Tuesday, November 09, 2010


Mr Santa Pants here.........this is to hold Candy, I am doing it as a crochet-a-long. Very cute pattern, I need to get started on Mrs Clause!

 I just did this last night, I was testing it for Ivory, you can find her blog by clicking her name.  This owl is very cute, he covers a roll of TP.  She does a lot of these and she does a great job.  Aiden wanted this owl to have a white ear. 
 Well so far this is only the second Thanksgiving item I have done this year.  This is from the Ultimate book of Potholders.  I didn't read the pattern all the way through before starting........ did his feathers first and that took a few minutes really..........then I notice just how many separate pieces it had........I got it done in about a day..........and he came out cute. 
 The boys in front of the pumpkins we got.  we had some little ones, and one we got for a friend of ours.  They had a lot of fun carving....but I was busy with getting dinner ready since it was getting late, and we had company over.....so my friend, Melody stayed with the boys helping out.  She enjoyed that very much.  Aiden mainly wanted her help, the older boys didn't need any "help"  LOL 
 There is miss Melody helping out.
 Trick or Treat...........mask on......
 Trick or treat.........mask off!
Poor AJs pumpkin!!!  It fell apart when it was being carried, his is on the left.......Aiden is sitting on AJs pumpkin.  Oh well, they came out cute anyway.  This was AJs last year trick or treating!!  He says he will not go out again next year, but pass out candy or something.  Aiden enjoys it so much!  Most kids do!