Monday, July 22, 2013


I remember when I first learned how to crochet.........I remember the struggles in the beginning.  That was back in late 1996.  I started my first design in 2009!!  My writing style has changed over the years.  I still try to stay as unique as possible without making it too difficult to understand.  It's not just my patterns that can be difficult at times, I have come across many squares/designs that are weirdly written, or difficult......and when I am frustrated, I remind myself that they too have a right to stay as true to their style of writing.  I will be the first to admit that some of my patterns can be re-done.  I have mentioned before that I am going to start doing all my patterns and fixing them.  Well I am finally doing it, going to be my, "Re-Design Crochet a long"  Everyone is welcome to join in if you want......offer up suggestions or let me know of any corrections!  Once each one is done, I will post the pdf on Ravelry, as well as fix the pattern here.  For the squares I plan on using the following colors:

Dark Ochid
Green, can't remember the color name, will update when I remember it.  LOL 
Border: Dark Sage

I am using these colors as these will be made into lapghans for my living room, which is mainly sage/green.  I will be working them in order that I designed this, if this helps you.  I have already started. 

Shells Around, designed this month back in 2009, so one of my first small square designs.  I remember designing this one, and it's still one my favorites.  It works best in a solid color, although I think a 2nd color for the last round would work.  If anyone works this up in a variegated, let me know.

Simple Wish, designed same month, but in 2010.  original pattern had a front post dc that extended as a "wand" for the star.