Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Middle of the Week

Its the middle of the week, and so far its been like a yoyo up and down...but not too bad. Austin is off to soccer practice. He had a dentist appt today, which is good that we finally made it, we only rescheduled 4 times. He also pulled a tooth there. He has another one loose and one more that is slightly loose and according to the dentist, is suppose to come out around the time they are 12 years old. Little Aiden has his first dentist appt next month! :D Got to get started on some a few more halloween crochet, then relax.

Monday, September 11, 2006

What a Hectic Day

Today was just not my day! My hand is still hurting something awful.........the ibuprofen is still not taking the sweeling down, or making it feel any better. Last night our home phone stopped working, and had to wait on hold with the phone company for 45 minutes, that was after the 15 minutes or so of the recordings........which can't help me, so why bother with them? I am so tired of these companies that have these stupid wait excuse me........."automated system" The phone started working again around 3 am. But they were coming out today anyway, but earlier today, I found out that my crazy neighbor lady has been stealing my mail......i had gotton a card from one of my crochet sites..............that went to her address, but my name on it.........(i use to live over there some years back) What this lady did was cross my name off and put her name in it, send it back to the company who thinks i am trying to be someone else. She also has been stealing my crochet books, that they had sent to me. I called them to find out and they apparently have been sending stuff to her address, which is my old address that i have changed with them several times, and with the post office. I talked to the post man who said he delivered it to me because he knows that i live here now, but didn't notice her name written on it by her. He said she has no right to do that, and even though the address is hers, it is still in my name, and not an advertisement, and she legally cannot do i went over there to tell her to knock it off that i was filing a complaint against her, well her drunk hippe husband answered the door started telling me to take it up with the company, and i said i have done that but that doesn't give his wife the right to do what she did..........he just kept saying it over and over, and how he doesn't have to bring my mail to me, and I told him he was right, but what he HAS to do is sent it back! not steal it, or write thier name on it. so then he tells me he is going to kick my ass if i come over again, so i went off on him telling him to keep his crazy drunk self away from me, and any of my friends that come over, and his crazy wife away from me too. NO matter who is out visiting me friends.......or even repairman he is over here yelling, and actin all dumb, talking really loud, falling over and stuff. I called the police and made a report.

Phone company came out, the alarm company installed the sytstem wrong and it was messing up our phone.

Time to relax tonight and work on some crochet.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Star War Squares

These are two that I created myself...............the first one is the Star Destroyer I think......the second one is the Death Star, but I might redo that one to make it look more round, to me it looks more oval. I have two other patterns that i designed myself, and will post those pictures when i have done the square. I am doing two of each ship.
This are two that i got from this Website She only had patterns for 4 ships, and Austin wanted more, so I guess you can say this site and lady inspired me to create my own. I still have to add the other red for the lasers!
Two more from her site, and again I only did them in light grey, with a dark grey border around them. I might go back when all are done and add the red to the first ship, but I still debating on whether i really want to do that. Once the squares are done, I will put them together, and add mroe around them. These squares measure 12"

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Well i tried to post my Star Wars Squares, but not the pictures are not showing up, and it took me about 6 tries to get the last post with the halloween pictures to post to my blog.

Anyway Austin got a 95% on his spelling test!! I was so happy, my mother called me because i was not at home, and I was just beaming, and that was his spelling words that he only had a day to study! We haven't gotton the second spelling test back yet, but he thinks he only missed one on that one. I am very proud of him. Last week, he had to make a receipt for math class, and so i got him on Word, and helped him, but he did everything, he just told me to help him with the program. His teacher and everyone in his class really liked it. Here is a copy of it.

Aj’s World
The Gifts that Fly Around the World

Store #009

Vortex in a Bottle 1 @ 2.50 Sale
Blue Angel Plane 2 @ 14.00 28.00 Reg
Toy Jet Plane 2@ 1.10 2.20 Reg
Subtotal 32.70

Airport Tax= 1.50
Total 34.20
Cash 50.00
Change 15.80

Thank you for shopping Aj’s World in the
Airport where our gifts fly around the world.

August 27, 2006 5:17 PM
It didn't copy exactly like it came out in Word, but that is basically it.I am the proud mommy here. I will publish his first Story that he wrote in 3rd grade.
He is at his soccer practice right now.

Halloween Crochet

This is Scara-Lee Witch..she took a few days to make, I will try to get a better picture of her later on once i have her broom done. You can 't see the cauldron at all.
This came out bigger than I thought it would be. I haven't done her face yet, just the nose. but I like how she came out
This is suppose to be a candy corn door hanger............its pretty big, and I need to add the face.
I really like these ghost...........they were very easy, and I just need to add the face onto them. I am making several of these. The ones below messed up putting them into the blog, I can't fix them. Anyway the green one is a Frankenstein wall hanging, just need to add his hair and face. The spider and web i think are cute. i just need to starch the web, I will make several of those as well. Then of course the little ghost, they are cute too.