Tuesday, September 04, 2012


Crochet in Common Designs©   

“CIC Loopy Flower”
Designed by: Aurora Suominen, Georgeanne Altice, & Lee Ann Simpson Copyright © 2012 All rights reserved.
6” Square with an H Hook & Worsted Weight Yarn.

SPECIAL STS/NOTES: Bolded print: Repeat in pattern. “STS”=Stitches: Any st or chsps.  PETAL =(sc, hdc, dc, hdc, sc,) in st specified.

Rnd 1: Ch 6 slst in first ch to form a ring. Ch 3, 4 DC in ring, ch 2. (5 DC in ring, ch 2) 3x. Join with slst in top of  beg ch3. (20 dc, 4 ch2 sps)

Rnd 2: Ch3 (counts as dc) [*FPDC in next st, BPDC in next st, FPDC in next st, DC in next st, Ch2, skip-ch2sp*.  DC in next dc] 3X.  Repeat *to* once & join in top of beg ch3.  (20sts, 4ch2sps)  

Rnd 3:  Ch1, In same st as joining work [*PETAL. (Sk next st, petal in next st,) twice.*  4SC in ch2 sp.]4X.   Join w/slst in ch1.  (12ch1, 12 petals, 16sc)  
Rnd 4: [ (Ch4, working behind petal st, SC in the skipped st of rnd 3) twice.  Ch 4, sk petal & SC in each of the next 4sc in corner.]4x. Join with sl st to the 1st ch of ch4. FO color. (24sc,12 ch4sps)

Rnd 5: Join new color,  w/slst in any 2nd sc of  4sc corner.  Ch3, DC in same st. Ch2, 2DC in next sc. [*DC in next sc, (2DC in ch4 loop, DC in sc)3X*.   2DC in next sc, ch2, 2DC in next sc] 3X.  Repeat *to* once and join in top of beg ch3.  (56dc)

Rnd 6: Slst in ch2sp & do a Ch3, DC, ch1 ,2DC.   [ DC in next 14 sts, (2DC, Ch1, 2DC) IN ch2 sp ]3X.  DC in last 14sts.  Join w/ slst in top of beg ch 3 (72dc, 4ch1sps)  
Measure your square before fastening off, and decide if you will need to add another round.  

Terms of Use/Licensing: Finished items for personal use/sales only.  NO Internet or commerical sales allowed.  Multiple designers took place in the overall design of this pattern, whic  is from our “Designs on a Hook Challenge” for more information about this & other patterns please see http://myblueangels.blogspot.com/


Kara @ Petals to Picots said...

Great squares! Good job ladies :)

Preeti said...

Hi Kara,
These look lovely. Nice color combination and neatness.

I am also a needle/crochet/embrodery enthusiast and have started my new blog. Please take a look and let me know if you like it.


sajuki said...

great !
greetings from Poland