Wednesday, September 07, 2011


Subtle Hearts Hotpad
Cotton Yarn and a “G” hook
Copyright © 2011 Aurora Suominen
Special Stitches:
~BEG CORNER: Sl St into Ch-2 space, and work ch-3, dc, ch-2, 2dc. Corner made.
~CORNER: Work 2 DC, Ch-2, 2 DC in next Ch2 space.
~DBL FPDC=Double FPDC: Work 2 FPDC around post of next dc in previous round.
~Single FPDC: Work 1 FPDC around both posts of next double fpdc.
~Notes: Anytime you see, "Stitches" this means any dc, sc, fpdc, ch1 space.
Also when working the fpdc’s the very next st that you will work a regular DC in, will look as if it if behind the fpdc you just worked. When joining at the end of rounds work as follows: For a SC round, Join in 1st SC.  For a DC round, Join in 3rd Ch of beg 3.

Front and Back
Round 1: Ch4, work 15 DC in ring, Join (16)

Round 2: Ch3, in same st, work DC, Ch2, 2DC.  [DC in 3sts. IN next st work a Corner.] 3Xs. DC in last 3sts.  Join. *see special stitches now and throughout.  (28DC)

Round 3: Beg Corner. [+DC in 3sts, DBL FPDC around post of next dc of rnd 2, DC in 3sts.+  Work Corner] 3Xs Repeat ++ once and Join. (48dc)

Round 4: Beg Corner.  [+DC in 4sts, work a DBL FPDC, single FPDC, DBL FPDC. DC in 4sts+. Work Corner] 3Xs. Repeat ++ once and join.  (dc)

Round 5: Beg Corner. [+DC in 5sts, work a DBL FPDC, Single FPDC, FPDC, single FPDC, DBL FPDC. DC in 5sts+.  Work Corner.] 3Xs.  Repeat ++ once and join. (dc)

Round 6: Beg Corner. [+DC in 6sts, Slip stitch in next dc, skip next stitch, work 6DC in next dc, skip next dc, slip stitch in next dc, skip next dc, work 6DC in next dc, skip next dc, slip stitch in next dc.  DC in 6sts.+. Work Corner]3Xs. Repeat ++ once and join.  (dc, 12ss) FO for Front.  DO NOT FASTEN OFF WHEN WORKING THE BACK (2ND).

Border: SS into next st and ch2sp Ch1.  Put the wrong sides together of the front and back.  With right side of back piece facing you,  working through both pieces, follow the directions below.

3SC in same ch2 sp.  [+SC in 8sts, SS in SS, SC in the BACK LOOPS of next 6dc, SS in middle ss, SC in the BACK LOOPS of next 6dc, SS in next ss.  SC in next 8sts,+ 3SC in next ch2 sp] 3Xs Repeat between the ++ once and join to first sc.

© 2011 Aurora Suominen. All rights reserved. This pattern may not be sold, reprinted  posted/copied, or electronically transmitted to any website without the written consent of the copyright owner. You may link to this pattern or print a copy of it for your personal use ONLY.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I have been crocheting for years but cannot figure out what it means to work 2 FPDC into the next stitch. How is this done? Is one of the fpdc kind of above the other working with yarn loosely, or do you work them both on top of each other?

Julie Robinson

Anonymous said...

I finally found a video online that shows how to do two fpdc in the same stitch. This has confused me for a long time. I just needed to hold the yarn more loosely and pull up on the second stitch. I should have searched fpdc increase a long time ago. Sorry for the prior question. I think I can try your patterns now. Thank you for posting your patterns...they are beautiful!! I love the hearts hotpad. Below is instruction video that helped me out.
Julie Robinson

Dragonflymomof2 said...

Hi Julie, I am sorry about not having a video of this myself. I am trying to get videos of some of the pattern stitches. I thought I had made a video of this, but it might have been accidentally deleted. Thanks so much for your comments. I will keep this link in my video section as well.

Anonymous said...

I just sat down to try this and am already in trouble. First of all, "ch 4 and make 15 dc in ring" - what ring? I don't see a ring, just the ch 4 I just made.

Also, why does it say 'front and back'? Is this double thick or something, and if so, how does one work on 2 sides at once.

4 ch and stuck already :(

Anonymous said...

I believe it is assumed that after chaining four, join at the first stitch, then there is a ring. Although for beginners, nothing should be assumed in all fairness. I can understand why you would be confused.

Unknown said...

Still confused about the double fpdc..could not find video...copy and pasted..
Also the for the double is it the same position or one in the previous than in the double post?..row4 is that over 3 stiches?

Kristi Neal said...

Help r3 fpdc is that the same stich in the previous round? R4 is that over 3 stiches in the previous round..could not find video...I copy & paste and something eles came up

Unknown said...