Thursday, February 10, 2011

Diet Soda causing heart attacks?? Organic food too high in price?

I heard on my local news last night that a study on drinking diet soda every day increases your risk of heart attack and strokes.  How many here drink diet you only drink diet soda?  How much do you actually drink? 

for me I drink diet Crush, diet Mt Dew and/or Diet Rootbeer, these I found are actually pretty good, do not leave a nasty after taste.  Do I drink a ton of it?  Well depends on your definition of a ton.......LOL I know I do drink at least one a day, and sometimes two........but usually no more than two.  (most of the time)  When I go out to a restaurant, I will always drink water with my meal.  I tried to do some checking around online and found that only "small" studies were done, and none on those same effects for regular soda......why?  Why are they signaling out diet soda?  Those websites and the story on my local news did not say how or what in the soda made them come to that conclusion....and how can a "small," and short study show that it increases your risk of heart attack and strokes?  From what I have heard and read, the only thing different about diet soda is that artificial sugar.  I could be wrong...but that is just what I have heard.  If that is the case then they should be going after the artificial sugar..which can now be bought in little packages, and larger bags for baking and such.........sometimes I feel this is just another way for the government to try to control us and what we eat.  Sure some people could say that the government wants us healthy and that is why these studies exist and extra fees are being put on junk food and sodas.......BUT and this is a huge BUT........if they want us to be healthy and eat better......why is "healthy" food more money??? 

Organic foods?? sure sounds like a good thing, but again from what I have read and heard, the only difference is that they don't put all the chemicals on these foods and then slap the name "organic" on it........ok......wouldn't it be cheaper then???  Are they not saving the money by NOT having to use extra chemicals???  Remember a few years back when they said Eggs had nutritional value and were actually healthy for us....I have always known this....BUT.........I remember when that came on the news everywhere, then the price of eggs went up........The government should put a stop to these people jacking up the price when someone says healthy.  I know that some need to make a profit, but how much do they think they need when they do nothing different...........but someone on tv says it is good for us and THEN they NEED to raise the price?? 

Just like when the minimum wage goes up.........then everything else goes up in price how does that pay increase help us??? 

I think the government is too busy "helping" in all the wrong places!!!  

These are just my opinions!!