Sunday, October 09, 2011


“Autumn Clusters ”
Aurora Suominen Copyright ©2011 All rights reserved.
12” SQ with an H Hook & Worsted Weight yarn in any amount of colors.
For Abbreviations/videos/links, see “DragonFlyMomof2 Designs” at
NOTES: Bolded print: Repeat in pattern. “STS”=Stitches: Any sp, sc, dc, cl or chsps. BEG CLUSTER: Ch2, keeping last loop of each dc on hook, work 2dc in st/sp: YO, draw thru 3 loops on hook. CLUSTER ST: Keeping last loop of each dc on hook, work 3dc in st/sp: YO, draw thru 4 loops on hook.
Rnd 1: Ch4, 11dc in 4th ch from hook, join w/slst in 3rd ch of beg ch4. (12dc)

Rnd 2: Beg cluster (see special sts)  [Ch1, cluster st in next dc]11x.  Ch1, join w/slst in top of first cl.  (12 cl & 12 ch1 sp)

Rnd 3: Slst in ch1sp and beg cl.  [Ch2, sk next cl, work a cluster st in next ch1sp]11x.  Ch2, skip next cl, join in top of first cl, (counts as first slst in rnd 4)  (12 cl,12 ch2sp)

Rnd 4: Do not chain here, [(3dc) in ch2sp, slst in top of next cl]11x.  3dc in last ch2sp, join in 1st slst changing to color 2.  (36 dc, 12 ss)

Rnd 5: Ch5 (counts as dc & ch2)  [+Sk 1dc, bpdc in next dc, ch2, sk 1dc,+ dc in next slst, ch2]11x.  Repeat  +to+ once, join in top of ch3. (24dc, 24 Ch2sp)

Rnd 6: Slst into ch2sp, beg cl.  [Ch2, sk next dc, cluster in next ch2sp]23x. Ch2, sk next st, join in top of beg cl.  (24cl, 24 ch2)

Rnd 7: (Ch4, 3tc, ch2, 4tc) in joining st.  [+Ch1, dc in 3sts, sc in 5sts, dc in 3sts.  Ch1+  in next cl work (4tc, ch3, 4tc)]3x.  Repeat +to+ once, join in 3rd ch of beg ch4.  Slst in next 3 tc and into ch3 sp.  (24dc, 32tc, 20sc)

Rnd 8: Ch1, 3sc in same sp.  [Sc in next 21sts, 3sc in ch2sp.]3x.  Sc in last 21sts, join in first sc, change to next color of choice.  (96sc)

Rnd 9: Slst into next sc and (Ch2, dc, ch2, 2dc) Beg corner made.  [+Hdc in 7sts, dc in 9sts, hdc in 7sts.+  (2dc, ch2, 2dc) in next ch2sp Corner made]3x.  Repeat +to+ once, join in top of ch3.  Slst over to ch2sp.   (56hdc, 52dc)

Rnd 10: Beg corner.   [+Dc in 2sts. (Ch1, sk a st, cl in next st)11x.  Ch1, sk a st, dc in 2sts+.  Corner in next ch2sp.]3x.  Repeat +to+ once, join in top of ch3.  Slst over to ch2sp.  (44cl, 48ch1 sp, 32dc)

Rnd 11: Beg corner.   [+Dc in 4sts, (Ch1, cl in sp, sk next cl)12x.  Ch1, dc in 4sts+. Corner in next ch2sp]3x.  Repeat +to+ once, join in top of ch3. (48dc, 52ch1, 48cl)

Rnd 12: Slst over to ch2, Ch1, 3sc in sp.  [Sc in next 37sts,  3sc in corner sp.]3x.  Sc in last 37sts, join to first sc, fasten Off.

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Hanging in There

I will be getting out the pattern for October very soon!!  I am getting it tested.  I have to say I really like this pattern.  I didn't start it until just the other day.  It's been a busy couple of months.  I am waiting for the time when I can say it's slowing down. 

I am sick!  It's either bad allergies or a nasty cold..the only difference in why I think it might be a bad case of allergies, is that my nose is not stuffy! Anyway I am hoping to get some allergies medicine soon.  I have been putting off getting more and I am paying for it. 

Boys are doing good.  Last Saturday we went to Worlds of Fun.  I thought Aiden would be scared of some of the rides......I knew he would not want to go on any roller coasters, but some of the rides I thought would scare him didn't!!!  I had more fun just watching him have fun.  His face just lit up!!!  The smiles, the laughs, the excitement in each step he took........I really enjoyed that.  AJ rode a lot of the roller coasters with Brett, I stay away from them........don't like them, and they feel like they are breaking my back. 

They are doing well in school.  AJ is taking Robotics after school.  His algebra teacher recruited him.  He is really enjoying that and I can't wait to see what his group comes up with.  Aiden "loves" doing his homework.  LOL........I am wondering in what grade that will change!!  He keeps teasing me about being in high school!! 

I am working on Aiden's Mario afghan, need to get busy on it.  I have 5 strips done, 70 squares done, so only 182 more squares to go.  LOL luckily each square only takes me about 5 or so minutes to do.