Monday, April 23, 2012


A Single Dragonfly
Pattern Designed by: Aurora Suominen Copyright © 2012 All rights reserved.
12” Square with “H” hook and WW yarn.
  • SPECIAL STS/NOTES: FPDC: Front post double crochet is worked AROUND the post of st specified.  POPCORN ST: Uses 5dc.  

Rnd 1: Ch4, work 15DC in 4th ch from hook.  Join to beg ch4. (16dc)

Rnd 2: Ch3, DC, ch1, 2DC in same st. BEG corner made.   DC in next dc. FPDC in dc, DC in next dc.  IN next dc, do 2DC, Ch1, 2DC. Corner made.  DC in 3dc. Corner in next dc.  DC in next dc, YO hook 3Xs, insert hook around post of 1st fpdc, YO pull up a loop, (YO, pull threw 2 loops) 4Xs.  DC in next dc, Corner in next dc. DC in  last 3dc, Join w/slst in top of beg ch3. Always in pattern.  Slst in dc & ch1sp.

Rnd 3: Beg corner.  +DC in 3dc, FPDC in fpdc, DC in 3dc. Corner in ch1sp.  DC in next 7,+  corner in ch1sp.  Repeat +to+ once.  Join. (44dc)  Slst in dc & ch1sp.

Rnd 4: Beg corner. +DC in 5dc, FPDC in fpdc, DC in 5dc, corner in ch1sp.  DC in 11dc+, Corner in ch1sp. Repeat +to+ once.  Join. (60dc)  Slst in dc & ch1sp.

Rnd 5 Beg corner. +DC in 7dc, FPDC in fpdc. DC in 7dc. Corner in ch1sp.  DC in 15dc,+  Corner in ch1sp. Repeat +to+ once. Join. (76dc)  Slst in dc & ch1sp.

Rnd 6: Beg corner.  DC in 8dc. SC in next dc, ch-20, slst in top of sc just made,  SC in same dc, ch-18, slst in top of sc just made (RIGHT WINGS MADE). FPDC in fpdc.  SC in next dc,  ch-18, slst in top of sc just made,  SC in same dc, ch-20, slst in top of sc just made (LEFT WINGS MADE) DC in 8dc. Corner in ch1sp. +(Ch1, skip one st, DC in next)9Xs Ch1, skip one st &+ Corner in ch1sp. DC in 9dc, FPDC in fpdc. DC in 9dc.  Corner in ch1sp.  Repeat +to+ once & join. (70dc, 24ch1sp)  Slst in dc & ch1sp.

Rnd 7: Beg corner.  DC in 10dc, DC in between right wings.  Popcorn in next st (above fpdc), DC in between left wings.  DC in 10dc. Corner in ch1sp. DC in 23sts (dc & chsps).  Corner in ch1sp.  DC in 11dc, FPDC in fpdc.  DC in 11 dc.  Corner in ch1sp. DC in last 23sts & join. (107dc, 1popcorn)  Slst in dc & ch1sp.

Rnd 8: Beg corner. [ +(Ch1, skip one st, DC in next)13xs. Ch1, skip one st,+ Corner in ch1sp.] 3Xs. Repeat +to+ once & join. (68dc, 56ch1)  Slst in dc & ch1sp.

Rnd 9: Beg corner.  DC in 6sts, (catching right ch-20 wing, dc in next sp). DC in 17sts, (catching left ch-20 wing, dc in next sp). DC in 6sts.  [Corner in ch1sp, DC in 31sts] 3Xs. Join. (140dc) Slst in dc & ch1sp.

Rnd 10: Beg corner.  DC in 11dc, (catching right ch-18 wing, dc in next). DC in 11dc, (catching the left ch-18 wing, dc in next). DC in 11dc, [Corner in ch1 sp, DC in 35dc] 3Xs. Join. (156dc)  See Note below.

Measure your square, you might need to add a round of SC.  IF so, follow directions below.

Rnd 11. Slst in dc & into ch1sp, work Ch1, 3SC.  [SC in 39dc, 3SC in ch1sp]3Xs.  SC in last 39dc & join w/slst in 1st sc.  (168sc)

For Abbreviations/videos/links to help with pattern sts, see “One Crochet Day at a time” at Terms of Use/Licensing: Finished items for personal use/sales only.  NO Internet or commercial sales allowed.  


Katie B said...

Very pretty!

Diana said...

Hi, I love the way this looks and I would really like to make a laprobe with just this one square. I don't want to make a bunch of squares, but just make a large dragonfly square the size of a laprobe. Do you think this could be done and still look good. It's for the VA hospital in Maryland.

Lesley said...

Love luuuv! Amazing!

Dragonflymomof2 said...

HI Diana, thanks so much. I think it could be pulled off in one piece, you would just have to sure that you put the dragonflies evenly spaced out from each other.

Lesley! Thanks so much, you are very sweet. I am always in awe to hear people who like/love my patterns.

jaxt99 said...

I wanted to make your square like the one at the bottom with the pink background with the green dragonfly. I'm not sure how to get the dragonfly in the other color? thank you for your help!

Danielle Whisenhunt said...

i want to make the dragonfly a different color as in the pink square with the green dragonfly. how did you do this? i have an idea i am just wondering if there is an easier way?

Lynnette said...

I love this square! I would like tho do the dragonfly a different color. Do you have directions for doing it that way?

Dragonflymomof2 said...

I do have directions for it, but got too caught up in re-writing my designs that this fell in the cracks, I will look it back up and post with the re-write of this pattern, as my dragonfly squares might be the first I redo.

Lynnette said...

That would be great! Can't wait! <3