Sunday, March 29, 2009

Last Snow of the.......Season?

Well Friday we got a ton of ice that fell, then Saturday morning it started to snow finally, but stopped early afternoon, so we decided to go sledding..........this is AJ, my dad (papa) and Aiden getting ready to slide down the hill........Aiden loved it........he could not get enough. I think it was too much fun for AJ though, he was sick since Thursday, but seemed to be feeling better Saturday but after we got home from sledding, he got sick again...........but luckily he is feeling better now. I had called to see what time the hair care place closed today to get his AJs hair cut and they said 6, so it was about 5:20 so I told dad to hurry and get there, they said they were not they got there and the lady tried telling dad some guy was ahead of AJ and that they were closing soon, so they could not do his hair, even though there were two people my dad told them it was only 5: 40 of course they spent time arguing with him.......and he argued back, saying they had plenty of time to cut his they did, but did a really crappy job of it.............his back is very uneven, and so is the top, he said to buzz it on the sides and back, but leave the top just a bit longer............well they didn't and didn't even shave his "sideburns" they are not even cut, stupid idiots!!! I will be calling tomorrow to have someone do it RIGHT!!!!
well out of order here, but a finally got a good shot with AJ, this was in February when we had company over for dinner and games.
A tree full of ice
Aiden kept walking back up the hill and sliding down on his belly, he would do this over and over, and was having so much fun. LOL I went down too, and man I paid for it later that night.......I was in some serious hurting time last night. My everything hurt.
I finally finished the tulip flower pot., and my mother quickly overtook me to snagged them. LOL

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Winter Wonderland and WIPs

Well the week went ok, but Thursday morning, AJ woke up for school and he spent all morning in the bathroom vomiting and "stuff" so he stayed home, and spent most of it in the bathroom, he did manage to get out of there long enough to go lay down, and literally spent the whole day in bed...........he went from being so pale, to later that evening, turning bright red with a high fever.............This morning he was fever free, but still pale and icky, and weak......but was able to hold down soup and jello. We will try for more solid food tomorrow. So far Aiden is well, with just a few sneezes here and there.

We are having a winter storm................yep, first part of Spring, and I finally get my snow...........but so far only solid ice has been falling, all day and night............with a few breaks.............very cold, and the lights have flashed a couple of times tonight, and I am really hoping we don't lose power. We have our flashlights ready just in case. The snowfall is suppose to start anytime, but they have been saying that since Friday afternoon. LOL

So I spent today working on some WIPS that have been sadly neglected for some time. picture above is a birds nest with some eggs, haven't done the birds, and the only thing I needed to finish with it, was stuff the eggs and sew them shut...........I also sewed them in the nest too to keep them from falling out.

I also finally did the flower pot.........I had the dirt done for awhile, but could not find that color for the pot.......I finally did find it a few months back, but never worked on it after that..........but today I did, you can see the stuffing in the dirt, that will come out once the flowers are done and then the stems will go in there. It was easier to stuff them as I sewed the dirt top to the dirt sides. LOL I will work on the tulips tomorrow............

I have been working on a stuffed grandpa for a friend online, and I got his legs done and his body, chest and neck, but he was a is his head which is done, but the facial features are not..........I took a break from him though, I did finish his socks this morning, and packed him away in the "WIPS" tote. LOL

I am up late, wow 3:30.............the boys and I watched Lost in Space earlier Friday night.......that was good...............I even put my crochet away to watch the movie. I guess I should go to bed and listen for any news update, I am hoping to wake up to find lots of snow on the ground!!! I am ready for this snowstorm, then will be happy to follow Spring!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Busy Sunday

What a busy day.........Yesterday was somewhat of a busy day, AJ had his soccer game and I got sunburned watching him play.......just on my right side! LOL Anyway afterwards, we came home made lunch, and cleaned up the dining room a bit, and relaxed, but decided to invite a friend over for a BBQ, made chicken tenders, hot dogs and hamburgers with macaroni salad. Today I decided to go outside and let Aiden play, it was really windy, but warm, and after awhile, I decided to get some cleaning outside done, sweeping and raking, we have this awful tree in front that has these ugly stupid brown buds that fall from it..........I hate seeing them laying around.......I had to wait for my father to get home to help bag up the leaves. You can see my little helper out there, who decided he wanted to help his mommy.......his shirt today? "Mommy's lil helper" LOL
Aiden sweeping the porch.
My father finally raking up the leftover leaves that had been sitting in that play truck forever.......I had swept them all out.

Here is the Pokemon charizard that I am doing for AJ, of course he pointed out that I hadn't done the yellow belly.......ugh!! LOL

Friday, March 20, 2009

OMG It's Friday Now!!!

Well these are my handsome boys, and Aiden got his hair cut yesterday....he looks so handsome. He cried, but he didn't move and let her cut his hair, and I think he looks very handsome.........have I said that before? LOL Anyway we had some friends over yesterday for lunch, and then off to Wally World we all in all a fairly good day. I had a headache all night and then this morning too, but finally this afternoon I managed to get rid of it.
I also took this of Aiden tonight........he was being so cute and I snapped this with my phone. We had to run to get my moms medicine today and had lunch, and had a pretty good day..........We might be getting some rain this weekend, and AJ has a soccer game tomorrow afternoon.

I did this Mermaid last night, and finished her hair come out better when I take them outside in the natural light. I love this Mermaid and don't want to part with her, but she will be going to someone soon. I am thinking of adding some extras to her fin. Not sure yet.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Dragonflies Dragonflies

Ok I finally have some better pictures.......I took these with camera outside on the porch, this blue one was the second version. It came out perfect with the pattern, so I did not come across any mistakes.
This pink one was the very first one I did, and really it's so much like the first one, that it was a lot easier designing this one. I am making these in black too for a wish for someone.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Ok this is a really crappy picture with my phone, I think its just the lighting, will take a better one tomorrow, and my camera battery is dead...but anyway I got into another design mood, actually when I first designed the, "Two Dragonflies" square, I had two others in mind, this one and another one that has only just begun. LOL Anyway this one is called, "Dragonflies Around" and AJ helped me come up with that name.
Busy weekend, today was a very nice day, instead of doing laundry, I took the boys to lunch, and then we headed off to Exploration place, where they have a Whale exhibit....which was awesome!! they had skeletons that were huge, these things don't look that big when you see them on tv swimming in the ocean..........anyway we looked around at the other exhibits and then watched a short "finding nemo" type of cartoon in the Cyberdome..........Aiden really liked that, when the light was light enough for me to see his face, it was just lit up and smiling looking at the huge dome. Anyway I really enjoyed this exhibit as I have always loved the ocean and stuff I got some great shots!! of the boys and I anyway they would not allow us to take pictures in the exhibit.
This was actually after we left, and we were in Wal-Mart parking lot.
This is the Indian statue we have close to Exploration place, so we went here and this bridge reminded me of the one in San Fransico. it was really pretty there.
This is AJ and Aiden sitting on the rocks.
This was the boys waiting to see the Movie in the Cyber Dome.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Crochet Update

I can't believe the time is already 6:30 here....time sure flies with time this stupid time change! I still don't like it and still can't get use to it. LOL, funny how one hour can screw me up..or should I say how Pathetic! All in all a good day, much better than last night.
I have been doing laundry today and was outside with Aiden for awhile, and then started some squares for a wish I am doing. I also uploaded new pictures of my revised square....I redid the dragonfly square, and am already trying to think of another way to do it!! LOL I think its fine the day it is...will get the pattern put in word sometime today or tonight. But you can see the updated version above. I really really love this square, and it's one that I am very proud of, one, because I designed it. LOL Silly I know. But I don't consider myself a very creative person as far as coming up with stuff on my own. Two: because I wanted something I could call my own and that represented my boys....I love dragonflies, and they (my boys) remind me of dragonflies....I know when they are older they might not like that, I know Austin is already rolling his eyes at me. Anyway, I plan on using these squares to make two matching afghans for our living room, one for the couch, and one for the love seat. Need to pick some shades of green, and design the layout.
Other than that a slow day and I hope that the boys are good tonight and quiet, and we don't have another repeat of last night.
This is one of the kitchen boxes that I did for Julie my SS and mailed out, she probably won't get it for awhile as she is on vacation.
This was my second kitchen box, a smaller one, this went to Mindy and she has already received it.
I received this from Miss Margaret, and she did an excellent job on it and of course she knew I would love it and the dragonflies.
I did this angel bag holder for our kitchen, and I will not be making another one anytime soon. This was all done in single crochet except for her dress, and I don't like single crochet much. LOL This came out pretty and I should have used a bigger hair band at the bottom, this bottom is so small, you can only fit one bag in there at a time. Its pretty snug. LOL

I need to get dinner started.

Whew what a Week

I had to take Aiden to the eye doctor Wednesday. The last time he had an appt for his first eye exam, he didn't do so well, he would not let the doctor look at his eyes, he kept shutting them and we left and said we would try again. So I made one for him yesterday and explained to him what was going on, and that the dr only wanted to look in his eyes and will use a flashlight. So off we went and he didn't cry, in fact I was reading over his paperwork on the front desk, and I hear this from him, "mommy, I'm handsome!" LOL so I hear laughter around me, and I told him yes you are honey........and the lady of course wants to see him, so he shoves his face up to her......omg how conceited!!! We got to the waiting room, and my butt didn't even hit the chair when a girl around 6 years of age I guess, grabs his hand and says want to come play with me in the play room! LOL he acted all shy at first, but off they went holding hands..........of course not more than a minute later they called us back, and he was sooooo good!!! he let the dr look at his eyes, he said what all the pictures were, and then one was made very small, and Aiden would not say anything.......then finally he said I don't know. LOL But the dr says his eyes are perfect right now.........nothing is wrong, and the "shutting of his eyes" could be from dryness, so he gave me some artificial tears. So I am really glad we go through that appt this time around. This was taken right before we left, I had combed his hair, which I don't do too often in the day with him, as it doesn't cooperate with me. His hair goes all over the place. When he runs, it flops around, it's so funny, and he should get a hair cut, but I just haven't taken him in yet for that.
This was actually taken a week ago, I had an appt that morning, and it was a super warm after our appt we had lunch, and I took Aiden to the park, at first he was not sure he wanted to play since his brother was not there, but I said we would leave, so he stayed and had fun playing.

I love this picture, a windy day, but Aiden looks so darn handsome. I actually got a good picture with AJ, but it's on the camera, and I have not downloaded those yet. Been trying to finish up some crochet.

I got most of my packages that needed to go out mailed, and have one more to mail tomorrow, then another by the end of the month. I also redid my Dragonfly square, I didn't really like how I did the wings before, so I wanted to try something else. So worked on that this week.

AJ has his first soccer game of the season tomorrow, and it's going to be cold out.....all this week it's been cold, and then next week it will be in the upper 60s and 70s....

I am proud of myself, I tried 3 new things with dinner this past week, and they came out really good, I get so tired of just making the same ol stuff the same ol way, so I had chicken out one day this week, and boiled it, and then make a chicken stew, with tomatoes, tomato paste, onions, celery, corn, green beans, and garlic, other stuff too, but can't think of it all right now...came out really really good everyone loved it. Then had hamburger meat out and decided to make an Asian beef Noodle, made with Ramen noodles, frozen vegetables, and man it was good too. Tonight I made Chicken Curry, another really easy and simple dish....chicken, curry powder, onions, garlic, flour, milk and other seasonings, and put that over rice. My father didn't like it, but he doesn't like much nowadays....LOL

Anyway I guess I should get off and get ready for bed.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Update Time

Wow I can't believe I haven't updated in awhile. I have been so busy at home, that my online time is limited. LOL Anyway things are ok.........A.J. will start Spring break Friday, so its early this year for him, but he is looking forward to the time off from school. Aiden is doing good too, I need to make him an appt with the eye doctor, he keeps shutting his eyes, not like a blink, but as if you have something in your eye and you close them and then open them again......he does this a lot, and I always check his eyes to see if he has any eyelashes in there or anything else and I don't see anything. He has been doing this for awhile now.

I am working on several crochet projects right this moment though, I am making a plastic bag holder for a swap that is due at the end of this month.

Well this was just a really quick update and I will update more later on and with some crochet work too.