Friday, April 30, 2010


This very cute Acorn is what I made tonight, as you can see the glue from the eyes still had not dried yet when I took the picture. LOL....anyway I saw this pattern a long time ago, and just had to have it.......I remember when AJ was in kindergarten, and it was around Fall, and we were outside waiting for the bus to come......well he picked up some acorns, and asked what they were, I told him a nut.......figured it would be easier for him to understand......well he waits awhile, and then holds them out to show me, and says, "Mom, look.......these are my lucky nuts!".....well I about fell down laughing.........I could not stop, and he of course didn't know why I thought it was sooooo funny, but it was also soooo cute too............I still tease him about it every so often, and he knew I was making this tonight.........he is sleeping, so he won't see it until tomorrow, but he did tell me that he didn't really want it.....I told him I wasn't making it for him, but for myself, to always remind me of that very cute and funny moment with him. I saw another pattern recently of two smaller ones with a bag.......which is actually more perfect as he took two of them back then and put them in a bag.....he collected rocks and I guess those two acorn.......oh excuse me, those lucky nuts.......
I also made these yesterday, my little bee and butterfly........I love butterflies and every since I made a bee for a swap, I fell in love with bees........cute little "fake" ones only though.

I had lunch with a friend today, and we sat and visited for awhile, she is house sitting over in this area, so we wanted to get together....she is trying to find a place to live, as she has been living with some people, and they are moving themselves.........we went and looked at a couple, but she hasn't made up her mind.

I also told AJ he was not going to have any friends sleep over this weekend......nor will he go have a sleep over, seems all this month he or a friend have been doing sleepovers, and frankly I want to have a nice, quiet evening tomorrow, I have missed my shows on Friday night from being so busy..........

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Really Really Proud of my AJ

Above is an updated picture of one of the Afghans I am doing for the boys, but with color reversal......the one above will be for Aiden.....I am about done with the second border to AJs, but had to take a break today, I haven't really had much time for crocheting lately, but did manage to make a very cute bee tonight, and started a butterfly......but I am just too tired to finish........Had a few errands to run today........and since Aiden and I were out and near AJs school, we decided to pick him up..........well I am sooo super proud of him, he read more than the required books this year!!! So he will attend a function for that.....but..........BUT..........he will be attending an award ceremony for doing really well on his assessments........apparently he did a great job on them, and I can't be more proud of him!!!! I cried on our way home when he told me that........I worry so much sometimes......about school work for him, I know it is hard, and so much that the district wants them to learn...........and for him to tell me that he actually got great scores on them...........well that just makes me feel so proud.........and happy that he worked so hard!!!!

Aiden and I will make him a card tomorrow. I think Aiden will love that. I am hoping he wakes up feeling better, he got sick early this evening....

Monday, April 26, 2010

Took the boys to the park last week, got some pictures
Monkey climbing!!
another Monkey climbing!
This was at the circus a couple of weeks ago, boys had a lot of fun there.
Mermaid I made last week............She came out cute I think. I haven't had much time to crochet over the past few days...........Today I had some friends over for a bbq and some games........was fun, but I am glad to be resting now...........ended up with a headache, which is finally going away..........I hope it stays away. LOL

AJ has about a month left of school then summer break........I am not sure I am looking forward to that so soon. LOL..

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Proud of my AJ!! Communties in School

Well today was the day that AJ received the Star Award from Communities in School. Star stands for Student Triumph Awards Recognition. We had a lunch buffet first with our kids, then they received their awards, A local sportscaster from KWCH channel 12 news was there presenting the students for their awards. First was the Elementary students, then Middle school, and then high school......all these kids deserved these awards, there were two girls from High School, that both had a kid already, but stayed in school, improved greatly on attendance and grades and really stepped up to a better education, and I was proud of all of them.
All the kids with the CIS coordinators came down the stairs. You can see AJ in hte middle just about wearing white shirt. The staircase was just gorgeous.

This was as good as I could get with my cell phone, I had forgotten to grab my digital camera.....I could have kicked myself for forgetting it.

AJ with Crystal, she has been a super help to him, and I appreciate all she has done for AJ.

Sunday, April 18, 2010


My little Aiden holding a Bee I made, this bee was for am Amigurumi pattern of the month in my crochet group, and it came out cute, I decided to make it in thread. Aiden loved it, this is him giving the bee a kiss. I have really gotten to love bees.....crochet kind anyway. LOL
Weather has been so nice outside, AJ and Aiden took their pokemon's outside to "play" this was some of them "flowers" LOL

This was Friday at the doctors......Aiden has been itching his eyes and nose for a few weeks now, so dr got him in and prescribed some allergy meds for him, and he is ok with the medicine, but he does not like the eye drops, but just the couple of days on them, he is not itching as much. I went and got my hair cut Friday morning as well.......I like it enough.......I asked for a bob with long bangs, and she asked me about wanting layers, I said not really, I have some, but just want them trimmed up a bit so they can grow into the rest of my hair.......well she cut them really short......I think that is why I am not too thrilled, but I am not upset about it, it is cute when I fix it.

This was after I got home, it looked horrible when she was finished, she did not use conditioner which I told her I would pay the extra 3 dollars for, but she didn't use I got home, wet it and used the blow dryer on it, looked much better.

I had a birthday Saturday and will update more about that later, it was a super fun day.

This is a "Minnie loves Mickey" purse I did for a CAL in a google group I am came out cute, and worked up fast.

I made this small amigurumi lamb for a wish for a lady, who was giving it to a 6 month old, it came out really cute.

Mr Funky here was done for a swap, he came out big, but worked up fast, I got him done in a few hours, but of course the boys were not home either. LOL

Towel holder for another wish.
Pokemon Character, "Bayleef" done for AJ, he loved it.

The little bee

Thursday, April 08, 2010