Wednesday, July 25, 2012


“Shape Shifting Hot Pad”
Pattern Designed by: Aurora Suominen Copyright © 2012 All rights reserved.
“H” hook and WW Cotton yarn in one or two colors.

  • SPECIAL STS/NOTES: FPDC: Front post double crochet is worked AROUND (ar) the post of st specified  STS: This means any sc, dc, or ch sp.  NOTES:  If you use two different colors for your front and back, and you can have a reversible hotpad. :D  There is a video showing you how the FPDC are worked in rnds 3 & 4. See link at bottom of pattern.

Front & Back
Rnd 1: Ch4, Work 11dc in 4th ch from hook.  Join in 3rd ch of beg ch4.  (12dc)

Rnd 2: Ch3, FPDC ar joining. [DC in next dc, FPDC ar post of dc you just worked in. (from rnd 1) ]11X.  Join in ch3.  (24dc)

Rnd 3: Ch3, FPDC ar post of joining.  [DC in next 2dc, FPDC ar the post of dc you just worked in. (post of dc from rnd 2) ] Repeat around ending with a dc in last dc. Join   (36dc)

Rnd 4: Ch3, DC in next dc. [2DC in next dc, DC in 2dc] Repeat around ending w/2DC in last dc. Join.  If using two colors, fasten off first color here.  Join new color where you fastened off. (48dc)

Rnd 5: Ch1, SC in joining and in next 5dc.  [+Ch2, DC in 6dc, Ch2+.  SC in 6dc]3X.  Repeat +to+ once & join to first sc. (24sc & dc, 8ch2)

Rnd 6: Ch3, DC in 5sc, [+Ch2, Sk sp, SC in 6dc, Ch2, sk sp+. DC in 6sc]3X.  Repeat +to+ once & join.  (24sc & dc, 8ch2)

Rnd 7: Ch3, DC in joining. DC in 4dc, 2DC in next dc. [+Ch2, SC in 8sts, Ch2+. 2DC in next dc, DC in 4dc, 2DC in next dc]3X.  Repeat +to+ once & join. (32dc & sc, 8ch2)

Rnd 8: Ch3, DC in joining.  DC in 6dc, 2DC in next.  [+Ch2, SC in 10sts, Ch2+ 2DC in next, DC in 6dc, 2DC in next] 3X.  Repeat +to+ once & join.  (40dc & sc, 8ch2sp)

Rnd 9: Ch3, DC in joining. DC in 8dc, 2DC in next. [+Ch2, SC in 12sts, Ch2+ 2DC in next, DC in 8dc, 2DC in next.] 3X.  Repeat +to+ once & join. (48dc & sc, 8ch2)

Fasten off 1st piece.  DO NOT FASTEN OFF FOR SECOND PIECE, CONTINUE ON TO NEXT ROUND.   If you want you can also just whip stitch both pieces together. If not continue to round 10.

Rnd 10: With both pieces wrong sides together.  Ch1, and working through both pieces, [2SC in same st. SC in 10dc, 2sc in next dc.  2SC in ch2sp.  SC in 12 sc. 2SC in ch2sp.] 4X.  Join to 1st sc. Fasten off & weave in ends. You can also add a hanger to your piece if you want.

For Abbreviations/videos/links to help with pattern sts, see “One Crochet Day at a time” at
Terms of Use/Licensing: Finished items for personal use/sales only.  NO Internet or commercial sales allowed.  Do not distribute pattern anywhere,  you may link to my blog.


Margie's Skein of Life said...

I was looking for a fun small Mystery Project for our Library meeting group and this is perfect! I'll divide it into 2 weeks and have fun with it. I'm also keeping it in my list of patterns for future use. Its so unique! Thank you for sharing it with us all.
- Margie - A Happy Hooker!

Dragonflymomof2 said...

Hi Margie, I am glad you like this pattern. I would love to see any pics you all have after the mystery project is done. Sounds like fun.