Thursday, August 30, 2007


I hate bugs!! I don't have a problem killing them if i see them...........but i did find something out the other night, the bigger they are, the freaked out i get! We were outside and a locust got in the house and really scared Aiden, who could not move, so i am there doing my eeekkkky dance...............freaking out along with him, but trying really hard to be brave!!! This thing was huge, white and black, and just downright grosss!!!!!!!!!!!! i tried to step on it, but i got the eeeekkkkkyyyyyssss just thinking about it, i finally got my foot over it standing there looking really pathetic...............and what does my foot do????? It barely taps the stupid bug! my foot made contact with the huge nasty buzzing dumb bug, and my foot freaked and I swear if it had a mind of its own my foot would have turned itself around and hid behind my butt!!!!! I could not step on it because it was so big. Some brave mommy I turned out to be.

Then last night, a huge friggin spider made home in front of our back door out back.......if someone was not paying attention they would have walked right into this huge spider web...............this spider was ugly and brave me goes for the can of starch.........and I try starching the thing, the stupid thing starts webbing up farther, so i grab the mop that was out there drying, and destroy his web...........make him homeless!!!! then i go to hit the wire it was standing on............the chicken............running from me, i will stalk a spider until the thing is dead!!!! It falls on the what i think is the ground, but NOOOOOOO, it falls closer to me, so now its coming after me!!!!!...............ok fine, I have shoes on!!!! Its staring me down on the steps, i am shaking and screaming, but BAM!!!! I hit it with my very flimsy flip flop, do my little freaked out screaming dance of fits.......................and can't find it, look at the shoe, no guts on it, DAMN!!!! the stupid spider got away from me, no doubt stalking me behind some hooped up blade of grass, waiting to get me..................EEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!! Did i mention I am deathly afraid of these things???............i go running through the yard, again doing my little dance of fits.................arms flaring around...............feet jumping up and down, my whole entire body was shaking.............(please no, "oh is that what the earth was shaking for," comments) I swear I looked like a sick chicken running around with its head cut off..................I ran into the house and made my mom check me, full body search!!!!..............."CHECK ME CHECK ME" You know those spider can be very very sneaky!!!!! they will hunt you down........lay in wait for the perfect opportunity to pounce on ya and bring you down!!!

Just thought I would share with you my wonderful ability to look and act like a coward!!!! WooHooo huh?

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Its Sunday

Finally got the traditional Grannies together, I also thought I would not like these squares put together, but I do. Some of the squares measured differently, but I managed to get them all together.
an overhead view of the squares. I did 8X8 so a pretty good size afghan, I am glad to have them done finally, and am going to wait on the 12" squares and put them together when I have more matching colors. I took a couple days break from crocheting, but found myself going through crochet withdrawals!! So am starting on this.....................
a Teddy Bear square for an afghan for Aiden. I am using Red Hearts, "Warm Brown" and white with dark brown for the face features. I did this square tonight and will do squares in between in a the warm brown and then a white, so the squares will be a teddy bear square, a warm brown square, white square, then a teddy bear square and so on. I will put them together as I finish each square. I will probably do 35 squares. I am going to also start back up on halloween crochet and Christmas soon.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

One Exchange Afghan Done 2 more to go

My sweet Aiden with the afghan
Another shot and him still making sure to get in the shot.
I really like how this came out.

Well i have one afghan done with the patterned exchange squares I have gotten from swaps. I didn't think I would like how this came out, but I used every square I have gotten, minus a couple that were too big, they measured over 8" Some of these were smaller than others, but I managed to get them together. I do like it and have decided to keep it for now. I am working on the granny squares now, my hands are really cramped up today, I am doing them in a white border as well, most of them have white borders except a few, but i have crocheted a white border around them. I think in my next traditional granny square exchanges I will ask for a black border. I have about 6 with the last rows being black. I am hoping to get colors in Purples and greens, they are really pretty together, or just different shades of purple.

I joined another swap from the friendship room, and that will start October 1st and is any shade of purple, solid colors only, I am thinking this will be with about 40 other ladies. I am looking forward to that swap.

Anyway I have been cleaning today, had to move the living room, where I had the couch, Aiden would get on the back and play with the locks on the door, and the light switch, I had visions of him falling over. Its done finally, and then I cleaned the utility room while i was making dinner, and after dinner started on the dining room, I really need to wash the floors in here.

AJ is doing really well on his homework, he has a spelling test Tuesday, so I had him study them and finish his weekly workout that is due tomorrow.

Aiden is walking around singing.........LOL my little cutey!

I will write more later, I am going to finish online, and the dining room, then hopefully will get that blanket done.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Squares Squares Squares

I am taking a break from my halloween crochet because I decided to start putting my granny squares together from all the swaps I have been in, I didn't realize I had so many piling up. This is some of them. I am putting the squares together by pattern..............all the patterned ones together, and then all the granny squares together. I am not sure how they will come out, but my hands are so cramped from putting them together. I sorted them all yesterday by pattern and traditional squares, then by color, then by size. Then laid them all out and decided how I would put them together. I had to use some colors that I didn't really want to, but I wanted to get them all used up...............then I will be set, no more squares piled up all over, and I can start collecting new ones, but this time, I think I will ask for specific colors hopefully, and that way when it comes time to put them together, I won't have to use squares that really don't match. Anyway I am using all the squares I had from exchanges, I all in all I think I had over 100 squares. The red, white and blue squares will be made another time, as I only have a few of those.
I crochet mine together using a front ridge, I like how the ridge comes out............I am using white yarn, as I could not really find a color that would look best with all of the colors from the squares.
Anyway, I am upset with AJs school, actually the bus company which is seperate from the school district, when I enrolled AJ they had the bus picking him up at a totally different spot had him walking 3 blocks. He has always been picked up at our corner since kindergarten. I have to submit a request which I did this morning, but yesterday I walked up there and stood there for over 30 minutes!!! The bus was late!! They say you are suppose to be there 15 minutes early, and for what??? the stupid bus is always late in picking him up and dropping him off. Not just around the first of the year, but all year................he was late getting to school more than half the year last year, and its funny how if we as parents get our kids to school late we get chewed out and they threaten to turn us in..............( never happened to me thankfully but i know of several parents that this happened to) but anyway, a bus can get there late that many times, and nothing is ever said or done about it, and if you complain the bus company takes offense to it. I was dripping in sweat from standing there, and my feet and ankles were swollen, not to mention my knees were burning and my back hurt so much that i had to take some pain pills, it was hurting so bad. Not to mention the shower I had to take when he got home.
The bus driver that drops him off said she will try to remember to drop him off at our corner because she has to stop there anyway, AJ is right between two kids, one in back of us a few streets away and then the girl in front, which is a little over 3 blocks away. Which according to the rules i read, an elementary student is not to walk more than 2 blocks to a stop! So there it is. I will continue to complain about this if they don't change his pick up and drop off.
Anyway I need to work on those squares.

Finished Halloween Trio

Well here is Frank Jr, Boo for you, and I want my Mummy link to pattern is here

The finished mummy, this came out so adorable and is my favorite of the three, AJ really likes it too.
A witch I just did, I decided instead of striped socks, i would just do something differently, by using two colors. I have not added her face yet, waiting to get all them done so i can add faces to all the halloween stuff at once. Here is the link to her.

Black kitties! I did 4 of these and will probably do more.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Survived First Day

These were taken with my cell phone,

Well AJ survived his first day of school, he was glad to see his friends and his two best friends, Blake and Cory..............they are in different classes, but will see each other during lunch and recess................his class will have two teachers again this year, one who will teach math and science, the other reading and history and stuff.........not sure why they do that, they have one teacher for the morning, then the two 5th grade classes switch classrooms. I called Ellen today from the office to see if they got the bussing fixed, but they still have him scheduled to be picked up a ways from here, and I told them no, he has always been picked up at our corner since kindergarten, and I am not having my son walk over 10 minutes to the bus stop they want to pick him up from. That is stupid! Especially since they come this way anyway.

Anyway I got more grey yarn for my mummy, and finished the second mummy, now I am making the wraps for him, I am almost finished with one, and will take a picture once its completely done which will be tonight, but will post picture tomorrow probably. Its really cute, and AJ walked into the living room as i was "wrapping" the mummy, and really loved it, saying how cute it was.

So I am off to relax, just rode my bike up to Walgreens and am hot, its over 100 degrees out, plus i have a very tired little rugrat that needs to settle down.

Well, let the tears fall!!! Last night AJ and I were getting his school stuff ready and making sure we had everything, and he admitted that he is looking forward to getting back to school, I cried once I tucked him into bed...........knowing that he is one year away from Middle school!!! This morning, I got up made him and my father breakfast, my dad is taking him to school, which is a bit of a bummer, but atleast AJ won't see me cry at his school............its almost like his first day of pre-K and kindergarten...............with 5th grade, its only one more year and they are out of Elementary school! He looks so handsome today though............he is eating his breakfast and I will go sit with him................see him out the door, and then wait 7 hours to see him again.

Aiden will be really sad, he loved snuggling with AJ in the mornings watching cartoons.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Dog The Bounty Hunter

Dog the Bounty Hunter is on tonight, New shows, can't wait..............I love Leland!!!! When I was in Hawaii, why didn't I run into them? No such luck for me I guess! Oh well, it was beautiful there and I would love to visit there again.

I am doing ok, just tired, my mom decided to wash the curtains, so I have been up and down on a step ladder taking them we have to hang new blinds up in the dining room. But decided to clean the windows really good, I usually try to get to them once a month, but I won't say how long its been since I last did them.......LOL...........I know my knees are going to be killing me here soon, from the up and down on the step stool.

Well tomorrow is the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL for AJ, I don't think he is ready, but he will have to be come tomorrow morning, He is also not going to be happy about starting his school schedule tonight, I have been having him go to bed earlier than usual for summer, the past week, which was not welcomed by AJ LOL Oh well. So we have to get his room cleaned early, get all his school stuff packed up for him to take tomorrow morning.

Aiden will be sad, he gets up in the morning and goes into AJs room right away and snuggles with AJ while they watch cartoons. It is sooo cute and precious!

I guess I should get some email answered and then go finish up the living room, Aiden is tired, but of course fighting his nap with everything hes got..........speaking of the rotten one, here he is hanging on my arm, so i will try to get him to settle down.

Take Care,

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Halloween Time

This is Frank Jr, and Boo for you......I think this are soo cute and I found them on Crochetville, will try to find the links to post in here on the patterns I have found.......these people are sooo talented. I will find them then come back and post the links. Anyway these are really fast and easy to do........I made two each, because AJ really wants to have a set for his room come halloween.
This is the mummy one, done using the same pattern as for Frank Jr, but he is not done yet, I still have to do the wrapping for him, and another one for AJ, but have to get more grey yarn, i might have enough to do the body, but not sure on the arms and legs.......There is only one place that sells this grey and its about a 30-40 minute drive and I have no car right now. :(

Crochet Swaps

This was for a Crochet Bag swap, and of course the bag didn't show up completely, but you can see the colors. this is the extras I decided to put in the bag.

I just got this in the mail from a swap i was in in July, I think she did a great job on this square, i really like it.
This is the fan bookmark I just made for a swap.....i have just starched it and off in the mail it will go soon. I really loved how this looked and found the pattern last night, it only took me about 30 minutes to make, Aiden, of course, tried to help!! I like it so much that I am going to make some more in different colors.
This is the Fridgie I made for a swap.......I really like this. Will add the magnet and mail it off soon.
This is called a CD bag I did for a swap I was in awhile back, I liked it so much that I did another one for myself, this is mine, I did hers in blue and white, which my mother is bugging me to make her one using the blue and white.
The COTM squares, 6" I loved these colors together and it was sooo hard to part with these, but I did somehow and they were mailed today!!

AJ Turns 10

the presents............Aiden helping too!!!
AJ wanted a King Kong cake!
Is this not a very handsome boy?
Another one of my handsome boys!!!

AJ and the Star Wars sword he got from Brett
AJ really had a great time for his birthday. We had too many people at the house! LOL and the kids had a lot of fun while the adults got to talk. So the party went pretty good, and there was not too much of a mess afterwards to pick up. We did go out to eat later that night. AJ picked I-Hop, he likes that place. The service and food were not very good and AJ never got his sundae, but he had fun. He wanted to go to Target to spend his birthday money.


I am finally posting, I first thought of just making a new blog, but decided against it. I know this is about my thoughts, but sometimes even my own thoughts get to me. Anyway here goes another entry and hopefully more will come.

The boys are both doing good, AJ has completely healed from his broken collar bone, he does have some problems with it, its bumped up more than usual, but the dr says that will go down within a few years hopefully. He does have some pain, not so much pain, as it is just sore at times, usually when he is playing around or something like that. He has had a good but slow summer, we had a few times where i was ready to pull my hair out. He would have kids over all the time, and it just got to be too much. He is not friend with Jesse anymore and that is just fine with me, I got tired of listening to that boy whine about everything, he was possessive as well. Nothing major happened except that his parents apparently thought it was my job to supply them with entertainment for them and Jesse, they invited themselves for the Fourth of July, to eat our food that WE cook, and use OUR fireworks we kept telling them no, but they came over that night or rather jesses father did telling us to come get them when we were ready, we said no and have not seen them since............THANK GOD! I got tired it all of them whining about what they could not afford and pawning Jesse off on us everytime they wanted to go somewhere. Anyway Aiden is good, still taking a nap right now which is good, he was out in the heat for awhile, he went with my dad............and came home all woozy from being so tired, gave me a huge kiss and snuggled on my lap and went to sleep..........i love those moments.

Anyway I will post another entry about my crochet. Will also keep up with this Blog.

Thursday, August 02, 2007


I have no posted in here forever, will post tomorrow.............I can't beleive this is still up and running though.