Thursday, December 30, 2010


I was inspired by several crocheters when I started to design.  I thought I could never do it.  Well I finally tackled that!  Now I want to full fill a crochet resolution of Design a 12" square each month.  I was inspired when April did this.  She did a CalendarGhan!  She is an amazing designer!!   If you want to learn more about the art of crochet, check out accredited online colleges to find arts and crafts courses that can teach you advanced crochet stitches.

So Come January first, I will post January's square.  I sure hope I can keep this "crochet resolution"  I am calling this, "12 Squares in Time"

I hope you enjoy the squares!!  I will continue to post squares as I design them, but the 12 Squares in time, will be my interpretation  of the months.


 The boys enjoyed everything they got!!!  It was a really fun day, with a huge dinner.

Call me a scrooge, but I took down the tree and the decorations Christmas day when everyone was playing......I had to have my living room back to thing I hate about myself is that when the holiday rolls around, I am done with it.....LOL....ready for the decorations to come down.  Maybe I do put them up too early. 
Anyway we all had a fun week.  Weather has been cold, then it got to the warm for winter.  I am so ready for snow.........I would love to live back east!!!  The snow they recently got???  OH is all I can say to that.  

Saturday, December 25, 2010


Grabbing Chains
H hook and WW yarn
Copyright © 2010 Aurora Suominen

Ch4 and join to form a ring.

Rnd 1: Ch3, work 15DC in ring and join.  (16)

Rnd2: Ch5 (counts as first dc + ch2) DC in same st.  *Ch1, skip 1, V-stitch  in next st* Repeat 6 more times.  Ch1, skip 1 st and join. (8 V sts & 8Ch1 sp)

Rnd 3: SS into ch2 sp and work a Ch3, 2DC.  *FPDC around next dc, DC in ch1 sp, FPDC around next dc, 3DC in next ch2 sp.* Repeat 6 more times.  FPDC around next dc, DC in ch1 sp, FPDC around next dc and join. (48dc)

Rnd 4: SS into next dc, Ch5 (counts as first dc + ch2). DC in same st.  *Ch2, skip 2sts, FPDC around next dc, Ch2, skip 2sts, V-stitch in next* Repeat 6 more times.  Ch2, skip 2 sts, FPDC around next dc, ch2, skip 2 sts and join. (8 V-sts, 8 fpdc & 24 Ch2 spaces)

Rnd 5: SS into ch2 sp and work a Ch3, DC, ch2, 2DC. (*DC in next st, +2DC in ch2 sp. 1DC in next st, 2DC in next ch2 sp.+ HDC in next 3 sts.  Repeat +to+ once.  DC in next dc.*  IN next ch2 sp work 2DC, Ch2, 2DC.) 3 times.   Then *to* once and join (75dc)

*Measure your square after rnd 5, if it is smaller than 6” work Rnd 6.  Square measurements depend on your hook size, choice of yarn, and your tension.

Rnd 6: SS into ch2 sp, Ch1, Work 3SC in same st as ss.  SC in each st across working 3SC in each corner.  Join. FO

Original Pattern by Aurora Suominen Copyright © 2010
This pattern is for personal use only. Do not reprint, copy, post to any website/blog/group, or anywhere else.  You can link to this pattern if you wish.  If you sell any items made from MY pattern, please credit me as the original designer and link back to my blog.

*Pattern is still being tested.  IF you find any mistakes, please let me know.

Monday, December 06, 2010

Just an Update with MY OPINION

Well I am glad a new week has started.........I feel odd making a post without pictures, so I put some random pictures that were taken a couple of weeks ago.  I have not been crocheting much since a week before Thanksgiving, but my hands need a break.  I did say enough of Christmas crochet, although I will be doing two more things.  I did start two Pokemon characters for the boys........they both chose big ones........Austin chose Lugia..........and Aiden chose Togepi, which from the picture doesn't look that big, but I started on it tonight and it is bigger than I thought.  I am about 53 rounds out of 81 of the Lugia.  
Austin was out with this BB yesterday, and they called me telling me that Austin hurt his left foot AGAIN.  He has hurt it over the summer, and then yesterday it got kicked accidentally, but near where the scar was.  No breaks, fractures, or sprains...but they are wondering if the summer cut was deep enough to cause an infection.  I hope no.  Today he seems to be doing better.....I kept him home, which the dr said was entirely up to me.  

Now I would like to express my feelings on a matter that has blown up on Facebook.  I had been seeing a lot of messages about changing your profile picture to a cartoon from your childhood to support and create awareness for Child Abuse...I didn't really see how changing  a picture could do this, but I caved as many asked why I had not done after I changed, I see a message on my cousins FB about it being a hoax........well I posted that, and got some nasty messages sent to me, and all of a sudden it was all over FB, people jumping on the controversy bandwagon....(myself included) LOL anyway......we all have a right to our opinions.......but mine, I think  makes a valid point............Awareness for Child Abuse should not make us "aware" by posting a cartoon picture on our Facebook page........NOT one of us needs to be made aware on FB, BECAUSE..............we see Child abuse can't turn on your tv, radio, open your newspaper without seeing or hearing a child abuse everyday we are "reminded" and made "aware" of it........but what do we do about is in our face, and very well should be, we need to make a stand, or at least make an effort........donate time/money....something............BUT don't change a picture on Facebook because someone tells is really easy to sit at your computer and change a picture.......Some people said that ladies put the color of their bras on facebook to bring awareness to breast cancer........ok well there is a that, whereas, Child Abuse is in the news EVERY SINGLE DAY!!  Breast Cancer is NOT!!!  So it would make more sense to try to make more people aware.  So that was why I was upset......NOT because I am against making a difference in Child Abuse, but people should be willing to make a difference other than sitting in front of their computer changing a profile picture for a certain amount of time...........HUMAN faces are what child abuse is..........cartoon characters don't help or hurt the cause.......except to make pedophiles think a child would be more willing to accept a friend request.  Which should be something parents look out for.  That supervision needs to start at home not facebook.  Another thing that aggravates me........why do parents make Facebook pages for their very young kids........I think the age is 13, I waited until my son was 13 before making him a facebook page........why on earth does an infant, toddler, or child under the age of 13 need a Facebook page..........because mommy and daddy do?  So what........parents can smoke cigs or drink, does that mean we let our kids too?  These same parents who criticized me for making the statement I did on FB are the same parents who's very young children, even infants...have their own facebook granted an infant won't get again I ask WHY??? As for family members can't they know what is going on with those kids from the parents??  

Another thing that was brought up about Facebook was the recent, "I like it here"  statement, meaning where you put your purse..........some would say that was in fun.....and yes it was.....but how fun is it when you have these young girls on Facebook making that same statement?  I have heard on 4 different news versions that the statement WAS MEANT  to sound SEXUALLY  SUGGESTIVE............ok???  Does anyone else see something wrong with a young girl making a sexually suggestive statement.....even one that is just suppose to sound like that???  COME ON PEOPLE, don't throw stones at me for my opinions when you have a lot of learning to do in your own families.  So with that said, I am hoping more people will stand up and make a difference.  A friend thought I needed to voice this on my make some understand why I got upset about the situation.....what upset me more was that I got "jumped" on for it.  They can have their own opinions, but if mine differs I am not allowed to voice it? 

 Such a handsome boy

My oldest is getting so tall.

  This was taken a couple of weeks ago, and this might be a tradition!  LOL Last year I got a picture of their heads in the leaves.  We will have more leaves to rake up, so maybe this weekend.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Crochet in Common Dishcloth

Crochet In Common Dishcloth
Copyright © 2010
By Aurora Suominen, Judy Westen, Kat, and Ivory Herman
Materials: 100% Cotton, H Hook

Round 1: CH4, 15DC in fourth chain from hook, join to top of beginning CH4.

Round 2: CH3, 1DC in same ST *(ch1, skip next DC, 2DC in next DC) repeat from * 7 times. CH 1, join to top of beginning CH3.

Round 3: SLPST to next CH spot, CH 3DC in same spot. (one FPDC around each of next two DC, 2DC in next CH sp) 7 times. FPDC around each of next two DC, join in top of beginning CH 3. (32 dc or 16dc and 16 FPDC)

Round 4: CH3, 1 DC, CH1, 2DC in same stitch; *(CH 2, skip next 2DC, 2DC, CH1, 2 DC in next DC) repeat from * 10 times; CH2, join to top of beginning CH3.

Round 5: CH3, FPDC around CH3 of previous round and in next DC, in CH spot 2DC, CH2, 2DC. FPDC around next 2DC.  *2SC in next CH spot, FPDC in next 2DC, in CH spot 2DC, CH2, 2DC, FPDC in next 2DC* repeat from * 9 times, 2sc in next CH spot, join to FPDC not CH3. (80DC, 20SC, 10 points)

Round 6: CH3 (counts as first DC), DC in next 3 stitches (DC, CH2, DC) in CH2 space, DC in next 4 stitches, CH1, skip next 2SC. *DC in next 4DC, DC, CH2 DC in CH2 space, DC in next 4 stitches. CH1, skip 2SC. Repeat from * 8 more times and end with slip stitch in top of beginning chain 3. (100 DC, 10 ch1 spaces 10 points)

Round 7: Ch3, (counts as first ST), DC in next ST, (FPDC around next two STS, DC in next ST. DC,Ch2, DC in next ch2 space. *DC in 1st stitch after CH2 space, FPDC around next 2 stitches, DC in next 2ST, CH1)* 9 times. Skip next CH space, DC in 2STS, FPDC around next 2STS, DC in next ST. DC-ch2-DC in next Ch2 space, DC in next sp, FPDC around next 2STS, DC in last 2STS, Ch1, skip next CH sp, joining at top of CH3 (120 dc).

Round 8: Chain 2; HDC in each stitch around w/2HDC in CH2 spot, join to beginning CH2. Finish off and weave in ends.

Original Pattern by Designers listed above, Copyright © 2010
This pattern is for personal use only. Do not reprint, copy, post to any website/blog/group, or anywhere else.  You can link to this pattern if you wish.  If you sell any items made from OUR pattern, please credit US as the original designer and link back to our blog.

You can also find this pattern at our Crochet in Common Blog

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Hello December!!!

 Well My brother and nephew came into town for Thanksgiving, here is Charlie, my brother, Mr Aiden, and you can barely see my best friend there in the right side.  Decorating the tree!!!! 
 He was saying something!!!
 3 Dorks!!!  I loved this shot, Mr Aiden, Mr. AJ and Mr Dylan!!! 
 Here is my brother, Charlie, wearing his Chiefs sweatshirt.
 I wanted a good picture, but they kids wanted to be goofy, AJ looks oh so handsome in this picture.
 Charlie with Dylan.....I love this shot.
 3 Dorks again.  LOL
 Tree which was moved quite a few times.

Mr and Mrs Santa pants completed!!!

This is suppose to be a door knob hanger, but I don't really see how......I will admit I improvised the pattern a bit, and have not added the tree or reindeer yet.....the lady I am sending it to does not want them added.....she has something else she wants to add in his arms.

I also tested this pattern for a lady, this is an Evergreen Tree, and came out really cute, out of all the "tree" patterns, this one, so far, is my favorite.  Very fast and easy to make.  Here