Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Anyone know when the first "official" day of Summer is?  I think it came knocking early!!  I will admit that it's been a really mild spring so far, so that's good.  Last year our temps were in the triple digits in late March and April.

Austin completed his Science College course at Newman University!  He did really well, this was a dinner afterwards, I am proud of all those who were accepted and did well. 

Austin and the gentleman who made it happen for him!!!  Thank you so much!

The boys are out of school, and already it's been crazy busy.  Summer is suppose to be relaxing!!  This was at the River Festival which happens every year, it was not a very good one, seems to be going down hill every year, but mainly we go to see Aiden have fun at the Kids corner.  We did got on paddle boats which the boys enjoyed.  I love this picture of them!! 

Currently Aiden is a green belt w/blue tip in Taekwondo, he had belt testing this past Saturday, and he nailed it!!!  He did really well, so I'm sure he will be getting this blue belt sometime later this month. 

This was his group that he tested with.  some were blue belts, some were green belts.  They also did board breaking, Aiden broke two of them.  

Austin will be going to JROTC Camp this Sunday, and will be gone for the whole week, then another camp in July!  Aiden and I will miss him, but he will have fun, and gain a lot of experience and memories from both camps.  I think I will be signing up Aiden for a week long basketball camp.  It's not overnight or anything, so I think he will enjoy it.

Crochet to do list: This adorable Lego Bag for Aiden!!!!  Going to get my colors now.

You can also see some of my recent crochet projects here at my photobucket account.
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