Wednesday, April 17, 2013

My Life is Good

That's Aiden right behind the girl with aqua pants, he is wearing the striped shirt.  He has a music program earlier this month, it was a Jazz program, and they all did awesome!!!  I will post the videos soon.  I really enjoyed being there, Sat right in the front row, he was happy to see me, I could see him looking for me, then he spotted me and waved, smiled and blew me a kiss.  How sweet!! 

Austin received the "Army Recruiting Command JROTC Award last week.  I was again very proud of him.  He has done really well in JROTC and seems to like it a lot. 

Last Saturday, Austin was spending the night with friends, so Aiden and I went swimming for a couple of hours, then came home to rest up before going bowling, but Aiden changed his mind and wanted to go to the yearly Board game day/night.  He is really into playing board he had a lot of fun.  We both did, he wanted to go to dinner, and chose Golden Corral, since they have the Cotton candy.  LOL  I really enjoyed the one on one time with him. 

Of course we had to make a trip to Wal-Mart where he wanted me to buy the Electronic Banking Monopoly game.  So I did.  he is really good at counting money, so I didn't see any harm in getting this one. 

I have designed a coaster, a dishcloth, and redesigned an older square design of mine this past week.  I am about to have them tested and will offer them online soon. 

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Time to crochet!?!

I have been so busy lately!!!  Been bogged down with allergies since Spring break!  I started taking my allergy pills, but the allergies are still really bad in the morning.  You know that feeling when you are swimming and you get water in your nose?  Well that is how I feel in the mornings and it feels worse!  UGH!  I can't wait for allergy season to be over.

I also got some "Spring" cleaning done this weekend, and my body is reminding me that it's not so young anymore!  I sometimes forget that I'm 40!!  I don't feel it, well not all the time anyway, it's weird to describe,  but I have to remind myself that I am not as young as I once was, and that my body needs some rest.  It seems to take me longer to recover.  I have always had issues with my knees, ankles, and joints,  growing up I was always spraining my knees would give feet look awful right now..........they are swollen and my ankles are really "out" there.   LOL I have to laugh about it though, if I don't, I will cry!  :D

Anyway with all that is going on, my crochet has started to get cobwebs!  I need to finish an afghan for my mothers queen size bed, will take a picture of progress soon.  I granted a wish for a lady in my crochet group, for a lapghan........she likes jewel tones, and I used a combination of 6" and 12" squares.  I used my Circle of life pattern from my recent, "Symbols of Life" designs, and a 6" "Diane's Flower" from my designs as well.  Here is the finished product......

I got it mailed to her last month! 

I also am joining, "The Crochet Crowd" challenge, starts 4-15 and ends 5-15.  This one is for the, "Ocean Waves throw"  As usual, I went crazy trying to come up with the 5 colors.  I could have went with one color or even two, but for me when I do an afghan, which I can tell you has been a very long time......for years I have done afghans using squares, not one pieces.  So this is my first in years!  I wanted to go with the amount of colors the pattern called for, and I want to use this for my living room.  You can see my couch above, it's a sage green, I have green tiled tables and a green carpet, but I was leaning reluctantly towards green for the colors, but decided NO..........I am using the below colors:

From Top to bottom: Aran, Dark Orchid, Shades of Purple, Orchid, and Watercolor.
So the water color has some green in it!  I sure hope this comes out right.  I will post updates, hopefully I will be starting on this sometime today.