Friday, December 14, 2007

Its beginning to Look a lot like Chrismtas!

We have another storm coming in, this time they say its only snow. I hope we get a lot of it, because I LOVE snow. I would love to have enough for the boys to be able to go out and play in having snowball fights with them. LOL Anyway its been a hectic week, Monday evening, AJ came home from playing across the street and ate dinner and shortly after that, he got really sick, he got hit with the flu big time..........he was up all night sick sick sick, I had made my mind up that he was not going to school the next day, but then found out school had been cancelled due the ice storm we were getting. Tuesday he woke up with a high fever, and had that for most of the day, so Wednesday he did not go to school either, but by Wednesday afternoon he was feeling much better and no more fever, so he went to school Thursday. Aiden still has a cold, so I am taking him to the dr tomorrow, he has had this cold for over 3 weeks, which is too long for me and he also had one before this one, and i don't think a full 2 weeks passed before he got hit with this one. My mom also has a drs appt later today as well..........I can't sleep, my stomach is upset and I have a bad case of the yawns......I think after this entry though I will try again to go lay down. Have to be up early this morning.

Well I have been working on Christmas crochet and here it is.

I just finished these and man I am in love with them. They are so darn cute!!!! This is my "Snowman" family. from the left is Papa, Mama, AJ, me, and little Aiden! The boys are done in green, and mom and I are in red. Way too cute!! I used orange pipe cleaners for the nose and black pipe cleaners for the arms.........the pattern called for crocheting them, but to me this looked more like a snowman. I went through several patterns that i just didn't like, so would frog them and start on another pattern, finally found this one online and tried it, and of course liked this pattern. I am working on Santa now.
This is my reindeer, and he is tall, i forgot to measure him hold on..........ok just measured him and he is 31" tall.............he really is cute.
A small christmas tree, i decorated with bells and bows.
These are tree ornaments, and are cute too, although I don't really care much for the Santa, I don't know what was up, but the hat does not look like a Santa hat, but i didn't want to go searching for one that i liked. He is cute though, and they are all on the tree.

Saturday, December 08, 2007


My handsome Aiden and me today.

My mess of bows in the box........i did 22 of white and Deft Blue..........I also added a bell to the bottom of them, but you can't really see from this picture above.

You can see the bells in this picture.......I really like bows and loved this pattern, it was very easy!!!

Before the bows were added to the tree, I had to spend an hour today "fixing" the tree, I threw away some christmas balls we bought last year, they had this thread on them that was coming off big time, and I didn't like that. So got rid of them and put the rest of the ornaments that had fallen off the tree and were under neath it, I had to pull the tree out from the wall, to put beads on the tree, silver and blue. I got the beads yesterday, and you can't really see in this picture, but they are there, and look pretty

After with the3 bows on the tree, Aiden helped me put them on!! LOL AJ was too busy in his room playing on his DS with a friend of Aiden and I did it. I really love these bows on the tree, I think I could have made them a bit smaller, but I like them this size! I spent a fortune a few years back for store bought bows, that came apart really easy and were a pain!! I thought why buy them at those outrageous prices and have them fall apart, when i can make them for much cheaper and they look better. LOL

Its been a tiring day, I still have the cold that won't leave me alone, and had to fix the tree then clean the living room, move all the furniture to vacuum under them. Luckily Aiden took a nap and I was able to get a lot done while he was sleeping. PLus put up a few more decorations we had...........of course I am off to make more Christmas stuff.

Friday, December 07, 2007

AJs Week

I missed AJs graduation from D.A.R.E yesterday!! How could i forget to go? Between feeling sick and stressed, it just totally slipped my mind! I felt horrible, and didn't remember until AJ came home from school and i saw him wearing the shirt he got. He said he was ok with it, but i knew he was bummed, and so was i.............Tuesday he had his Christmas program at school, and not only did he play his instrument....Viola, but he had a speaking part in the program, I was beaming with pride when he was up there. I saw my handsome boy up there doing such a great job! I was so proud of him. I thought my face would break i was smiling so big! LOL After that we went out to eat and had a nice time. He came home and played for mama since she could not make it.

Essay for Dare

D.A.R.E has taught me so much about not using drugs.
Like it can make you very sick and kill you.
It can also make you do things that can hurt you or others that you care about.

D.A.R.E taught me about tobacco and if you use a lot of it when you are a kid,
it can cause cancer in your mouth. They might have to remove your bottom jaw.

I promise not to use drugs in my whole life.
I will not use anything that can hurt me like alcohol, tobacco and marijuana.
If one of my friends were using drugs, I would tell them to stop
and that it can hurt them or kill them.
I would not want them to die.

If my parents used drugs I would tell them
find the right medicine to help them stop using drugs.
I would ask them to get help for their problem.
I would tell them how much I loved them and don't want
them to be hurt by using drugs and stuff that can hurt them.

D.A.R.E is the best program out there to help make us safe and healthy.
They are there to help us and that makes them cool in my book.

By AJ Suominen

Well what an essay huh? I am really proud of him for writing this.

I am still feeling awful and hope this cold and virus leave me really really soon.

I am off to wash my hair and relax. My little Aiden is still sleeping, he is a tired little guy!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Living room Lapghan

Well its done, and I am really proud of it. I used the colors, Raspberry, Camo Pink, Petal Pink, and White, I also really like how the pattern came out.

Another shot of it.............This pattern is hard to see, but the squares are actually, "Buttons and Bows" and are really pretty.

I am not feeling too good again, my cold is getting worse and my whole body aches, not to mention feeling sick to my stomach and my voice is cracking throat hurts like crazy, so I am off to crochet some bows for the christmas tree, and relax some.

Saturday, December 01, 2007


My very handsome AJ and me
Karen, my sister-in-law and myself
My little handsome guy, Aiden and me
Karen, my brother, Aj and Dylan
all around the table
My brother and me
Dylan and myself

Ok , I know I have been very quiet lately, I am very sorry, but things have been so busy around here since Thanksgiving, and then this past week, I have been very sick, first little Aiden got an awful cold which he still has, then AJ got it, and then me...........and I had a headache for days last week, and could not shake it. Finally got rid of it and I am hoping it does not make another trip my way!! LOL.

I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving............We brother and his wife with my nephew came up and they got here Wednesday evening.............I had a heck of a time running errands Wednesday, but managed to get it done and home before they got in.. We had decided on chilli for dinner, since it had turned so cold outside, and that way they would have a hot dinner waiting for them. My sister-in-law just started to crochet, so we had loads to talk about.........she crocheted the whole time they were here...............making my brother a black and turquoise blanket. We had 3 boys running around, my nephew, Dylan is 5 and the cutest..................all the boys got along really well for the most part, which is always good. Thursday rolled around and we were getting last minute stuff done. Most was done the night before.....................we had gotten snack trays to snack on but decided to take the boys to a play house to play for lunch, so we could get some stuff done. Dinner was great! We were able to get everything done early and so we had time to relax until dinner time............turkey came out really good. Later that night we rested up and Friday came and we all just mainly lazed around.................but did put up the christmas tree, and it was really nice to have my brother and his family there to help with the tree, really made it special, and they are hoping to do this every year, so that will be great!!! Anyway, Friday night it started to snow, which Charlie and Karen were hoping for snow, and we got it. Saturday morning rolled around, and they were getting the car packed and before the snow melted they all had a snowball fight, us against the kids!! Kids won!! LOL Aiden mainly just watched and laughed at us. Rotten stinker.!!!

Then really this past week was just cleaning up a bit, and trying to relax, but then getting sick made it worse and I had a ton of errands to run................did a bit of christmas shopping last week, and am actually feeling better.

It rained today, and was actually pretty warm out. AJ went out with a friend, so I and a friend took her son and Aiden to McDonalds playhouse to play, and it was so crowded, everyone had the same idea! LOL

I am done with my living room Afghan, just haven't gotten around to taking pictures yet.

Tomorrow I am hoping for another relaxing day.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Just a quick little note................I am so tired and sore from all the cleaning last week, and over the weekend, it is finally catching up with me. I am trying to get last minute stuff done, so I can relax brother and family are leaving around 7 or so in the morning, which will put them here around 5 or 6 its about a 10 hour drive.

I got up this morning and started picking up a bit, but Aiden was not letting me get too much done, so played with him for awhile, took him to Subway for lunch, then back home to watch General hospital, which the show is really getting on my nerves. Then I hear this crazy lady outside screaming her lungs off, and I go look and its my crazy neighbor yelling and laughing with this really crazed look on her face, I ignore her and come back in where my father heads out to get some different this time the temp outside is falling, and the wind is picking up. I have to run to walmart to get a few things, and back home to get the old furniture out and the other set in, take the old set to a friends.

Now I really have to get the house picked up a bit more............seems like when I think its done, something else comes up and is all of a sudden laying on my, "what was once a clean floor" LOL

Monday, November 19, 2007

Finished the Bear Afghan

Well I finished Aidens blanket tonight, and here it me it kinda reminds me of a tree! LOL Anyway its done, and I put two rows of a border around it, but you can't see that very well in the picture. I am just glad its done and I will finish the living room lapghan tomorrow, most of it will be done tonight, I will crochet some while relaxing in bed......I am tired from all the cleaning.

My rotten Aiden laying on his blanket, he loves it, I had it spread out on the floor to take pictures and he came running and landed right on it............he loves anything I crochet especially blankets. I hope to have this one for a long time. He is so darn cute laying there.

You can just barely make out Aidens head in the lower right hand corner, but this is him taking off with it!!! LOL my little goofy boy.

Almost Turkey Time!

The boys laying on the couch the other night, this was just too cute!
Taken yesterday , and there is double the leaves out there now. It was in the 80s today, can you beleive that in November??? Tomorrow in the 70s then turning colder!!! I love this time of year, just wish we had some snow. LOL Things here are good, we are pretty sure we got everything for Thanksgiving............turkey has been taking up a lot of room in the fridge, we got a 22 pound turkey, we always try to get the biggest turkey.............My brother Charlie, his wife, Karen and Dylan are coming up, they are leaving Wednesday morning early. Hopefully they drive safely, and miss the hectic holiday travel.
This is Aiden with a bowl!!! I had gotten out some potato salad, and he ate most of it, then started licking the bowl!!!! I had to grab the camera!! This was way too cute to miss out on. What a rotten boy!!
Ok one of me thrown in.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Crochet Slump??? NOOOOOOO!!

I feel like I am going through a crochet slump..........I have all my swaps done, but some still need mailing, and my only reason for it not being done is that I have been lazy! I have not been feeling too well, just sore from running errands, or cleaning up. But now I feel like I am in a slump. I have a few Secret Santa swaps I am in, and will get them fact i have to venture down into that nasty basement of ours, to get a few christmas crochet stuff i did last year, but they don't have patterns and I have to wing it by sight, which is fine, i did it last year and they came out good............I did put up my thanksgiving stuff, and took a few pictures and realized i don't really have much crochet turkey stuff, so I should get busy with that. Wish me luck and hope that no spiders attack me!!!!

This is the mantle, I don't really like them up here, so I would not be surprised if i don't move them around a bit more.
Turkey Turkey

I feel like I am in a crochet slump and I don't like it!!!

Halloween is OVER!

This is my bat boy and my dinosaur baby!! Aren't they just cute!! AJ was going to go as a Star Wars character AGAIN..........but changed his mind. The only costume he could find that he liked and would fit was Bat Man. I think he looks good in it. The dinosaur costume for Aiden was found pretty much Tuesday, the last minute!! I am always doing things so late. Anyway I had seen this costume for Aiden and really liked it it was so cute. But when i saw it, it was a toddler size, so i wanted to look around for another one a smaller size. I went back on Tuesday and it was gone................oh no!!! but luckily I went back and looked on another rack they had in a another location of the store and found it...............too big on him, but not too big.
This is Aiden again, we are getting ready to go Trick or Treating.............we had no plans on passing out candy, we were going to be gone and my mom did not want to go to the door so many times in her wheelchair. So we had our lights out and still kids came...........I gave one girl some candy AJ had from Fun Night Saturday but after that I did not answer the door, the news told everyone that if lights were off don't go to that house! LOL
My handsome Bat boy!!
Trying to keep his hands out.............his little thumbs were getting caught!
Out trick or treating..........Aiden really got into this..................He loved it........He was walking most of the time, although Papa had to pick him up a few times to "catch" him up with his big brother and Chris..................but he just really loved all the "canny" he got!! LOL my little dinosaur boy!!! WE didn't stay out long, we were all tired and Aiden had fallen asleep, but we wanted to go to pizza hut for dinner, so we did, and the boys had fun.
AJ was kinda bummed that he had to go to school Thursday, but oh well! Today has been a pretty good day, just been hanging out and relaxing...........i ran around a friend yesterday so my knees and back are hurting today.
I am trying to catch up with online stuff and will work on crochet later tonight.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

3rd Entry for Sunday

Well this is my 3rd entry for the day, but I am trying to play catch up, both on aol and yahoo..........been neglecting a few things! LOL Today was so nice out, the boys and I went on a leaf hunt, I want to make some crafts with them using leafs. I can't believe the month is almost over......Anyway the boys played outside for most of the day and I am beat, will work on some swaps I am in.....below is an update on my WIPs

This is Aiden bear ghan........I have not put faces on all the bears yet, will do that when I am done with it...........this is 3 strips so far.........I am alternating between my swaps and this afghan and the one below, will do a strip on one then work on the other one. I did have this in alternating squares but decided on a different pattern........
This is for a lapghan for the living room..............two strips done and will work on the 3rd one tonight, since I just added the 3rd strip to the bear one.
I got these 12" squares from Jenny N from a swap group I am in.......i love them.
This is my first set of "Grandmothers Flower Garden" afghan...........these are a PAIN to put together..........very tedious if you ask me.............I am debating on whether I really want to put the others together!! If anyone has any suggestions on putting these together any easier........please let me know! LOL


Its been a very hectic week, after Aidens birthday party, that Monday both boys had appts at the drs...............Aj got a total of 3 shots and Aiden two, and both boys got checked for Lead...........with all the recalls and living in an older house.........I wanted to be safe and know...........we have a nice house.........its been kept up and remodeled, but still it was built awhile ago and so the drs always ask that...............they are both fine, no lead and talk about a hectic day, we were there for around 2 hours and another hour at the pharmacy, who took forever to get AJs medicine ready..............he is taking medicine for his stomach, he has had a problem since he was a baby with his tummy and I am hoping this will help regulate his system and not cause him anymore discomfort. Both boys checked out well...........Aiden is 25 pounds and 33" growing just fine.
I guess they were worn out from Monday and Tuesday.......

My bat boy!!!!
Friday I had spent the day cleaning, and the heater guy came and fixed our heater so now we have heat......the switch was bad and he also cleaned it out pretty good and fixed our humidifier....heat works really good now.
Visited with a friend that day too, he is doing better than he was.............I was going to take him home later that night but the alternator belt on the car broke, luckily I made it home...........and then Aiden crawled up on a chair in the dining room, to "help" his brother on the computer and he fell off the chair and bit through his lip..................all the way through.................ouch!!! So ran him to the hospital............and it was crowded..........but thankfully they took Aiden back right away and he didn't need was a clean cut all the way through, no broken teeth, and he is on antiboitic cream and liquid...............he was fine the rest of the night, he just kept touching his lip saying Boo Boo..................wanting it kissed. LOL My mom and I also spent the night making cakes for Fun Night Saturday, ok she made the cakes and cupcakes, but I did help with the witch cake............... this is a kitty cat cake made from brownies.........I wanted to win this cake so bad.........but I didn't! :( Some lady saw me bringing it in and wanted it right away, she was also the one who won it and had to rub it in my face! LOL I kept telling her I would hold it for her, but she would not let me..........I have no idea why. ;D
this is the witch cake............all these cakes were made using regular pans, its just how you cut them............this one was huge..............the hat has mini oreo cookies on it...........the face and hair is frosting that is vanilla pudding and cool whip............the features are chocolate chunks, pretty easy to make............the hat is pretty tall too. This was the first cake to be "won" actually during the "cake" walk you obviously walk in a circle on numbers and stop on a number and if that number is called you get to pick out a cake.............this was the first to go...... :( I wanted to win this too. LOL

These are spider cupcakes and pumpkin patch cupcakes very cute but you can't see them very well.

Chocolate bundt cake with whip cream and father wanted this cake, but it was picked too by someone else................I was a bit disappointed in the cake really should be changed to "Sweets walk" most of the stuff donated by parents were store bought cookies and brownies................i think besides the five things we donated, one other person baked a cake, and I think there was a store bought cake too...............but they had a ton of store bought cookies..............i know last year there were a lot more "baked" or store bought "CAKES" A lot of people were complaining. But it was fun..........and I know that parents get very busy.............


My mother in front of the train cake she made for Aidens Birthday. She loves making cakes and did a really good job on this cake. Aiden LOVES trains and this was really cute. Last year she made him a teddy bear cake which was adorable!!
Here are some of the people who were there for his party........the party went really good, we all had a great time, it was nice just visiting and have fun. Aiden had a nap right before his party, so once he was awake, he was having fun and maybe not too sure about all the people around, but had fun anyway.
Here is another shot of the cake before it was all gone..........
my precious Aiden and mommy
My father bought this for Aiden at a garage sale, its one of those construction drive things, and Aiden just loves it, he will give it to someone saying, "Drive" and you better drive!! LOL
The presents............Aiden loved all of them.

My parents with Aiden!
Aiden got a lot of Little people stuff, and a work bench........i can't remember everything he got, but he did get a lot and loved pretty much everything...........he loved the cake and ice cream and i loved when the party was over, even though i was having a good time, it was time to clean up and was a busy day! and we all had fun.................all the kids kept trying to play more with Aidens toys than Aiden himself. LOL