Monday, January 26, 2009

Tired and Frustrated

Aiden has been sick for some time now...first it started in December with him having a nasty cold, to the point that his lips would swell up and break open. I have never seen his lips swell up so much. Anyway it seemed to go away, but then came back within a week, and I just thought that it never really went away, just eased up and was finishing out its' course....well it kept coming back and we are into January and still the symptons of a cold, and fever I took him and they said he had a sinus infection and gave him medicine to take twice a day for 10 days. Well a week later, it got worse....this time a nasty cough, I mean he was coughing constantly it seemed, and he would be up most of the night miserable trying to breathe and not cough so back to the dr, and they ruled out asthma. Gave him more medicine saying his nose was draining down the back of the throat. Ok after a few days he seemed to be getting better......last night he fell asleep around 9 but woke up an hour or so later, feeling ok....but saying he was I finally went to bed, and he tossed and turned and would cry a bit, so he came and laid down with me, and every so often he would stiffen up, shake and cry a bit......I just didn't realize the time, but it was 5 am!! So I turned on the light and asked him if anything hurt, he said his ear did and was pulling at gave him some tylenol and he still could not get to sleep, so I let him get up and he had some cereal......and cried some more......but finally fell asleep after 7 am!!! YEP you read that right.....neither of us got to sleep until after 7 am this up around 11, he got up about an hour after that, feeling pulling at his ear.....but I will see how it goes tonight. I am so tired my eyes are a blur. LOL I am making chicken noodle for dinner as we all seem to have the crud......

I am almost done with my Egg Heads....I have "me" done and the boys......just to do the wall and grass now, which I will get to tonight. I tested two patterns for Tiffany last night and they are really cute, will post pictures soon, once I ask her if its ok.

So hopefully tonight will be better. The weather says we might get a bit of snow.....I want more than a "bit" LOL

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Crocheting my Way Into Sanity!!

I did this snowman potholder for a lady in Crochet Swap Buddies, Margaret. I asked her if she wanted a functional one or a decorative one. She chose a decorative one. Looking at this picture I realized I forgot his nose!! LOL
In Margarets box, was the snowman potholder, the Min pin Ami dog and some 12" squares, I thought she would like this flower girl! She did, and she did come out really cute.
In my group, Amigurumi Swaps & More, I had a "Guess what I am" challenge, and April won the challenge, the prize was an ami of my choice, and she could choose WW yarn, or Cotton Yarn, and she chose the cotton yarn in bright colors, these were the only colors considered "bright" that I could find........I knew she like Food Ami's, and originally I made a half dozen of eggs in a carton, but it was "taken" So I made this sundae/cheesecake I really liked how this came out, and so did everyone in my family, but I was not going to make anything else. LOL April got the package today and she liked it too. She has it on a cake plate.......looks really yummy on there.
Here are 20-6" squares that I sent to Carol for the Victory Junction Gang Camp. The charity is being hosted in Crochet_Swaps_Galore January and February. I will be sending her another set of 20. I am doing bright yellow and orange for this round. If anyone reading this would like to donate squares let us know. they are looking for 6" or 12" squares in bright "primary" colors.......I know this charity is also being done on Crochetville, so you can also check it out there.

My Saturday went pretty good..........We all went out to Chinese for lunch and had a nice lunch, even my mom got out to go too......even though it was bitterly cold out!! At least the wind was not blowing as much as yesterday. We came home and I got caught up online and then after awhile started getting dinner ready, we had homemade fried rice and egg rolls, Aiden loves rice! LOL A friend came over for awhile and took my thread yarn to get some colors for a cross-stitch project he is doing. Which makes me want to get out some projects that have been on the back burner for quite some time now.

I also got my closet cleaned out.........which I have been putting off for a few weeks now........finally decided tonight to get it done, one less thing for me to worry about.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


We had this cake tonight.......Scott did a great job making this came out really cute.....they had horse shoes too.  Online baking classes should also be able to teach you how to make specialty cakes such as this one.  I had to take my mom to the drs today and that was a couple of hours, but I took my yarn and worked on some crochet..After we got home, Amanda called wanting us to come over for cake and ice cream. Her father was suppose to do this cake on her birthday back in October, but he dragged his feet. LOL He had been planning and planning this cake for he was pretty proud and happy to have finally gotten it he seems to be in a cake mood, wanting to do more. LOL

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

2nd Post tonight

this is my goofy son, Austin.......before his hair cut...I had told him that I didn't mind him wanting to grow his hair long, but my rule was that he needed to comb it...........but time and time again, he would wake up with a very messy hair do, and never comb it. So today on our way to the post office I told him I loved what he did with his hair, which was nothing.....and that we were going to Wal-Mart to get his hair cut, and he agreed.........LOL he said he got tired of it getting in his ears, and it was getting caught on his glasses.......which btw I don't like.......I do not know why he chose those particular frames.
My Austin after the hair cut......I think he looks much better. He goes back to school will be a short week, but I will get some quiet time!!!
MY little goofy Aiden wearing his brothers cute is this? He is sick too, been ongoing for a month now.....finally last week I took him in, and he has a sinus infection, so they sent us home with medicine to take for 10 days. Well his cough got worse........I mean really finally yesterday I called dr again, and said he is up all night coughing really bad, and its an all day back to dr who gave him more medicine. luckily no wheezing.
but last night he was miserable, I mean he coughed so hard and so much all night..........ALL NIGHT!! I felt so bad for him. he cried and his little throat hurts...........and then this morning he woke up screaming......he scared me saying his food hurt and he was screaming and crying like something was really hurting him...........I did a full body check...........I was thinking he got bit by a spider or something..........but I think he just slept on his foot wrong. He was tossing and turning so much. He is better.......or rather not crying.......he was tired all day and played but not his usual self.................hopefully the night will be better, he doesn't seem to be coughing as much.

Recent Crochet

I did this amigurumi Belle last week, she was to be a bday gift for someone in a group with me, but my mom liked her so much, that I let her have her. LOL So now I have to make something else. I loved doing this doll, but did not like doing the hair. LOL
I tested this square for Donna, you can find her link to her blog in the Blogs I like to read, Smooth Fox......she is an amazing designer. This square was actually a revised one....the original is below in red
Not a very good picture, it was taken with my phone.

I did these square for a 7" swap in Crochet Swap Buddies.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Princess Aurora

I did this Princess Aurora and she came out so pretty.
Side View of her
I did this Min Pim for a wish for Margaret, he came out really cute, and now two people have already requested mom and a friend.

Side view of him. I used a "C" hook on him.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Aiden and I Day!!

Wednesday Aiden and I had our own day's Winter Wednesdays at the Zoo, which means I only pay 2 dollars for myself to get I wanted to take Aiden. Austin was in school and the night before was non too happy about me going to the zoo with Aiden, but I pointed out to him all the things he has and still gets to do that Aiden doesn't.........and how I want to have that one on one time with both of them, and since he is in school I want that time with anyway the above picture is a favorite of mine.......Aiden loves to touch my face...........and I was trying to get a picture of him and I on my phone........this was at lunch after the zoo.........well when I saw how this came out, I loved it!! its so precious how he touches my face.
This time I got him looking.......he loves to have his picture taken.............
My little Aiden in front of live gorillas!!!! ok......they are statues......but how cute is this shot.........I had to take three just to get him to look at the camera.....he was getting attention from onlookers, so he was paying attention to them instead of me. LOL
This gorilla sat there next to the window the whole time we were there.......
He finally looked as the camera was ready to shoot!! FINALLY!! I won't tell you how many times I tried for this shot. They apparently are a lot.........A LOT like kids. LOL
That is a train juice box Aiden got from the snack was really cute, and I knew once he saw it, he was going to want it.
Aiden loved the bears.......we had to go back 3 times to see them..........they were huge!!!!
Mommy and her little handsome is that boy!!! its a struggle to get good pictures with the boys......Austin is about impossible lately to get a good picture with.

Aiden with his chips and train juice........he wanted to make sure it got in the picture.

We had a really fun time, and he loved looking at the animals.........

Today has been a so so day.........but it will get better I am sure........I took the boys to lunch, and Aiden feels better, no fever and his thumb looks better......he cut his finger last night in the bath with a razor, that had been behind the shampoo........I just didnt' get to him in bled a lot...........but I got neosporin on it and a bandaid, which to him was worse............he DOES NOT LIKE BANDAIDS. but once he realized I was not going to take it off, he was ok with it.........we just bought him Nemo bandaids today from Wal-Mart.

Update Update UPDATE!!

I am getting really bad about updating my blog........myspace too........LOL Ok well that is the life of a mother.....this mother its been hectic around here lately.....but I will update with Christmas............we had a great Christmas, Aiden and I above that was taken Christmas day.........he along with Austin were very happy that morning.......Christmas Eve we baked cookies and hung around, watched the Polar Express........The boys tried to get around the fact that they had to go to bed..........once they actually got into bed, they were fast asleep.........I made sure too. LOL So my mom and I got the gifts out and under the tree, and ended up having to use two of their stockings..........Anyway we got pictures of the tree before everything was destroyed by the kids.
Austin and Aiden both really loved everything they got......and I had fun watching them tear through everything........
Here the two of them are opening presents.............Aiden was like a little mad man......tearing them open like crazy........Austin had quite a few that we taped up in he had "fun" opening them!!!
Getting ready to open!!

I did this bookmark for a bookmark swap, and Sandy, my partner, received it so I am posting the picture now.......this fan bookmark is very easy to make.