Thursday, June 30, 2011


You know how we have a lot of misbehaved kids.......even misbehaved adults.....and who do most of society blame?  PARENTS!!  For the most part I agree, discipline starts at home, and I am not talking physical discipline.  BUT......I think the media, news stations, movies, t.v. shows play a big part in this too.  I mean what is the most popular type of shows/news on t.v. right now?  People acting out, acting like idiots, people beating each other up, people committing serious crimes......killing their children, kids cussing and doing/selling drugs at an earlier age.  Adults acting like sluts, adults acting outrageous.....and who comes to these kind of people like flies to rotten food?  THE MEDIA.....they jump on these people offer them money, put them on t.v, make movies about them, make reality shows for them.  They are glamorizing this behavior!!!  AS the public most of us are loving every minute of it.  When reality shows first hit the airwaves, I watched them.......but after they started becoming more and more about acting out and stuff, I stopped.  Look at the mother who's kid was violent in school multiple times.....and got arrested and now she is suiing the school and police?  WHY?? because she refuses to act like a mother and help her child??  she is making excuses for him, and Good Morning america puts them both on T.V.  WHY???  Whether her and her child were in the wrong, this should have not garnered the attention it did....good or bad.......GMA glamorized this by allowing these two to get on T.V. and act like even bigger idiots!!  Well the mother.......the child needed some serious help.......and why should parents get to get on TV and all of a sudden get "free" help........what about the good parents who are trying their hardest to get their children help they may need, and are turned away for lack of funds? 

We hear it a lot lately........people committing crimes so they can get sent to jail/prison and in turn get free healthcare?  I don't think prisoners should get healthcare.....not free anyway....we are paying for it through our taxes.....yet I don't have health insurance!!!  I can't afford I do have it for more kids, that is the sacrifice I make.  I shouldn't have to though........I need to be healthy for them too.  People out there have jobs with health care, but can't afford it either.....and then you have the idiots who say if you really want it for your family you will do it.......ok so what do they give up......paying rent? then they go homeless.....give up utility bills?  then they can't provide a safe home for their family.....There are things you can give up that will be hard, but not life threatening to the family or their safety, but it still remains harder and harder to survive......prices are going up up up up up......and then you have the cities who want to raise taxes because they have run out of money.(our tax money) and we have to bail them out.........yet these same officials are the ones approving the utility companies requests to raise the bills!!  Sure minimum wage went up.........but then so did the grocery did the rents.......When does it stop? 

When will cities stop using tax money frivolously, when will they stop "loaning" millions of money to businesses who want to upgrade, remodel, or "improve" their business?  When will the media stop glamorizing bad behavior......when we will we, as a society,  stop supporting this? 

It angers me, but saddens me more!