Sunday, May 24, 2020


It's been awhile since I last updated my blog.   A lot has happened.  Most of you know that I took care of my mother who was not in very good health.  On Father's day last year she had a stroke and ended up in a nursing home where she passed away in November.  It was heart wrenching, she was my best friend!  I know they say to never become "friends" with your parent/child, but she was not only my mom, but one of my best friends, she is the one I would run to to tell her my troubles, my happiness, my vents!!

 I have decided to remove my written patterns from my blog,  but will be making some updates on how you can get them.  I am trying to minimize the amount of work I do online in hopes that I will be able to stay caught up on everything.   I will continue to post pictures and information on my designs, however, if you wish to have a download of the pattern, you can find them on Ravelry at the following link:

You can also join me at my group on Ravelry, where I will have information on my patterns and new designs.

If you do not have Ravelry, please consider making a profile over there, they have a wealth of information, patterns, groups, and great people!!!  You can also message me for a PDF of the pattern, please understand I am a mother with a very hectic life at times, so bear with me as I get back to you. 

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Personal use/print only, no pattern reproductions, selling or copying allowed. 

Sunday, January 01, 2017


Wow!! It sure has been awhile since my last post. Almost a year!!  Well I am hoping that changes, I have so much going on with my family, and other online stuff, mainly facebook, Ravelry and so on. 

I have been lacking in the design world, so that will change this year!!  I am hoping to design more.  If you like dishcloths, I have a group on Ravelry called, "Dishcloth times 12" we usually post a crochet and a knit dishcloth each month, well I have decided for this year, I am going to design a crochet dishcloth each month.  If you are interested, check us out.  

Some of my recent projects!!

Some more of my recent projects, the Gingerbread was done a few months back and guess what?  I forgot to display it this Christmas!!  LOL

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Rewriting of my Patterns

Hello!!   it's been awhile, and many "I'm going to get it done" moments for me, but I am finally working on rewriting all my squares, I have decided to go in order that they were designed and by same types, meaning I started with all my 6" squares.  I am still working them and have some done, I will post them on my blog when I am done so you can check out the links, you can also download them on Ravelry in pdf form. 

I hope you like the "new" look to them and hopefully the patterns are written out better. 

Shells Around
Simple Wish
Single Dragonfly
Open Cross
Framing a Flower
Grace Adia Flower
Flower Love in 2D
Flower Love in 3D
Reflected Dragonfly w/color changes!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


I do not currently have September posted on Ravelry as a download yet, I am waiting to get a pro acct, since there are multiple designers to the squares. 

Wednesday, January 01, 2014


"12 DESIGNS ON A HOOK" CROCHET A LONG: One 12" square designed and posted each month by members of the yahoo group, "Crochet in Common"

I have a blog at the following link: Dragonflymomof2 Designs.  Back in 2011 I did a year long crochet a long (cal) where I designed a square each month.  It was a challenge and a lot of fun at the same time.  In our yahoo group, Crochet in Common, we have a challenge we have done in the past called, "Designs on a Hook" How it worked is we would have our members sign up, and each one of us would design a square, taking turns with the rnds/rows.  You can see our past designs here.  It's been a lot of fun.  I have been trying to find some new ideas for the New Year, and this was a great one.  I think so anyway!!  Each square will be designed the month before, so it's ready to post on the blog and at Ravelry on or around the 1st or first week of each month.

Each square will be a generic design, in that it will not necessarily be month/holiday related in design.  I hope you all enjoy this upcoming crochet a long.  Please share this links below.


~Worsted Weight yarn, but you are welcome to use whatever type you wish, but keep in mind it may alter the size of your square.

~H hook, (most commonly used for 12" squares)  Again use what you are comfortable with.

~Needle for weaving in your ends.

~Love!  We always have lots of love that goes into our work.

First square posted First week of January 2014/