Monday, December 31, 2012


Well 2012 is about over.  For me it's about 5 hours longer.  I can't really complain much about 2012, I had some ups and downs, but for the most part I am grateful for each day.  So here is a look at my year. 

Thursday, December 13, 2012


Ok, well as I am sure some of you know, my writing skills can be hard to read at times. I can’t keep using the excuse that, ”I’m new” LOL I think designing and writing patterns will always be a learning experience. As I grow as a designer, so will my “skills” meaning some words will change, some methods will be done differently. With that said, I always want to listen to those who are making my patterns. I have gotten some very rude comments on my blog in the past from some crocheters who felt the need to criticize me, insult me or my writing…….or just flat out tell me I don’t know how to write a pattern.. While I think everyone has a right to their opinion, I wish that those type of people would change their thinking process in that we don’t need to resort to name calling, or insults because we may not understand something. That’s really what it boils down to…..not understanding a style of writing. I am always looking to improve my patterns. As well as making my pattern as easily understood as I can possibly can, but at the same time, keeping true to my “style” Soooooo………I want to start a bit of an unconventional CAL. I will announce what square I am working on. I would appreciate everyone who decides to work the square too, to “hook” it of course,(on Ravelry) BUT also offer me up any ideas, suggestions, or changes they think should be made. Mistakes as well. I would like them emailed to me or sent through private message. I will make the changes to the original pattern, fix on my blog, and even send a pdf to those who wish it. So if you are with me. Lets get started!! I will post the first square later tonight that will be for this week. It will be a 6” since the week is about over. I will post a square to work on each week. To be part of the group on Ravelry, click on the link below If you want to follow along on my blog, please post a link to your blog and post if you decide to post a picture. I would love to see.

Sunday, December 09, 2012

AJ joined the swim team at school, and they had their first meet earlier last week. It was such a busy day I was not sure I would make it in time, but I got there a bit early. I was so proud of him. First race he did was the 200 yard Freestyle, then the 60 yard Freestyle. The whole team did great.
Aiden and I took a trip downtown to see the Mayor light the Christmas tree. We actually missed the lighting of it. AJ was late getting out of swim practice, and Aiden and I drove around about 15 minutes looking for a space to park. We ended up finding one, but it was a distance to walk, but luckily we did not miss the short firework show. The downtown tree was beautiful! The night with Santa was fun for Aiden, he got his picture taken, played some games, ate cotton candy, and off we went home. this past week has just been so busy. Actually this whole month has. The boys have Taekwondo twice a week, plus swim classes with Aiden, AJ is home late every night from swim practice.......but it's been fun, tiring, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Friday, November 23, 2012


 I got this email earlier this week, and finally had a chance to read it.  I don't know who actually wrote this, but it's worth a read.  I don't know if it's even true, but it's worth the read!  I cried when I read it, and hope that true or not, it touches someone enough to see that life is what you make it, and if you think violence or torment is the answer, then you have no life at all.

Carl was a quiet man. He didn't talk much.
He would always greet you with a big smile and a firm handshake. 

Even after living in our neighborhood for over 50 years,
No one could really say they knew him very well. 

Before his retirement, he took the bus to work each morning.
The lone sight of him walking down the street often worried us. 

He had a slight limp from a bullet wound received in WWII. 

Watching him, we worried that although he had survived WWII,
He may not make it through our changing uptown neighborhood with its ever-increasing random violence, gangs, and drug activity. 

When he saw the flyer at our local church asking for volunteers for caring for the gardens behind the minister's residence, he responded in his characteristically unassuming manner. Without fanfare, he just signed up. 

He was well into his 87th year when the very thing we had always feared finally happened. 

He was just finishing his watering for the day when three gang members approached him.
Ignoring their attempt to intimidate him, he simply asked,
"Would you like a drink from the hose?" 

The tallest and toughest-looking of the three said, "Yeah, sure," with a malevolent little smile. 

As Carl offered the hose to him, the other two grabbed Carl's arm, throwing him down.
As the hose snaked crazily over the ground, dousing everything in its way, Carl's assailants stole his retirement watch and his wallet, and then fled. 

Carl tried to get himself up, but he had been thrown down on his bad leg.
He lay there trying to gather himself as the minister came running to help him. 

Although the minister had witnessed the attack from his window, he couldn't get there fast enough to stop it. 

"Carl, are you okay? Are you hurt?" the minister kept asking as he helped Carl to his feet. 

Carl just passed a hand over his brow and sighed, shaking his head.
"Just some punk kids. I hope they'll wise-up someday." 

His wet clothes clung to his slight frame as he bent to pick up the hose.
He adjusted the nozzle again and started to water. 

Confused and a little concerned, the minister asked, "Carl, what are you doing?"
"I've got to finish my watering. It's been very dry lately," came the calm reply. 

Satisfying himself that Carl really was all right, the minister could only marvel.
Carl was a man from a different time and place. 

A few weeks later the three returned. Just as before their threat was unchallenged.
Carl again offered them a drink from his hose.

This time they didn't rob him.
They wrenched the hose from his hand and drenched him head to foot in the icy water. 

When they had finished their humiliation of him, they sauntered off down the street, throwing catcalls and curses, falling over one another laughing at the hilarity of what they had just done. 

Carl just watched them.
Then he turned toward the warmth giving sun, picked up his hose, and went on with his watering.

The summer was quickly fading into fall Carl was doing some tilling when he was startled by the sudden approach of someone behind him.
He stumbled and fell into some evergreen branches. 

As he struggled to regain his footing, he turned to see the tall leader of his summer tormentors reaching down for him. He braced himself for the expected attack. 

"Don't worry old man, I'm not gonna hurt you this time." 

The young man spoke softly, still offering the tattooed and scarred hand to Carl. As he helped Carl get up, the man pulled a crumpled bag from his pocket and handed it to Carl. 

"What's this?"
Carl asked. "It's your stuff," the man explained. "It's your stuff back.
Even the money in your wallet" "I don't understand," Carl said. "Why would you help me now?" 

The man shifted his feet, seeming embarrassed and ill at ease. "I learned something from you," he said. "I ran with that gang and hurt people like you we picked you because you were old and we knew we could do it But every time we came and did something to you, instead of yelling and fighting back, you tried to give us a drink. You didn't hate us for hating you. You kept showing love against our hate." 

He stopped for a moment. "I couldn't sleep after we stole your stuff, so here it is back." 

He paused for another awkward moment, not knowing what more there was to say. "That bag's my way of saying thanks for straightening me out, I guess." And with that, he walked off down the street. 
Carl looked down at the sack in his hands and gingerly opened it. He took out his retirement watch and put it back on his wrist. Opening his wallet, he checked for his wedding photo. He gazed for a moment at the young bride that still smiled back at him from all those years ago. 

He died one cold day after Christmas that winter. Many people attended his funeral in spite of the weather. 

In particular the minister noticed a tall young man that he didn't know sitting quietly in a distant corner of the church. 

The minister spoke of Carl's garden as a lesson in life. 
In a voice made thick with unshed tears, he said, "Do your best and make your garden as beautiful as you can. We will never forget Carl and his garden." 

The following spring another flyer went up. It read: "Person needed to care for Carl's garden." 

The flyer went unnoticed by the busy parishioners until one day when a knock was heard at the minister's office door. 

Opening the door, the minister saw a pair of scarred and tattooed hands holding the flyer. "I believe this is my job, if you'll have me," the young man said. 

The minister recognized him as the same young man who had returned the stolen watch and wallet to Carl. 

He knew that Carl's kindness had turned this man's life around. As the minister handed him the keys to the garden shed, he said, "Yes, go take care of Carl's garden and honor him." 

The man went to work and, over the next several years, he tended the flowers and vegetables just as Carl had done.

During that time, he went to college, got married, and became a prominent member of the community. But he never forgot his promise to Carl's memory and kept the garden as beautiful as he thought Carl would have kept it. 

One day he approached the new minister and told him that he couldn't care for the garden any longer. He explained with a shy and happy smile, "My wife just had a baby boy last night, and she's bringing him home on Saturday." 

"Well, congratulations!" said the minister, as he was handed the garden shed keys. "That's wonderful! What's the baby's name?" 

"Carl," he replied. 

That's the whole gospel message simply stated.

Thursday, November 22, 2012


I want to wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving.  For those who do not celebrate this holiday, I wish you well today.  I am thankful for all my readers, you mean the world to me.  Your kind comments keep me designing.  You don't have to celebrate this holiday to be thankful/grateful, so I hope that you all have lots to be thankful for. 

In my yahoo group, we are celebrating the holidays early, each person who joins in has the chance to win a themed package.  This was the prize package I sent to our Thanksgiving Winner, Donna.  The owl basket was done with two strands of yarn held together.  It is pretty big and cute! 

I also did this scarecrow basket with two stands.  you can find the pattern on Ravelry, search for Scarecrow Basket

Aiden had to go to the drs last week, he shouldn't look this happy!  LOL

Monday, November 19, 2012

Crochet Humor

Hooks & Humor: Funny Crochet Definitions
by Cindy Long

Do those crochet terms and abbreviations have you stumped? Read on...  

Pattern: A set of written instructions that may or may not result in creating the object in the picture. Most patterns include a list of supplies, but this is for your amusement only. After all, Amazonian Rhesus yarn in smoky turquoise does not exist, and cannot be obtained. Patterns also have fun-to-do math problems, such as 1 dc in next 7 dc (34 dc made)…?!

Yo: Yarn Over, meaning you need to wrap your yarn over your hook. Of course, this assumes the yarn doesn’t split, fray or tangle. If this happens, yo then stands for, “Yell Outrageously.”

Dtrtrc: Double-treble-treble-crochet. This is a stitch where you yo four zillion times, insert hook in stitch and pull through the next two loops, repeating until all loops are off the hook, or until the end of time, whichever comes first.

Reverse sc: This stitch is the lefty’s revenge on all of us righties—for once we have to work backwards, too!

Catalog: A dangerous device that hypnotizes crocheters. It lulls them into a catatonic state, causing them to spend the family’s grocery money on patterns and yarn. It may also be an evil plot to cause the downfall of the American economy.

Hook: A device permanently attached to a crocheter’s hand. It is also connected to her blood supply, and if for some reason it becomes dislodged from her hand, she breaks into a sweat and starts to feel faint. If the hook cannot be immediately replaced, the only valid substitute is a catalog (see above).

Yarn: The only reason sheep farms still exist! It’s also what crocheters buy when they have money; if there’s any cash left over, they buy food and clothes.

Doily: This seemingly innocent item looks like a table protector, but if someone actually tries to put a wet glass or an ashtray on it, the creator will instantly turn into a snarling Doberman. Use doilies at your own peril.

Cat: A non-mechanical device used for unraveling afghans, unwinding skeins and keeping one’s lap warm. A cat requires daily maintenance in the form of light stroking.

Dog: Another non-mechanical device that is used for chasing down balls of yarn and putting tooth-mark engravings in wooden hooks. It’s a high-maintenance item that does not store easily.

Baby: A valid excuse to crochet something.

Housework: An ancient rite that was performed by some B.C. women (Before Crochet). Historians believe it may have had something to do with a device called a “vacuum cleaner,” which was kept in closets now occupied by yarn.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

What a busy month so far!!  I can't believe Thanksgiving is next week.  I am looking forward to it though.  I am pretty sure we have all we need for it.  (I hope) 

I was worried we wouldn't have any leaves this Fall with the heat of the summer we had, but just look at the piles!  3 are from the yarn alone, one is from the driveway, and the other is from that little area by the road.  5 piles of leaves!!  Austin got into trouble last week, so part of his punishment was to rake the front and back yard.  Well he couldn't do it this weekend as the wind was just awful!  So Monday he did this, and even raked the neighbors yard as well.  I think our neighbors are great, but I also had an ulterior motive than just being a friendly neighbor, I didn't want her leaves blowing into our yard!  LOL  We still have the back yard to do, but that can wait.  It gets so dark so fast, and with Austin coming home so late from school. 

We had a great weekend though, Austin marched in the Veterans parade with JROTC, Aiden and overslept because I had been up with him most of the night.  (he is sick)  But we did get up in time to make it the parade with about 15 minutes to spare. 

After that, we went to the grand opening of the Train Show in town.  Aiden liked that, I like the smaller scales, I think they are cute!  Other than that, we visited with friends, and mainly just relaxed. 

Austin joined the high school swim team, they had their first practice today.  I am so proud of him joining up.  I want him to enjoy high school, and enjoy all the things he can get done.  He is doing so well in JROTC is moving up in rank and now with Robotics over, he is doing swim team.  I just had to go to Dicks sporting good to get him a swim cap and nose plug.  I need to get him another pair of swim trunks, but the ones they need start at $40.  So I got one pair, and will get him more later this week or next. 

Aiden is doing really well too.  He had to go the dr with a nagging cough......he has been sick on and off since Halloween.  He has the croup!!  Hopefully it eases up! 

Well I hope those of you who signed up for the Symbols of Life Crochet a long are enjoying it.  Remember there is a Ravelry group as well. 

Sunday, November 04, 2012


Aiden was so excited about Halloween starting.  We took him out, but he started saying his tummy hurt....and when we got home, he was really sick.  He was out of school two days, running a fever, not able to keep much down.  He didn't really start to be back to normal until Saturday evening. 


 Anyway I am just glad he is feeling better.  This is a short update, I have much to get done tonight, both online and with some designs. 

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Ok so I'm about an hour early in my Halloween wishes.  I have been reading about this holiday and how some think that if you are religious person you can't possibly celebrate Halloween.  Well I consider myself religious, I believe in God and am proud to do so.  I do not celebrate this holiday in the mean, scary way......but rather in a cute way.  I decorate my home because my kids enjoy the decorations and so do I.  We do not worship evil spirits, I think this holiday has become more about having fun, letting our kids play dress up, carving pumpkins, walking through corn mazes and pumpkin patches, getting hay rides.......watching cute Halloween cartoons and movies.  (Yes I watch cartoons)  :D  

I know several churches that put on parties for this holiday to let kids in to another way of celebrating.  I think only God knows what is truly in our hearts, and that is enough for me.  

Aiden's father was in town last weekend for his birthday, and we were going to carve the pumpkins then as we did last year, but I just forgot.  I have been super busy in my day to day life that it just didn't come up.  I was also busy that weekend getting ready for his party, and both boys did their belt testing for Taekwondo.  Aiden was belt testing for his green tip, while AJ was testing for his green belt.  Both passed, they did an awesome job.  This was also the month that Black belts tested, so it was a huge crowd, and we are hoping they will get their belts/colors next week.  

So I let the kids pick out their pumpkins Friday, and we carved them this weekend.  We even found a pumpkin carving saw....yep you read that right!!  

Our pumpkin carving kits!  I found the saw on sale for $3.00

  I had my father and AJ cut off the tops and scoop out the guts.......that way that mess would be out of the way for carving. 
  So we had our kits ready, next was taking a "before" picture.

Boys ready for carving!!!

So we got the pic, sun was in our way, but what are ya gonna do?  LOL

Aiden hard at work putting his pattern onto his pumpkin.

I cannot do that part, it cramps up my hand too much.  I will say that using the saw was not as easy and fast as I thought, I ended up putting the battery operated saw down to use the old fashion carving knife you get with the kit.  I think AJ used it for awhile too.  

All in all it was fun!  The boys enjoyed it.  I had to run out to buy candles for them tonight.  AJ has been in Robotics at school, so he stays after for about 2 1/2 hours, I don't mind, at least I don't have to fight the traffic when school is letting out. His Robotics is over in another week, and then he is joining the swim team, so again he will be late getting home as they will practice every day.  I hope he enjoys being on the team, he enjoys swimming.  He is doing so well in school.  He has always been a C student in math and algebra, except last year he finally brought that up to a B.  But Geometry he absolutely loves, and got an A on his last test!!!  I am so proud of him.  Aiden brought home two tests.  He takes a spelling test every Friday and has gotten a perfect score on every single one.  They are now taking a writing test as well and a math test, all of which he has gotten 100% on.  I am so proud of both my boys.  

So be safe out there tomorrow if you are taking little ones out Trick or Treating.  Make sure to take a flash light too!  I will be taking my little Aiden out, and I think AJ is hanging out with some friends. 


First I want to say that this post is not about me tooting my own horn, I do not for one instance think I am better than anyone.........BUT..........I have been really frustrated as to what people think they have a right to say to me about my patterns.

I still consider myself a new designer......I think all of us will continue to learn as we go.  We are not perfect.  I admit that when I first started designing, that I didn't know what I was doing.  I know as a beginner to crochet, it took some time in learning what abbreviations meant on patterns, and also learning the style of designers.  One thing I did learn about writing out a that a lot of us do it differently. Some use their own abbreviation styles, some use the standard.  For me when starting out, I had seen in many patterns, "SS" which meant Slip stitch.  So I used the SS myself........I have heard from some people that it was not the normal I decided to start using the standard, more used, "Slst" abbreviation.  I also learned that some will never be satisfied with how you write something out and I cannot change that.

My frustration comes from the comments I get from some people.  Some of them I know were genuine in not understanding something I had written out, and I could totally relate and understand as I am in that position with other patterns a lot.  To this day I still see how my own patterns can be re-written out to make it more easier.  Some comments though, can be very rude.  I have had some people tell me I have no right to have a, "Terms of Use" on my patterns, while others don't understand the need as they are offered free online.  well I do have a right to use them, and I do see how hard it can be to enforce it so to speak.  Even though I offer my patterns free online, does not mean or give anyone the right to say it's their own pattern.  They do not have a right to take my pictures and say it's their own work.......they do not have a right to take my patterns and change one round/row and then say it's their own work.......they do not have a right to tell me how and what I can add to my patterns pertaining to copyright, or terms of use.

I also get comments from others about my own style of writing.........they act as if they have a right to tell me it's wrong and I need to write it out the way they think it needs to be done.  Below is an example of a comment I just received today on a post.  Now it's not as rude or outright as some of the others, (which I don't approve)  I did, however, choose to post this one.  They made the comment as "Anonymous" I will say the only thing I changed in the pattern from the post, was I took out the special notes on beg corner and corner and just added them into the round instructions.  I also changed the SS to Slst, as it was one of the many patterns I have yet to change.  It's a time consuming process to go back and change all the patterns, but eventually I will get it done.  I think my response was also rude, but I am so frustrated as I took this comment as being rude.  To me I took it as they are saying, I don't know how to write, as they have "never" seen them like that.  Well I have seen instructions like it, and I have seen them even worse.  Some of those patterns were actually printed in a magazine/book I paid for.  But I would never think to write the designer with such a comment.  Why do I have to be the same as someone else?  Why can't I write in my own style??  Why on earth does someone think they have a right to tell this?  It's rude and very inconsiderate of my own feelings.  My patterns are offered for free.  They take time to make, write out, rewrite, test, rewrite, redo and so on..........and I am both upset and saddened that people out there just don't seem to care enough to be decent.  This person was more than welcome to ask for help.  She could have left a comment or emailed me about a question she had.  Maybe she is a beginner......or even not a crocheter at all.  As I do not understand how she didn't understand it at all.  The only other comment I have received is someone not knowing what ++ meant.  I admit that ++ is not the normal, but it was my way of writing it out, and maybe it should have been in the notes that ++ means to repeat instructions between the ++ signs.  I have seen other designers use the ++ and so I know it's not that uncommon to see in a pattern.  Even as I write this out I see that I didn't add the definition to that in the notes section.  But had I seen something in a pattern I didn't understand, I would first see if instructions were offered online.........if I still couldn't find it, I would then email/message the designer.  I would NEVER say the comment below to a designer.

I hope this person reads this and sees how this comment was taken, and hopefully next time she will ask if she doesn't understand something, and hopefully not make another designer feel this way.  I am hoping it was not her intention, but seeing the comment is really hard not to see that it's written out exactly like it was meant to be taken. 

I don't expect everyone to like my patterns, there are plenty I have seen from others that I don't like but you know what?  I still respect them, and I just don't work the pattern.  I was raised to respect people, even when you don't agree/like them.  IF you don't like my patterns, that is fine .....don't visit my blog, don't make my patterns, but please don't try to insult me. 
Anonymous said...
I must be a beginner, cause I have never seen directions like this. I don't think I'll try it.
2:38 PM
Blogger Dragonflymomof2 said...
I debated on approving this last comment, but did so to point out that I took this as you being rude! If you do not understand something why not ask?? Why do you need to point out that you think my pattern is too hard to read? I have seen many patterns both online and bought that are written out in many different ways/styles. I do not think I need to try to insult the designer by insinuating that the pattern is just not written well. I am learning as I go about designing......and my patterns may not be written to every individuals preferences, or written out to be exactly like another designers way of writing. I have my own unique style and I offer my patterns free online. So I think your comment especially being "Anonymous" was out of line. I would have been more than happy to help you out with anything you didn't understand. I did, however change a few things to make it more "normal" I'm sorry if this offends anyone, but I am very frustrated when I offer my patterns free online then I get people trying to tell me how to write, or insinuating I don't know how.
3:01 PM

Friday, October 26, 2012


You can see above some of my recent crochet work. Some are pattens I tested for others, you can see of my recent Halloween crochet.....the matchbox was part of a swap.  Take a matchbox, decorate it, and add trinkets inside.  I took the 250 matchbox, then added a smaller matchbox in it as well.  It was the second one I had to do.  First one accidentally got sent in another package.  I didn't want the lady to wait any longer, so I did another one.

I am currently working on finishing up a Mystery ghan that was hosted by Julie at Ravelry.  You can see some of the squares in that slideshow above.  I just finished clue #4 and now time to work on the final clue.
I am also hosting a Mystery square crochet a long.  (CAL)  In September I designed 12 squares, actually 13, but one just doesn't "fit"  Anyway, I have long been fascinated (ok a bit fascinated) of symbols, and the meaning they hold for people.  Some symbols are universal, while others can be different around the world.  When reading up on it, I realized that so many of us have our "own" ideas of what symbols mean to us.  Some of us use traditional symbols, and some of us choose to make our own symbols, and add our own meaning to them.  For me the dragonfly represents freedom,  letting our children learn to fly on their own......and I can tell you that it has the same meaning for others too. 

So I started out by drawing pictures of squares and then the symbols in them........then took a generic square I had and marked where I thought the design needed to be.  My mother chose two colors for her afghan, Soft Sage and Shocking Pink.......both are from Red Heart, but have different feels to them.  Soft Sage squares come out slightly smaller.  Anyway, I did all the first squares with those two colors.  I did not have to redo any of the squares.......although I did find a mistake in one of them, pattern was written right, I just made a mistake while working the square. 

I hope you check out the link and join up.  Please feel free to share this with your crochet friends. 

Monday, August 27, 2012


Well you can see my boys are back at school. Almost 2 weeks now. They are doing well. Aiden was not that happy about going back, but he is ok with it now. LOL Austin who started his 10th grade year will be on the swim team!! I am so proud of him. He swims very well, and his instructor who has been teaching him for awhile now says he is really good and needs to be on a team. I hope Austin likes it. I told him you don't know how well you will do in something, or how much you will like it, until you try. I think meetings start the end of next month. I think Aiden likes 1st grade. He has a nice teacher and I will be helping out with Helping Hands again this year too. Austin is not happy with his Chinese class, this year they are doing it through video chat. I hope he sticks with it....he went all last year taking this class, and to give up a years worth of study on it would be sad! He is doing well in it, so I hope he moves on with it. He has a few honor classes as well. So I am super proud of both my boys. I am quickly getting back into a routine. I think I'm allergic to mornings though. They don't agree with me! :D But I love the fact that I can get a lot done in the mornings and have my afternoons free to work out and crochet.

Thursday, August 02, 2012


Has anyone been watching the  Olympics?  I have.......I love them!  I am so proud of our American athletes, but am also proud of all the athletes there from all over.  They all work hard and do such amazing things.

I am also part of the 2012 Crochet Games of Ancient Greece over at Crochetville.  I am making the Caron Crochet Lacy Jacket  I have made a few mistakes, but nothing that could not be fixed.  right now I am working on the length.  I did the pattern instructions, but will add a few more rows to make it a bit longer.  I am not familiar with crochet clothing items, so this is still new to me.  I have already had my first "crochet Olympic" injury too.  :D 

Anyway Aiden went into the regular class of TaeKwonDo today.  Little Tykes was cancelled for August, but since he is belt testing later this month, he would have "graduated" out of the Little tykes class anyway.  He likes that he is in there with AJ, but  once AJ belts test too for his green tip, he will go into the Advance class.  That one is an hour earlier.  But still I am so proud of the both of them.  They are doing so well in TKD. 

I also got both of them enrolled in school........I had to notify the school board as I was not happy with Aiden's school supply list.  At the bottom said, ALL SUPPLIES SHARED!  Now I know that the tissues and stuff like that are shared..but crayons, paints, pencils, scissors, and other school related supplies should NOT be shared!!  I taught my son to take care of his stuff, other kids either haven't been taught, or have, and still choose to be destructive with their materials.  Not to mention there is a health risk involved.  I see kids chew and slobber on pencils, why on earth would I want my son to touch that, and vice versa!!  Anyway, if I am buying him new stuff, he should be able to use it.  Especially since I know that all kids go to school with supplies.  There are so many different organizations that are helping with the basic school supplies.  I heard one parent at the enrollment that angered me.  Her husband asked when they planned on going to get the stuff on the list, and her response was that she was not going to, she said it says they share, so they will just use what someone else brings!!  SO WRONG!  The fancy, huge SUV they were getting into, tells me that they can afford it.  I mean come on........a lot of parents struggle to get school supplies........especially when you have more than one kid.......but we usually find a way!  For me, I bought them gradually little by little..........I mean the list is pretty much the same each year.........the actual school supplies are pretty cheap, with most costing under $2.00, 90% of the school supplies for me were under a dollar.  This of course does not include the tissues, hand sanitizer and stuff, but you get the idea!  I was contacted by and the lady responded agreed that it was a health concern.  I also pointed out that a few of the kids didn't wash their hands last year, and some had "you know what" on their hands...and I cringe thinking that my son or any other kid would touch, or put in their mouths something those kids touched.  Anyway she plans on bringing it up to the Principal.  She agreed, and also said that it was schools doing this, it was not a city or state wide rule. 

Monday, July 23, 2012

Update on my Boys

Last week the boys went to a Taekwondo tournament. They have been doing TKD for a few months now, so for them to be there and do so well was a really proud moment. I was so nervous for Aiden, AJ I knew would do well, and I knew he was nervous, but he is older and had done stuff like this before. Aiden on the other hand is shy in public, and has never done anything like this. It started with Baseform competition. They were brought before the judges in pairs. Aiden was with another kid slightly older than him. But he rocked!! He did so amazingly well in his Base Form. Even though they went before the judges with another person, they were judged in a group of 4-5..Aiden got 2nd place out of 5 kids in and around his age. I was so proud, and when he got his medal, I cried! Yep I sure did!!! He was so happy too. Then AJ eventually went, since he was older, he was pretty much last. I think the girl he went up against, was one year younger than him. He placed 1st place in the Base Form, I was so proud of him too, he did really well. Then after that it was sparring......Aiden said no he didn't want to try......but after seeing kids get 'geared" up in padding and such, he changed his mind. He needed a mouth guard which we didn't have for a friend and I drove to Wal-Mart, I ran through the store to buy one, and we made it back in time, so I got Aiden in his gear, and he went up against another kid his age. I think he might have been 7, so a year older....anyway they looked like tired little boxers!! But I was so amazed at how well they both did. Aiden was nervous at first. They did 2 one minute rounds.....and guess what??? Aiden took 1st place!!! I was so proud of him. He got his trophy! AJ took 2nd place in sparring. He went up against a could tell he was super nervous!!! I had always taught him to never hit a girl, and I think that might have registered with him at that moment. He did well in his 2nd round though, I think by that time he knew he needed to do what he had to. So anyway this was my brag moment!!! I do love them......LOL

Monday, July 09, 2012


This is the first square for the, "Dragonfly Days" lapghan that I am offering as a prize in my yahoo group.  For more info, see link below

Crochet in Common Blog

Don't worry though, I am going to be running a contest of sorts in the future and the prize will be a lapghan as well.  So be on the lookout for that.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Giveaway from another blog

Who doesn't like getting goodies in the mail?  Well I stumbled across this blog, and she is having a giveaway.  So please follow the link below and cross your fingers. 

The Long Cabin

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Pillow Crochet a long and Mystery Cal,

I am participating in the Pillow Crochet a long from the All Free Crochet Blog.  IF you want to join them, follow the link above.  I am doing Pillow #2.  I went to Wal-Mart and found the pillow form, surprisingly too, as they have never carried this size.  I could only find a 14X14 pillow form.  Anyway it also called for Red Hearts Light N Lofty yarn......Wal-mart did not have it!!  So I called Joanns, Michaels and Hobby Lobby, none of them had the yarn either!!!  Anyway I decided to choose the Lion Brand, "Homespun" yarn.  my furniture is sage, my carpet is green, and I wanted to add some color in there, so I chose a light purple.  Instructions #2 have been posted.  I started on it while in the car waiting to pick up AJ from school.  I can tell you this yarn is a pain to initially start out with.  You chain 37, then DC back down the chain.......UGH!! on trying to find sts.  I did manage though, and ended up perfectly with a 34 count.  Don't ask me how many times I "frogged" a few sts to make sure I ended up with 34, and not some extra sts to have to hide when putting it together. :D Anyway I do love the yarn, and hope the pillow comes out right for me.

I am also doing the Bernat Mystery CAL/KAL ,they have on their forum.  Since I had spent some money on the project above, I was not going to spend over 5 dollars for a small skein of the Bernat yarn.  My walmart didn't carry it, and I was not going to drive the 20 minutes to a craft store.  So I am using good ol Red Heart yarns, in the following colors: WaterColor, Lavender, Cream, Soft Sage, and Dark Sage.  Dark sage was not my first choice, but it was the only color I had on hand that would "work" with the other colors.  IF you want this to remain a mystery, don't look at the pictures!!!

Saturday, January 28, 2012


I want to thank Elaine for this award!!!  This was very "sweet" of you! 

Here are my seven things about myself:

1. I never wanted to be a mom, until I was in my 2nd month of pregnancy and saw my precious little boy through the sonogram!!  From that moment on, it's been an amazing journey. ( I just noticed this was on Elaines list as well.)

2. I thank my oldest son, AJ for "getting" me into Crocheting.  I was pregnant with him, and was bed ridden a lot of the time, I took up crochet to learn how to make him baby blankets.  :D

3. I am annoyingly positive even when I am being negative.  I always see both sides.  When I am angry, depressed, upset, I ALWAYS think it will get better no matter how bad the situation is. 

4. I desperately would love to be able to time much so that I actually think it CAN exist!  LOL  History is so incredibly fascinating to me, and if we were able to time travel, I would visit every time in history.

5. I often say Crochet keeps me sane, and in all honesty, it truly does!!  It actually can calm me down when I am upset, which is a good thing, when I was younger getting mad would mean I would hit myself, or destroy something that belonged to me, never anything that belonged to someone else though.  So now I can crochet and it helps.

6. I really do wish my parents could live forever.......I know as children we think our parents will be around forever, and then adulthood hits and we realize that it won't happen, but sometimes I get so emotional about it, I really really wish they could.

7. Despite the ups and downs in my life, I am really really happy!  I am happy with my days, my family, and I have a good life!  It took me some time to realize that, but I am glad I was able to get to that point.  I would not change my life for anything.

Now on to blogs I recommend for this award:

1. The Kansas Hooker

2. Yarni Gras 

3. Coffee And Crafts

4. The Crafts Place

5. WolfDreamer

6. xX The Catolope Blogs Xx

7. Fuzzy Feet Works

8. Positively Crochet

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


It's been awhile since I just did a regular updated post!!  I think this is my first for 2012!  I hope you all had a great start to the New year, and it continues to get even better.  I am sure we will have our ups and downs, but lets hope for my ups than downs.

We had a great Christmas!!!  The boys enjoyed it a lot

Our New year so far has been up and down.  Aiden and  I got sick last week. Mainly coughing, but for Aiden it got back, high fever, and he was home for a couple of days, and fever free I sent him to school, which might have been my mistake, he came home Thursday from school, and went downhill.  He was looked pale, his fever spiked up again, he was zombie like, just laying there crying....and coughing..that night he did not sleep at all....called his dr that night who said bring him in in the morning.  So Friday morning I called and told reception he needed to be in there NOW!  Not later in the day.  So we get there, and his oxygen was very low, his heart was beating fast.....machines were going crazy, breathing treatment and then x-rays revealed Pneumonia.  I felt guilty for sending him back to school, his cough was still there, but I thought no fever, so it was ok.  Anyway we got him on medicine and within a couple of days he perked up and felt better.....he went back to school today and his class and teacher were happy to have him back.  He came home today with lots of papers and crafts he did....I love looking at all he does in class.

I still feel horrible myself, it's mainly a cold and cough, but my head feels as if it will explode from coughing and blowing my nose.  On the brighter side, I can actually smell and taste a little bit.

Did anyone make any "loose weight" resolutions?  I "tweaked" mine a bit, I want to loose weight, but I want to be healthy about it.....I am trying to stay on track with keeping my food diary online.

I was sent this link, and I hope that those of you who are thinking about going on a diet, to please read it.

Thanks to Jennifer Lynch for sharing the link with me