Round 4:  Skip 1dc, (5DC in next DC, SS in next dc, 5DC in next dc. Skip a dc ,SS  in next dc, SC in  next CH2 space, SS in next dc, skip 1dc) 5 times. 5DC in next dc, SS in next dc, 5DC in next dc, skip 1dc, SC in next ch2 space,  Join to first SS. (6 hearts) FO

You might need to iron your coaster.    

© Aurora S 2010
This pattern is for personal use only. Please do not sell the finished project or my patterns on the internet or commercially. Do not post this pattern on any website/blog/group or anywhere else without my permission. Do not make a profit off of my hard work.


Debbi Bearz said...

Thank you for a cute and easy pattern. I will make some of these for the ladies at the church for Mother's Day and my clients for Christmas

Thank you thank you

Debbi Bearz

Dragonflymomof2 said...

Thank you Debbi!

Amanda Putri said...

I'm Amanda from Indonesia.
I love your pattern. And just crocheted few yesterday. Its so easy but yet so pretty.

Kristen said...

Hi! Thanks so much for this adorable pattern! I'm in the process of making my motif into a bracelet. Will post pics on Ravelry!

Anonymous said...

cute love coaster

Crystal Walker-Wall said...

I just joined a blog share and I need a few little gifts for my partner. These are adorable, for sure on my list. Thanks!
Crochet A Day In The Life

Dragonflymomof2 said...

thank you so much.