Friday, November 18, 2011


“Winter Star”
Designer: Aurora Suominen/DragonFlyMomof2 Designs©2011
Size: 6” Square using, Hook: H/5.0mm, Yarn: Worsted Weight Worsted Weight in 2 colors: A & B
Notes:  Bold print: Repeated in pattern. Sts: Work in next st/chsp. Join: Join W/slst in beg st, unless otherwise stated.
Abbreviations & Stitches Used  
Beg=Beginning    Ch=Chain    Slst=Slip Stitch    Sc=Single Crochet   
Sp=Spaces        Sk=Skip    W/=With        Dc=Double Crochet       
St(s)=Stitch(es)    Lps=Loops    Bpdc=Back Post dc   Hdc=Half double crochet                   
Rnd 1: W/A, ch4, join to make ring, ch3, dc in ring.  [Ch2, 2dc in ring]4x, ending w/a ch2, join.  (10dc, 5ch2)

Rnd 2: Ch1, sc in same st, sc in next st.  [(2dc, ch1, 2dc) corner made, in ch2sp, sc in next 2sts]4x, ending w/a corner, join. (20dc, 10sc)

Rnd 3: Loosely slst in next 4sts, (ch3, dc, ch1, 2dc) beg corner made, in sp. [Sc in next 2sts, scdec, sc in next 2sts, corner in next sp]5x, minus last corner, join.   (20dc, 20sc, 5dec)

Rnd 4: Slst in next 2sts, ch1, 3sc in sp.  [Sc in next 4sts, slst in dec st, sc in next 4sts, 3sc in next sp]5x, minus last 3sc in sp, join. (55sc, 5sl sts)

*NOTE* Next rnd is worked around the dc and sc of rnd 3, and behind work.)  
Rnd 5: Ch1, bpdc in dc under joining st, bpdc in next 5sts. [Sk-slst, bpdc in next 8sts]4x, bpdc in last 2sts, join & fasten off color A.

Rnd 6: Join B in the 6th st from your joining st, beg corner. [Dc in next  9sts, corner in next st]4x, minus last corner, join.  (52dc)

Rnd 7: Slst in next 2sts, beg corner.  [Dc in next 2sts, hdc in next 9sts, dc in next 2sts, corner in next sp]4x, minus last corner, join.  (32dc, 36hdc).  Fasten off.  

Personal use/print only, no pattern reproductions, selling or copying allowed.   
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Rebecca Carlier said...

This is so beautiful, I'm in the process of making many for a blanket.
Would love some suggestions to join them, maybe with a border???

Dragonflymomof2 said...

I usually Slip stitch my squares together using both loops, as I like the ridge, which you can get a smaller ridge by Single crocheting them together. As for a border, you could use a standard dc all the way around, or you can also use, 2dc, ch1, 2dc in the corners, then skip one, sc in next, skip one, 4dc in next, this will give you a wavy effect.

Suebanna said...

is there any way to show the back of row 5? I've made the star several times but never get past that row and I cant figure it out.

Dragonflymomof2 said...

Hi Suebanna, I recorded a video of this round. I had to use my cell phone, as my camera battery was dead. I hope the video will help you out. If not let me know and I will take some pictures and send.

Mrs_Reser said...

Hi, I love this pattern so much! I am a new crocheter, I know all the basic stitches and how to read patterns, but for some reason I keep getting stuck on round 3. I don't know how to start it or anything, is there anyway you could make a video or show pictures of how to do the entire star? I've never worked with anything with a 3-D type effect like this and I see you have a video on how to do round 5 which I will probably use. But if you could do a tutorial on the whole thing that would be FANTASTIC!!! Thank you so much for sharing this pretty pattern!!!

magnadoodle said...

I am having trouble figuring out row three also. I like your video for row five, but I am stuck on three.

lorydngirl said...

I am having a very hard time with rows 5 and 6. I'm not able to access the video. I thought I could figure most instructions and it looks good up to this point. I cannot get the thing square. Please help