Wednesday, January 01, 2014


“Always in Bloom”
Pattern Designed by: Aurora Suominen/Jill Craft Copyright © 2011 All rights reserved.
12” Square with “H” hook and WW yarn.

  • NOTES: “Sts” means any dc, sc, or ch sps.

Round 1:  Ch4, Work 15DC in 4th ch from hook.  Join with slst  in top of beg ch4. (16 dc)

Round 2: Ch3 (counts as first dc always),  DC in same st, ch1, [skip 1dc, 2DC in next dc, ch 1]7Xs.  Join w/ slst in top of beg ch3 always, unless otherwise specified.   (16 dc, 8 ch sp)

Round 3: Ch3,  DC in same st as joining, 2DC in next dc.  [2SC in ch1sp, 2DC in each of the next 2 dc]7Xs.  2SC in last ch1sp.  Join  (32dc, 16 sc)

Round 4: Slst in next dc. Ch3,  DC in same st, 2DC in next dc. [+Ch-1, skip 1dc, 1SC in next 2sc, Ch-1, skip 1dc,+ 2DC in next 2dc] 7Xs.  Repeat +to+ once & join.   (32dc, 16 ch sp, 16sc)

Round 5:  Slst in next dc.  Ch3, DC in same st, 2DC in next dc. [+ch-2, skip 1dc, 1SC in next 2sc, ch-2, skip 1dc,+ 2DC in next 2dc] 7x's.  Repeat +to+ once & join. (32dc, 16 ch2 sp, 16sc)

Round 6:  Slst in next dc.  Ch3, DC in same st, 2DC in next dc. [+skip dc, 2HDC in ch2sp, SC in next 2sc, 2HDC in ch2 sp, skip 1dc,+  2DC in next 2dc] 7x.  Repeat +to+ once & join.  (32dc ,16sc, 32hdc)

Round 7: Work in front loops (FL) for this round.  Slst into FL of next dc.  Ch1, 2SC in same dc, 2SC in next dc.  [SC in FL of next 8sts, 2SC in next 2dc] 7Xs.  SC in last 8 sts.  Join to 1st sc and change to color 2.   (96sc) If you count the back loops after this round, from  (rnd 6) you will have 80 back loops, BUT 96 sts worked in the front loops

Round 8: Working in the back loops(BL) from rnd 6. (the loops you can see from the wrong side of your work) Slst in the first BL of rnd 7, Ch1, SC in same st.  SC in each BL around.  Join to 1st sc.  (80sc) You have less sts in this rnd than in rnd 7, remember that you increased in the fls in rnd 7.

Round 9: Slst in next sc, Ch3, 2DC in same sc.  [+DC in 8sc, SC in 5sc, DC in 6sc+ 3DC in next sc] 3Xs.  Repeat +to+ once & join   (68dc & 20sc) Slst into next dc.

Round 10: Ch3 & do “DC, ch2, 2DC” in same st, (Beg Corner made, now & throughout pattern.)  [+DC in 2sts, HDC in 17sts, DC in 2sts+ IN next dc do “2DC, ch2, 2DC,  Corner made, Now & throughout pattern.] 3Xs. Repeat +to+ once & join.  (32dc & 68hdc) Slst in next st & ch2sp

Round 11: Beg corner.  [+Dc in 2sts, HDC in 21 sts, DC in 2sts,+ 2DC, Ch2, 2DC in ch2sp]3Xs.  Repeat +to+ once & join.   (32dc, 84hdc) Slst in next st & ch2sp
*NOTE* In rnd 12, the corners will be a 3DC, ch2, 3DC.  This round only.
Round 12: Ch3, 2DC, ch2, 3DC in same st.  [+(Ch1, skip dc, DC in next st)14Xs.  Ch1, skip dc.+  IN ch2sp do 3DC, Ch2, 3DC.] 3Xs. Repeat +to+ once & join. (80dc, 60ch1sps) Slst in next  2sts & ch2sp

Rnd 13: Beg corner.  [+DC in 3sts and in ch1sp. (Ch1, skip dc, DC in ch1sp)14Xs.  DC in 3sts+  Work Corner in ch2sp.]3Xs. Repeat +to+ once & join. (100dc. 56ch1sps) Slst in next st & ch2sp

Rnd 14:  Ch1, 3SC in same sp.  [SC in 39sts,  In ch2sp do 3SC.]3Xs.  SC in last 39sts & join w/1st sc. (168sc)

Terms of Use/Licensing: Finished items for personal use/sales only.  NO Internet or commerical sales allowed.  Multiple designers took place in the overall design of this pattern, whic  is from our “Designs on a Hook Challenge” for more information about this & other patterns please see


Isabel Bianchi said...

Lovely design ,thank for the pattern ..

Dragonflymomof2 said...

Thank you!

Oui Crochet said...

Pretty square! This would be so pretty in an afghan! I would love for you to share it at the Fiber Tuesday link party that I am guest hosting.