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Crochet in Common Designs©

"Star Spangled Beauty" ©
Designers: Aurora Suominen, Amy Carlson, Kathy Joelsen Copyright © 2014 All rights reserved. 
12" SQ with an H Hook & Worsted Weight Yarn in 3 colors: A, B,& C
Thanks to Donna, one of our testers, who came up with the name.
You can  find a video of Rnd 11 here: 
NOTES: Bolded print: Repeat in pattern. “STS”=Stitches: Any st or chsps. BEG CLUSTER: Ch2, (Yo, pull up a loop, yo, pull thru 2 loops)3x.  Yo, pull thru all 4 loops on hook.  CLUSTER: Yo, pull up a loop, yo, pull thru 2 loops on hook)4x.  Yo, pull thru all 5 loops on hook. BPSC: Back post sc. V-ST: (dc, ch1, dc) in st specified.  DTRC: Yo, pull up a loop, (yo, pull thru 2 loops)4x.  
With A, Ch4, join to form ring.

Rnd 1: Ch3, work 19dc in ring, join to ch3.  (20dc)  

Rnd 2: Beg cluster *see notes.  [*Ch2, sk 1 st, fpdc in next st, ch2, sk 1 st, * cluster in next dc]4x.  Repeat *to* once, join to top of beg cluster.  (5cl, 5dc)  

Rnd 3: Ch1, (sc, 2hdc, 2dc, trc, 2dc, 2hdc, sc) ALL in top of joining cl.  [*Ch1, fpdc in fpdc of prev rnd, ch1*, (sc, 2hdc, 2dc, trc, 2dc, 2hdc, sc) in top of next cl.]4x.  Repeat *to* once, join to first sc.  (60sts)  

Rnd 4: Ch1, [Sc in sc, hdc in next 2hdc, dc in next 2dc, fptrc in trc, dc in next 2dc, hdc in next 2hdc, sc in sc.  Ch1, fpdc in next fpdc of prev rnd, ch1.]5x.  Join to first sc. (60sts)  

Rnd 5: Ch1, sc in joining.  [Dc in 4sts, 2trc between next dc & trc of prev rnd, fptrc in next fp st, 2trc in between trc & dc, dc in next 4sts, sc in sc, work a 3sc decrease over next 3sts, sc in sc.]5x, omitting last sc, join in first sc.  (14sc, 40dc, 25trc)

Rnd 6: Ch1, bpsc around joining st, bpsc in next 14sts. Sc in dec st.  [Bpsc in next 15sts, sc in dec st]4x, join to first sc.  Fasten off color A   ( 80sc )

Rnd 7:  With color B join in a sc that is directly to the right of any fp st of any tip.  Ch1, sc in same st.  Sc in next 2sc.  [*Hdc in 2sc, dc in 6sc, hdc in 2sc,* sc in 6sts]4x   Repeat *to* once, sc in 3sts, then join to first sc. (80sc)   

Rnd 8: In joining st, ch3, beg cl in same st.  [Sk next st, V-st in next st, sk one st, Cluster in next st] Repeat around ending with a V-st, sk last st, join in top of beg cl.  (20cl sts, 20v-sts)

Rnd 9: Ch1, bpsc around joining cluster. [Ch19, sk 19 sts, bpsc around next cl st.]3x. Ch19, join in top of bpsc. Fasten off color B. (4 bpsc, 76 chs)

Rnd10, will be worked in top of the back post sc sts & in the chains of the ch19, NOT around the ch.
Rnd 10: Join color C in the top of any bpsc st, (ch4, 2trc, ch2, 3trc) in same st.  [(Ch1, sk one ch of the ch19, trc in next ch of ch19)9x.  Ch1, sk next ch of ch19, and in next bpsc work corner of (3trc, ch2, 3trc)]4x, omitting last corner, join to ch4.  (60trc, 48chs)

Rnd 11 will be worked in rnd 10 AND in the v-st sps and clusters of rnd 8
Rnd 11: Slst over to corner sp, ch1, 3sc in same st.  [Sc in 4sts, (trc in the ch1sp of rnd8, sc in ch1sp of rnd10, trc in top of cluster st from rnd 8, sc in ch1sp of rnd10.)4x.  Trc in ch1sp of rnd8,  sc in ch1sp of rnd10 and in next 3sts, (3sc) in corner sp]4x, omitting last corner, instead join to first sc.  (112sts)  

Rnd 12: Slst into next sc, ch3, 4dc in same st, beg corner.  [Dc in next 27sts, (5dc corner) in next sc]4x, omitting last corner, join to ch3. Fasten off color C(128dc)  

Rnd 13: W/ color A, join in any 3rd dc of corner, ch3, 4dc in same st.  [Dc in next st, (ch1, sk1, dc-1)5x.  Dtrc in the first dc of the v-st in rnd 8, dc in next 8sts, dtrc in first dc in the v-st in rnd 8.  (Ch1, sk1, dc-1)6x.  5dc in next st]4x, omitting last corner of 5dc, join to ch3. (108sts, not counting chsts)  

Rnd 14: Slst into next 2sts, ch3, 4dc in same st.  [Dc in next 37sts, 5dc corner in next dc.]4x, omitting last corner.  Fasten off (168dc)  

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Pattern available for download on Ravelry.  "Dragonflymomof2"