Monday, February 04, 2013


DragonFlyMomof2 Designs©

Winter Ripple 6” square
Designed by: Aurora Suominen Copyright © 2009/2013 All rights reserved.
6" with "H" hook and Worsted Weight yarn.
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NOTES: Items in bold will be repeated in pattern.“Sts”=stitches means any dc or ch1sp.  

Rnd 1: Ch4, work 15dc in 4th ch from hook,  join to top of beg ch4. (16dc)

Rnd 2: Ch3,  dc, ch1, 2dc  Beg corner made in same st. [+Ch3, skip next st, sc in next st, ch3,  skip next st.+  In next dc work,  2dc, ch1, 2dc  corner made]3x  Repeat around and join in top of beg ch3. (16dc, 8ch3, 4sc) Sl st in next dc & ch1sp.

Rnd 3: Beg corner.  [+Dc in next 2dc, tr in skipped dc in Rnd 2, work behind ch3 loops. Ch2, tr in next skipped dc of Rnd 2.  Dc in next 2dc, work corner in next ch1sp+]3x.  Repeat ++once & join. (32dc, 8TC, 8ch2)  Slst in next st & into ch1sp

Rnd 4:  Ch1, work 3sc in sp.  [+ (Ch3, skip-dc, sc in next st)2x.  Ch3,  sc into middle ch2 sp. (Ch3, skip-dc, sc in nx st)2x.  Ch3+.  In next ch1sp work 3sc]3x  Repeat ++ once & join to first sc. (28sc, 4ch1, 24ch3) Slst in nx sc (middle sc of 3sc group)

Rnd 5: Beg corner.  Work behind ch3 loops.  [+ (ch1, dc in skipped dc of rnd 3)6Xs. Ch1, skip next sc,+  work corner in next sc.] Repeat ++ &  join. (40dc, 28ch1sps) Sl st in next dc & ch1sp

*NOTE* measure your square now, most of the testers needed to do a hdc st for rnd 6.

Rnd 6 Beg corner.  [Dc in 17sts across, work corner in ch1sp]3x.  Dc in last 17sts & join.  

All rights reserved. Personal use only, do not reproduce, sell, or copy my pattern in any way.
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Pattern is available for download through Ravelry.  "Dragonflymomof2"


Kara @ Petals to Picots said...

Beautiful square!

Shirley Martin said...

done in soft colors very pretty

Anonymous said...

Your patterns are among THE most beautiful I have ever seen, and I truly appreciate you sharing them with others. I can't wait to make a blanket using this Granny Square pattern.

Bonnie Fryar - Washington State

chilili said...

Please help me to understand the pattern after row 2. It is so confusing to me. Also what does the + sign mean?
Please help, I really want this square, I want to make it for a little girl. Please