Monday, December 05, 2011


Flower Wreath
Designed by: Aurora Suominen Copyright © 2011
H hook and WW yarn

~POPCORN:  Work 4 dc in the same stitch, drop loop from hook, insert hook from front to back in the top of the first dc of group, pull dropped loop through stitch.
~BPDC: Back Post Double Crochet
~BEG CORNER: Sl St into Ch-2 space, and work ch-3, dc, ch-2, 2dc.  Corner made.

With White
Rnd 1: Ch4, 11dc in 4th ch from hook.  Join.  (12dc)

Rnd 2: Ch3, DC in same st as joining.  2DC in each dc. Join in top of ch3. Change to green. (24dc)

Rnd 3: Ch1, SC in same st. [Ch3, SC in next dc]23Xs. Ch3, join to 1st sc.  (24sc & 24 ch3)

Rnd 4: (Work behind the ch3 sps of rnd 3) Ch1. (does not count as a st)  BPDC around post of next dc in rnd 2 & each dc around.  Join in top of 1st bpdc. (24bpdc)

Rnd 5: Ch3, DC in same st as joining. 2DC in each dc around.  Join in top of ch3. (48dc)

Rnd 6: Ch1, SC in same st. [Ch3, SC in next dc]47Xs.  Ch3, & join to 1st sc.  (48sc & 48ch3)

Rnd 7: (Work behind the ch3 sps of rnd 6)  Ch1, BPDC around post of next dc in rnd 5 & each dc around. Join in top of 1st bpdc.  (48dc)

Rnd 8: Ch3, DC in next dc & each dc around. Join in top of ch3. (48dc)

Rnd 9: Repeat rnd 6. (48sc & 48ch3)

Rnd 10: (Work behind the ch3 sps of rnd 9) Ch1, BPDC around post of next dc in rnd 8 & each dc around. Join in top of 1st bpdc.  Change to white.  (48bpdc)

Rnd 11: Ch3, DC, Ch2, 2DC in same st.  [DC in 11sts, Work Corner in next st]3Xs.  DC in last 11 and join.  (60dc)

Rnd 12: Beg Corner.*see special sts.  [DC in 15sts, work corner *see special sts.]3Xs.  DC in last 15 sts and join.  (76dc)

Rnd 13: Beg Corner.  [+DC in 5sts,  (Popcorn in next st, DC in next st)5Xs.  DC in 4sts+. Work corner.]3XS.  Repeat +to+ once and join.  (72dc, 20 popcorn sts)

Rnd 14: Beg Corner. [DC in 23sts, work corner.]3Xs.  DC in last 23sts and join.  (108dc)

Rnd 15:Beg Corner.  [DC in 27sts, work corner.]3Xs  DC in last 27sts and join.  (124dc)

Rnd 16: Beg Corner. [DC in 31sts, work corner.]3Xs.  DC in last 31sts.  Join and fasten off.  (140dc)

© Copyright 2011 Aurora Suominen  All Rights Reserved.
Terms of Use/Licensing: No Internet/commercial sales of finished items allowed, however, you may sell finished items through private, personal, or local sales.

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Maryfairy said...

Great square as usual, can't wait to try it.

Linda's Voice said...

I love to crochet!!!! Learned when I was raised on a farm as a young child, still do occasionally! I am following your blog and was wondering if you would follow mine?


Dawn said...

Hello, I just found your web site/blog and although I don't usually comment, I had to tell you how beautiful this square is! It's gorgeous! I think I've finally found a square I would use in a gift lapghan or scarf. Thank you!

Katie said...

I love this Pattern but I am confused about the wreath/flower. I have not been able to locate the pattern for that part of the square. Is there somewhere I can locate it?

Dragonflymomof2 said...

Thanks ladies!! Katie, the name, "Flower Wreath" just means that by using the white center and green outer makes it look more like a wreath, but if you use one color or other colors it comes out looking like a flower. I wanted to design a square that said, "Christmas" but at the same time design a square that could be made anytime of the year without being "Christmasy"

Debbie C said...

I have printed out these beautiful squares to put together an afghan for a special lady who just lost her Mom. You are a great designer & I thank you for posting all of these wonderful squares!!

Dragonflymomof2 said...

Hi Debbie, I am honored that you like my squares. I am saddened to hear about anyone who has lost someone they love. I am sure this afghan will be made with lots of love.