Wednesday, September 30, 2009


AJ got new glasses a few weeks back, I really like these much better than the ones he had before.
My little Aiden, who looks really handsome in brown.
This is AJ and Aiden standing in front of the blocks at AJ's school, the students made self portraits and this is what the school did with them.
Close up of AJ's portrait.
Aiden being goofy
This is the witch I just tested for Allisha again, she is the one who did the frankenstein and dracula patterns. The witch comes with a potion bottle and book of spells, I will add the names to the book and bottle later this week. and take a better picture, camera battery is dead.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

More Calendar CAL Squares

May "Flower Garden"
June "Summer Romance"
July "Patriots Pride"
August "Heat Wave"
September "Pineapple Blossom"

Well I am FINALLY caught up with April's Calender CAL Ghan.........woohoo, now all I have to do is be patient in my wait for October's square. All of these are done in light blue....I am using a G hook, so my squares are about 9-10" big instead of the 12" I also crochet somewhat tight...........Anyway my hands and arms are sooo cramped up right now........and one of these squares I had to frog 4 rows.....I made a mistake on the very first row, and a few more, my neighbors daughter kept coming over and talking and talking and talking....she is 13 and sometimes just doesn't listen........I kept telling her I was busy, and she was like, no you aren't, you are just crocheting........LOL duh!! I am busy!!! Anyway they are done, and I am going to take a couple days off from crocheting........I have a couple of packages to mail out tomorrow and will be caught and have a bit of rest before working on some swap stuff.

Monday, September 21, 2009

CAL Squares

Well April has had a Crochet-a long....or Calendar "Ghan CAL I have done a few of the squares, but never liked the colors I used, so I would redo them.....well I FINALLY decided on a color to use, and that is light tonight I made the first 4 months.........above is January, "Winter's Dream"
February "Pammi's Passion"
March "Lions Mane"
April " Spring Fling".........this is my favorite square out of all of them so far......and April just happens to be my Birth month, so a very pretty square. Anyway I am tired, and my hands are very cramped.......these 4 were done in about 2 hours and that was with me getting distracted by watching Moonlight. LOL..........but I am off to bed, and will do the rest hopefully tomorrow. I will post them if I get them all done. I have had a headache all day, since waking eased up a bit after taking tylenol........but within a couple of hours was back again, and I took more pain pills, but that didn't help...........I still have it, it's not as bad as earlier, but its still there. :(

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Adorable Frankenstein

I was lucky enough to test this adorable Frankenstein, Allisha designed him too.......she did a great job, i love her patterns, if you want to see this pattern and her others, CLICK HERE

I got my halloween stuff up and the front porch decorated a bit too...will post pictures soon.

AJ had conferences Thursday and he is doing great in school, As, Bs, and one C in math, he will have a tutor this year too. Aiden is good too, we watched movies today while I also did a couple loads of laundry.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Things that make you go....

I visit Etsy just about everyday, and there are some things on there that just amaze me and also things that make me go huh????

First up is, "Something that makes me go EWWWW"

Click the link and just be amazed at this designers details, which I am! I am in awe of this pattern..........BUT.............A BIG BUT here............I hate hate hate spiders and I have just recently been able to crochet "cute" spiders.....ones that look too fake, so they don't bother me too much.......but this one???? I would be out of my mind to make way.........I salute anyone who makes this pattern, because you are much braver than I!!!

Second up is "Something that makes you go huh?"

Ok this might not make you go huh? but it did for me, than it grew on me, how cute is a crocheted Q-tip........and would actually make a very cute bathroom decoration............I think I might add this pattern to my "Wish" list.

Third up is "Something that makes you go awwee"

Tie with the third one. CLICK HERE

Now how cute are they???? I came across those patterns, and they just brought a smile to my darn cute!!!!! I can't get over how incredibly cute they are, she certainly is another amazing designer.

Well that is it for this entry, I am tired and my hands are very sore........I just finished testing Frankenstein, and will post his picture when I hear from her and see that she posts the pattern on her Etsy site..........he came out very cute. He is certainly a very cute Frankenstein. I am going to take a few days off from crocheting......I mean it this time, I say that often, but never managed to make it a whole day.....but this time I am going to........the weather has been so incredibly nice out........I even see leaves falling!!!! Which makes me very happy, it means Fall is right around the ONE and I mean NO ONE...remind me that this is Kansas where the weather can change in a minute!!! Don't go raining on my happy moment!!!! :D

Good Night.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Tested Another Pattern

I tested this pattern for Allisha, you can find her Etsy site HERE, and you can also read her BLOG.........Sure does some really cute patterns.......this Vampire is just in time for Halloween!! Isn't he cute? Now who wouldn't want him as a decoration? You can never have too much halloween stuff. I know I am addicted to decorations for the next 3 holidays!! I am currently testing another pattern for it and will post that picture as soon as I get him done and get the info sent to her.

Sad note: Patrick Swayze died today........I think I have watched just about every movie he was mom was a huge fan of his as heart goes out to his family and to the many fans who will miss him dearly. I think I will watch "Ghost" tonight, one of my favorite movies.

Received some Crochet

I received this package from my SS, Julie, it was awesome!
This is the small ami I received from Tiffany......very cute huh? She is soo cute, and how adorable is that flower?

Things here are slowing down mom fell again last week, and luckily my father was able to help her up, but not after she was on the floor for awhile, she fell asleep there..........Anyway, I am tired and worn out......but today has been slow..........been working on some crochet. I will update later with some projects I am working on.

Contest is Over

Ok I know I said I would draw out a name on the 10th, but things here got a bit hectic, my mom fell again, and I was stressed out about that, and have been helping my neighbors with watching their kids, but.............I did have some entries, I did take the names, written on paper, folded the same and tossed them in a hat, and had my 3 year old pick one..........after a few times..........he kept grabbing more than one paper.........he finally just drew out one paper.........and the winner is.............Debi............I will be emailing you for your address to send out your Miss Lavender...........Congratulations!!! I will be holding more contests.......and will be on time with those. Thanks for playing ladies.

Sorry I forgot to give the was
"Crochet abbreviations and terms"

Tuesday, September 08, 2009



If you click the word above it will take you to the entry, where I am having a contest, you still have some time to enter, just follow the directions in the post. I have heard from a handful of ladies so far, and all have gotten the right answer from the puzzle. The contest runs until the 10th.

Monday, September 07, 2009

Tested Squares

Well I got to test these 3 squares for Donna. Click her name to go directly to her blog. I absolutely love the squares, I think my favorite would have to be the heart one...I did this one in a pale yellow and its just gorgeous!!! I love hearts.

These are Christmas ones, as you can see, Candy cane and Christmas tree, I might try to take the Candy Cane picture again outside tomorrow in natural light and see if that helps with the glare of the red.......anyway very cute squares, and I have a project in mind for these squares. I think anyone who has not checked out Donna's blog, should really do so, this lady is an inspiration, she designs such lovely squares and donates so much to charity.

Saturday, September 05, 2009


Well I had started this pattern last night, I am making it for my sister-in-law, but there are mistakes in the pattern, and now i have to wait for the designer to email me back. I find this very this is the second "bought" pattern this week that has had more than one mistake in it. I know its hard designing stuff, and there are bound to be mistakes......even with having a pattern tested before selling it........but the last pattern I worked on, I spent about 5 dollars for.........and there were mistakes in EVERY part of the pattern............I had to "wing" it......which is also very frustrating....some designers don't ever get back with you........and some take a very long time to get back to I am not too happy right now........finding several mistakes in a pattern you bought is really uncalled for. So I have put it aside, and will work on Mario's Luigi for Aiden, who was super excited to see this pattern.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Swap Stuff Sent

I received this swap from Cyndi for a Halloween swap, I loved it all!!! So did my boys. Hmmm......I wonder why? LOL
Creepy eyeballs.........made these for a halloween swap
Peanuts in a bag....LOL
I absolutely love about cute!!! I had a hard time parting with these.
My Goober and me, we had to take Aj to his eye dr yesterday, he broke his glasses, or actually Aiden did last week, and the super glue didn't last, he called this morning from school, we had to go out there to super glue them again. LOL.......anyway I tried to get one with AJ, but Aiden was hogging the camera.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Woohoo Pictures

Well aren't they cute!!! I just finished these last night, and they work up super fast.......I was going to send these to a swap, but decided to keep them, so they can "help" me to stay on the right track!! Thought wise anyway. LOL

How cute is Miss Cassandra here? This is the pattern I just bought the other day, and I started her tonight and she worked up just as fast as the devil and angel.
I am not really liking this skull, the eyes are crooked, I did this in glow in the dark yarn......wonder how good the picture would come out......probably not so good, but I might try to take one anyway.