Wednesday, September 07, 2011

SEPTEMBER ROMANCE "September 2011 Square

September Romance   
12" Square with "H" Hook
Copyright © 2011 Aurora Suominen
Special Stitches:
~BEG CORNER: Sl St into Ch-2 space, and work ch-3, dc, ch-2, 2dc. Corner made.
~CORNER: Work 2 DC, Ch-2, 2 DC in next Ch2 space.
~DBL FPDC=Double FPDC: Work 2 FPDC around post of next dc in previous round.
~Single FPDC: Work 1 FPDC around both posts of next double fpdc.
~Notes: Anytime you see, "Stitches" this means any dc, sc, fpdc, ch1 space.
Also when working the fpdc’s the very next st that you will work a regular DC in, will look as if it if behind the fpdc you just worked.
When joining at the end of rounds work as follows: For a SC round, Join in 1st SC.  For a DC round, Join in 3rd Ch of beg 3.

Round 1: Ch4, work 15 DC in ring, Join (16)

Round 2: Ch3, in same st, work DC, Ch2, 2DC.  [DC in 3sts. IN next st work a Corner.] 3Xs. DC in last 3sts.  Join. *see special stitches now and throughout.  (28DC)

Round 3: Beg Corner.  [DC in 7sts, Work Corner] 3Xs.  DC in last 7sts.  Join. (44dc)

Round 4: Beg Corner. [+DC in 5sts, DBL FPDC around post of next dc of rnd 3, DC in 5sts.+  Work Corner] 3Xs Repeat ++ once and Join. (64dc)

Round 5: Beg Corner.  [+DC in 6sts, work a DBL FPDC, single FPDC, DBL FPDC. DC in 6sts+. Work Corner] 3Xs. Repeat ++ once and join.  (84dc)

Round 6: Beg Corner. [+DC in 7sts, work a DBL FPDC, Single FPDC, FPDC, single FPDC, DBL FPDC. DC in 7sts+.  Work Corner.] 3Xs.  Repeat ++ once and join. (100dc)

Round 7: Beg Corner. [+DC in 8sts, Slip stitch in next dc, skip next stitch, work 6DC in next dc, skip next dc, slip stitch in next dc, skip next dc, work 6DC in next dc, skip next dc, slip stitch in next dc.  DC in 8sts.+. Work Corner]3Xs. Repeat ++ once and join.  (128dc, 12ss)

Round 8: Slip Stitch in ch2 sp. Ch1, 3SC in same sp.  [+SC in 10sts and in the SS.  Ch4, skip 6 dc of heart hump, (look behind heart at the middle slip stitch, see the 2 horizontal loops? SC in that, Ch4, skip 6 dc of next heart hump, SC in next SS and in next 10sts.+.  3SC in next ch2 sp] 3Xs. Repeat ++ once and join to first sc.  (104sc, 8 ch4 loops)

Round 9: SS in next sc, Ch3, DC, Ch2, 2DC in same st. [+DC in 12sts, 4DC in next ch4 sp. DC in next sc, 4DC in next ch4sp. DC in 12sts.+  In next sc, work 2DC, Ch2, 2DC.] 3Xs Repeat ++ once and join. (148dc)

Round 10: Beg Corner.  [DC in 37sts, work Corner] 3Xs DC in last 37sts. (164dc)

© 2011 Aurora Suominen. All rights reserved. This pattern may not be sold, reprinted  posted/copied, or electronically transmitted to any website without the written consent of the copyright owner. You may link to this pattern or print a copy of it for your personal use ONLY.


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