Tuesday, February 14, 2012


“Forever Love”
Designed by: Aurora Suominen ©2-2012 All rights reserved.
12” Square with an “H” hook and Worsted Weight yarn

  • SPECIAL STS:  FPDC: Work a DC around post of dc specified YOU ARE GOING AROUND THE POST, SO YOU WILL HAVE THE TOP TWO LOOPS UNWORKED IN THAT SAME DC.  DTR:  (YO hook 3 times,  insert hook into st indicated. YO & pull up a loop, should have 5 loops on your hook.  (YO & draw through 2 loops.) 4Xs.  
  • NOTES:  “Sts means any dc, sc, bpdc, or ch sps. MIDDLE SP:  This is the  sp between the 2nd and 3rd dc of corner 4dc group.  VIDEOS: Videos to help w/this square can be found on my blog, For rnds, 3,4,7, 8, 9
Rnd 1: Ch4, 15DC in 4th ch from hook.  Join in 3rd ch of beg ch4.  (16dc)

Rnd 2: Ch3,(counts as a st always) 3DC in same st.  [DC in 3sts, 4DC in next st]3Xs.  DC in 3sts & Join w/ slst in top of beg ch3 always, unless otherwise specified.   (28dc)

Rnd 3: Ch3, FPDC in next st*see special sts.  [+4DC in middle sp*see notes. FPDC in next st+.  DC in 5sts, FPDC in next st]3Xs.  Repeat +to+ once.  DC in 4sts & join.  (44dc)  Slst in next 3sts & into middle sp.

Rnd 4: Ch3, 3DC in same sp. [+FPDC in 3sts, DC in 5sts, FPDC in 3sts+. 4DC in middle sp]3Xs.  Repeat +to+ once & join. (60dc)  Slst in next st and into middle sp.  

Rnd 5: Ch3, 3DC in same st. [+FPD in 5sts, DC in 5sts, FPDC in 5sts+ 4dc in middle sp]3Xs.  Repeat +to+ once & join. (76dc)  Slst in next st and into middle sp.

Rnd 6: Ch3, 3DC in same st. [+FPDC in 7sts, SC in 5sts, FPDC in 7sts+. 4DC in middle sp]3Xs.  Repeat +to+ once & join. (72dc, 20sc)

*NOTE* In rnd 7 You will be marking the 1st and 8th sts behind the fpdc, You can mark each of the 1st and 8th sts, or you can mark the first set and you should understand where to work in them later. Which will be in rnd 9

Rnd 7: Do not chain. [2FPDC around next 2dc, FPDC in 8sts, (look behind the fpdc you just worked.  See the top loops from the same dc?  Mark that st and the 8th st as well)  SC in 5sts, FPDC in 8sts]4Xs  Join in top of beg fpdc.  (80dc, 20sc

Rnd 8: [Slst in next 2sts, skip-4sts.  9TC in next st, skip-3, slst in next, SC in 5sts, slst in next st, skip-3sts, 9TC in next st, skip-4sts]4Xs.  Slst in next two slsts.  (72tc, 20sc, 16slsts)

Rnd 9: Ch3, DC, Ch2, 2DC in same slst.  [+(Behind Heart Hump) DTR in 1st marked st & in next 7sts. (last one in that 8th marked st) Skip slst, DC in 5sc, (Behind heart hump) DTR in next 8sts. (same as marked ones).  Skip slst+ IN next slst do “2DC, ch2, 2DC, Corner made, Now & throughout pattern.  (This will be the slst that is directly in the middle of the heart humps)]3Xs.  Repeat +to+ once & join.  (64tc, 36dc)

Rnd 10: Slst into ch2 sp & beg corner.  [+DC in 6sts, Catching the 5th tc of heart hump DC in next st. DC in 11sts, Catching the 5th tc of heart hump DC in next st. DC in 6sts+.  In ch2sp, work corner]3Xs.  Repeat +to+ once and join.  (116dc)

Rnd 11: Slst into ch2 sp & beg corner.  [DC in 29sts, Corner IN ch2 sp]3Xs.  DC in last 29 & join.  (132dc)

Rnd 12: Slst into ch2sp & beg corner. [DC in 33sts, Corner IN ch2sp]3Xs.  DC in last 33sts & join.  Measure your square, if it not 12” then determine if you need a sc or hdc border.   (148)

Rnd 13: Slst into ch2 and do ch1, 3sc.  [SC in 37sts,  Corner IN ch2sp]3Xs SC in last 37.  Join.

For Abbreviations/videos/links to help with pattern sts, see “One Crochet Day at a time” at http://myblueangels.blogspot.com/
Terms of Use/Licensing: Finished items for personal use/sales only.  NO Internet or commercial sales allowed.  


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