Monday, February 28, 2011


Springtime Luck
Designed by: Aurora Suominen Copyright © 2011
12” Square with an I hook and Worsted Weight Yarn.

  • ABBREVIATIONS:  FPDC= Front Post Double Crochet  
Round 1: Ch2, Work 8SC in 2nd ch from hook. Join to first sc. (8sc)

Round 2: Ch3 (2DC) in same st. [DC in 1sc, (3DC) in next sc] 3Xs.  DC in 1sc.  Join in top of beg ch3. (16dc)

Round 3: Ch3 (2DC) in same st. DC in 1dc, (3DC) in next dc. [FPDC around next dc, (3DC) in next dc, DC in 1dc, (3DC) in next dc]3Xs.  FPDC around last dc & join.  (32dc)

Round 4: Ch3, (2DC) in same st.  DC in next 5dc, (3DC) in next dc, [FPDC around fpdc, (3DC) in next dc, DC in 5dc, (3DC) in next dc] 3Xs. FPDC around last fpdc & join. (48dc)

Round 5:  Ch3, DC in 10dc [FPDC around fpdc, DC in next 11dc] 3Xs.  FPDC around last fpdc & Join. (48dc)

Round 6:  Slst in next dc, *Skip 2sts, (8DC) in next st, skip 1 st, slst in next st, skip 1 st, (8DC) in next st.  Skip 2 sts*   [Slst in next 3dc, Work *to* again.] 3Xs.  Slst in last 2 sts, (last one will be above the fpdc)  (64dc & 12 slip stitches)

Round 7: Ch1, SC in same st.  [+Ch6, SC in the two vertical loops that are behind and in the middle of the two heart humps *See picture below. Ch6, skip 8dc of the heart hump+ SC in slst (above fpdc)] 3Xs.  Repeat  +to+ once and join to 1st sc. (8sc & 8 ch spaces) IF using two colors, FO and change to your background color.
Round 8: Ch1, SC in same st. [+5SC in next ch sp, SC in sc, 5SC in next sp+ SC in sc] 3Xs.  Repeat  +to+ once and join to first sc. (48sc)

Round 9: Ch3 DC, Ch2, 2DC (BEG Corner made) in same sc.  [DC in 11sc,  In next st work 2DC, ch2, 2DC, (CORNER made)] 3Xs.  DC in last 11sc.  Join (60dc, 4ch2)  Slst in next st & ch2sp.

Round 10: BEG CORNER.  [+DC in next 15dc, Corner in ch2sp] 3Xs.  DC in last 15dc & join. (76dc, 4ch2) Slst in next st & ch2sp.   

Round 11: BEG CORNER.  [+DC in 7dc, (Catching the top 2 loops of 5th dc of heart hump in rnd 6, Complete DC in next dc) DC in 3dc (Catching the top 2  loops of 4th dc of heart hump in rnd 6, Complete DC in next dc). DC in 7dc+ corner in ch2sp] 3Xs, Repeat  +to+ once & join.  (92dc& 4 ch2 sps) Slst in next st & ch2sp.

Round 12: BEG CORNER.  [+Ch1, skip 1dc, DC in next dc]11Xs.  Ch1, skip dc,+ corner in ch2sp.] 3Xs  Repeat  +to+ once & join.  (60dc, 48ch 1sps, & 4 ch2 sps) Slst in next st & ch2sp.

Round 13: BEG CORNER.  [DC in each dc & ch1 sp across (27sts) corner in ch2sp.] 3Xs.  DC in last 27sts & join (124dc & 4 ch2 sps) Slst in next st & ch2sp.

Round 14: BEG CORNER. [DC in 31dc, corner in ch2sp] 3Xs.  DC in last 31dc & join.  (140dc & 4 ch2 sps) Fasten off.

~March 2011 Square~ This is from my, “12 Squares in Time” year long series on my blog.  If you liked this square, please visit my blog to see more of the monthly squares.
~For Abbreviations/videos/links to help with pattern sts, see “One Crochet Day at a time” at
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CrochetBlogger said...

Fun spring project!

Elizabeth said...

By chance I discovered your blog. Since then, I look almost every day. I like your work very much. At first I found it hard to read your patterns, because I live in the Netherlands. I can speak and understand English, but language is still hook anything else ...
I also have a blog: / I'm too busy with granny squares. I would like some of your patterns in Dutch post on my blog, or concerns do you have? In any case I will refer to your blog as a source.

Regards, Elizabeth

Anonymous said...

Really really Cute square, and if done in a shade of pink or red it would make a cute heart square too. This square is very versatile, thanks so much for sharing. You are very talented with your designs and your square designs are very innovative. :)

glor said...

What a great square and how nice of you to share. Thanks!

Scribe said...

I like your square... thanks!

Mel said...

I just finished this square yesterday, and I LOVE how it turned out! I just wanted to let you know... thank you!! :) ~hugs~

Dragonflymomof2 said...

Thank you so much!

Beansieleigh said...

Very pretty! I think it would make a beautiful pillow, or even a potholder too, you think? I'm definitely Irish, so I'd love to give this one a try! Thanks for sharing your pattern, and hope you're enjoying your weekend! ~tina

Dragonflymomof2 said...

Thank you, and yes would make a great pillow!!