Sunday, August 07, 2011

Been Awhile for a Regular ol Post!!

Well I know it's been awhile!!!  So here is a normal, everyday post!!!  (With pics)
My mom recently had a birthday in July.  She loves Purses, so Aiden helped me make this purse cake.  

Her gifts

My best friend came in from Alaska, and this is her son, Nathaniel, Timmy, my nephew Dylan, and my two boys, Aiden and AJ, all trying to pose like the statue.

Stephanie and her family

We braved the very hot temps to go to the zoo. 

I got this great shot of Aiden and me.  Nowadays he leans towards making funny faces in pictures. 

How friggin cute is this?  Aiden with his cousin, Dylan

All 3 of us.  AJ is out of town.
AJ is in Indiana at a gaming convention, he will be home Monday night.  We sure do miss him, but he is having fun.  It has been such a busy summer for us.......always on the go. I finally got the boys enrolled in school.  Aiden in kindergarten, and AJ in high school!!!!  The supply list for Aiden is a bit upsetting.  10 items, but those 10 items will cost a lot.  Only two things are school related. Crayons and glue sticks.  The rest are different kinds of wipes, tissues, and ziplock bags in 3 different sizes.  I don't blame the teachers or staff, but I do blame the economy.  (if you can blame it) as well as the city and school board.  Not enough money is going into our schools and that leaves teachers, staff, and parents to pick up the tab!!  Our children will suffer if they continue to make so many cuts.  I don't understand how our city has billions to loan out to companies who are facing bankruptcy, or want to either improve/update, or remodel their  Yet they claim there is not enough money for schools.  Teachers are getting laid off.  AJs middle school lost 8 teachers!!! How do they justify the loss of 8 teachers in a Middle school?!

Anyway they start in about 2 weeks.  AJ says he is not nervous about going into high school (I AM)  Aiden is excited!!  I am wondering how he will handle the all day kindergarten.  

My nephew, Dylan is with us from Texas, he got here the 7th of July.  He has certainly been a handful.  WE have enjoyed him being here.......very much so, but like most boys he goes from 0 to 100 within seconds.  

He will be going home in about a week.  We will miss him, but hopefully see them Thanksgiving.  

I took Dylan and Aiden swimming today......our heat has just been awful!!!  Triple digits for over 42 days straight now.  We FINALLY got some rain the other night, but ended up with a lot of damage,  Our utility room started to flood just about, we had water pouring in from the windows, from the roof, our back storm door was pulled off the hinges and bent, our back porch railing was ripped off.  Ugh!!!  I spent the whole next day cleaning up.  Roofer came out yesterday and found that a huge tree limb fell on our roof putting a huge hole in it.  He will be back Monday to fix it.  

Well I should get off of here and start working on Aiden's blanket.