Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Another Entry for the Night

Well I got some of my crochet pictures up, I have to get some pictures done. I have some 12" squares to send off tomorrow to a group exchange I am in.......I feel so bad, one was due in July, and another this month. I have just had so much going on the past couple of months. This way I will be caught up, I will take pictures to post tomorrow.

I am currently working on Halloween crochet and will get some pictures of what i have done so far.

I am hoping to hear from Austins teacher...........he has two teachers, the class breaks up between two teachers, they have one in the morning then another one in the afternoon. His afternoon teacher graded him unfairly and I want it fixed.

Well my little Aiden is just screaming his little head off at me, he is sooo tired, so i am going to get him in the bath and relaxed.

Baby Blankets

This was a popcorn stitch in a diamond pattern........I did a blue and white one for Aiden as well. I really liked how this blanket came out.

This one I would like to do in a different yarn, I used the soft, silky baby yarn, but didn't like it......after being washed it came out too loose...not sure if that is the right word
This was my first baby blanket I did while I was pregnant......its a pattern called Climbing Shells, and is done in mint green. I really like this one too

Some More crochet

Below are some more of what i have done. I did a yellow and light blue daisy family as well. Here are some bears I have done. The happy birthday one was for Austins first birthday.
Aiden jumps up and down like a monkey, so I crocheted him a monkey

More about me

This is a Red, white and blue Afghan with the squares done in an american flag design. I will add more squares to this one as Aiden gets older. I used Red Heart worsted weight yarn.

This is AJs I wanted them to have matching blankets, except AJs is bigger and as he grows, I will add more into it as well maybe. I also did the pillow for him too. It was my first pillow.

Well I am posting finally..........been wracking my brain on whether i really wanted to start another journal..or blog as they are called sometimes. I guess I will. I enjoy talking about my kids and my crochet. So that will probably be my main focus on here........probably some venting too. I am soo good at that. LOL

Austin is 9 and Aiden will be a year old in October. We all live in Kansas, the land of Dorothy and Toto.........but no i don't know them, have never seen them.....apparently they don't seem to see fit to fly by my house during a tornado............and no i have never seen a tornado, except on tv.........and I hope it stays that way! LOL

I love to crochet, I have been for about 10 years, I also cross-stitch, which i have been doing that for over 20 years. Crochet is my main hobby, I love it.............I will gradually get pictures posted of my work. I also want to post some pictures of some squares i have created on my own. I will try to update every day, but I will shock myself if I actually do! LOL For now I will post a link to my photo album on AOL until i get the picture thingy i need to add photos to this blog.....i recently reloaded my computer so i know its not there. LOL...............OK maybe i wont do that, because i can't just send that particular album...UGH I need to use Kodak or something.

Here is just some of my crochet.........will add more gradually