Saturday, April 28, 2007


Wow, its been a busy day, or rather a day that made me very sore and tired. I decided to take the boys to lunch today............we had lunch with a friend and her son, and we went to CiCis the boys had fun playing in the game room and watching the cartoons. LOL I let Fernando come over to play with Aj while mom and I went shopping with Aiden. Headed to K-mart first, and we bought a harness for Aiden, he sooooo does not like this, but we needed one, especially with the River Festival coming up...............little ones can run off so fact Aiden today was walking around and he let go of my hand and ran fast!!! Almost collided with a cart, but I got to him in time, but barely, that is what reminded me to get one.............he eventually was fine with and I will mainly use it when we are in crowds, he loves walking around, and this gives me a bit of security. We saw a Dukes of Hazard car at K-Mart, I took a picture of had a mannequin in the back, and damage to the front bumper, but other than that, it was in good condition! Everyone kept stopping and staring at it.

Then off to Wal-Mart to get some grocery shopping done, Aiden got two pairs of sandals, Spider man ones that light up, He loves those..........he was stomping his little feet all over the store, and then some really nice leather brown ones, just like his Aj wore when he was little.

Aiden was so good in the store, he kept hugging me everytime I cringed from my back hurting...............We got the car loaded and made my dad unload it!!! LOL Aiden is sleeping and Aj is playing.

We didn't go to AJs soccer game, I wanted to, but didn't want a confrontation with the ex big brother. I will go to his game next Saturday, that is their last game. I did call his coach tonight to ask if the pictures came in and he said they did, and I will just get them next Saturday. I hope that nothing is said, I don't think it will, but I have talked some more with friends, and they have all reassured me that I did nothing wrong here.

One thing about that supervisor and the old case worker, is that they made it sound like if Aj was matched again, there would be special unfair is that, I again did nothing wrong here nor did my son, yet they want to act as if they are punishing us! I know the president said I could call her anytime if i had any concerns, but why bother, she is the one who told me to remove my entries on my blog, she is the one who said nothing when the supervisor told me Aj would not be rematched, and she said nothing when my old case worker cried about how good a guy he was and how many good things he could have done in the program, and how sad it was that it could never get to do that, and how someone could have stood up for him.

I personally think...........AND THIS IS MY OWN PERSONAL OPINION!! but I think that they know they screwed up here....................they know that there were no rules written about sleep overs, they know that they did not stand up for my son, but stood up for the big here..............the old case worker did it all the time, she is the one who talked me out of ending the match, she is the one that never really thought much was wrong..............I mean at first she did, but I noticed a change in her when he started working in some special volunteer program. Another thing that upset me was when i emailed him and told him that he does not need to be calling my son every night and sometimes two to three times a night................he responds with how he wants to call him several times in a row if he has too and so on and so on, but also the new case worker calls me to tell me that he called her, came up there and complained to them about me telling him to stop calling my son everyday!!! She said she told them that I am Ajs mother and I set the rules.....and he has to abide by them, and she said she was at a loss for words about how upset he got about her saying that!!! Can you beleive the nerve of him? To actually think he would think that they could tell him it was alright to call whenever he wanted and I was to just accept that!!???? I mean come on!!! That poor girl though, i feel for her, but even then she should have questioned why he thought he had a right to do that.

I still feel strongly that they went after me unfairly and saw me as the bad guy, I mean this should have been very easy, he continued to disrespect me, by arguing every point with me, If I told him AJ could not go on a longer outing, or go on more than one outing in a week, he got upset and argued with me, If I told him that Aj could not talk to him anytime he wanted, he got upset and flat out told me that I BETTER let Aj call him whenever he wanted..................
I think BBBS just does not want to admit they made mistakes with this match, that maybe their judgement was clouded by the fact that the case worker knew him............................I admit I should have ended this match when I wanted to..............but she kept talking me out of it, why? I don't know, but I sure hope she and her supervisor feel better about themselves by making me feel really bad.............for making me feel like the bad guy in this situation.

I really wanted to see Aj get matched again, I was hoping my younger son could have been on the list when he was old enough, but I don't trust this program any longer, atleast the office here. They failed my son, they failed me, and maybe they even failed the big here by not seeing or choosing to see the signs that he was just not emotionally ready to be matched. That by him getting so involved and disrespecting me in so many ways, for not seeing him try to do everything in his power to have more time than necessary with my son...............

By going after me in this situation and by making me feel the way they did they failed miserably...............I feel for my son, but I am happy that he is standing up for me the way I stood up for him, by saying to me that if they could make his mommy cry then he didnt' want to be matched.....................I was so proud of him and myself for standing up for us!!!!! Because BBBS didn't!! and they will have to accept that fact on their own.

My Freedom and Right to Speech!!!!


I am very upset, in my last entry, which i had deleted, but added back in, with some changes, I changed all the first names even though that doesn't really say much. But anyway in that entry I talked about how Ajs big from BBBS became too attached to my son, well I chose to end the match Sunday, and I told the case worker that, and by my agreeing to come into the office today was my assumption that this was closure on their part, because I had made it very clear to her that I would not be changing my mind about the match. Well I walked in there and the president or some higher up, I was so upset by the meeting that I just don't remember the names besides my current case worker and the old one. I was surprised to know that she was there, but anyway she starts by asking me what brought this on, and I told her about last weekend and how that was the last straw for me and then talking with my son, opened up new concerns that even Aj was uncomfortable with. So then she spills this...................someone found my blog, researched online for my blog and it came to the attention of the National office!! and then she asks me to remove the entry, well I was really upset by this time, but kept my cool, even though I was thinking why on earth would someone decided to go after me, finding a blog that is me and my thoughts, and I have every right to say as I please, this is a free country and I have freedom of speech, that is why i put the entry back on but did take out the first names............anyway I kept my cool, and continued on, and I also made it very clear to them, that I was not blaming them, or BBBS that I think its a great program that really helps out kids..............and that I was not faulting them for any way they handled the background checks on the Big or anything, but that Ajs big brother was just not emotionally ready to handle being matched.

I also said that I do not feel that he is a pervert in any way, although others have expressed that concern, (my friends and stuff) but that I think he is an intelligent guy and I am sure a good person, but with my son he just became too emotionally involved. I talked to his sister at a basketball game one time and she said he is a great guy, but very shy and wanted kids of his own very badly. So with Aj I think he saw him as HIS son, which he mentioned a few times...............he also mentioned that he thinks he and my sons match was very different than other matches, that theirs held a special bond and was not in any way to be compared to other matches!!! When i told the case worker about this, she didn't seem too bothered by it, so I guess I just thought i was over reacting to the comment..............I don't see it that way now.

So, any way i told them this and they brought him in and told him the match was over, although they made it sound like they were the ones "dematching" them, which was not true, I ended the match last weekend. So he then left and then one of the supervisors told me that Aj would no longer be able to be part of the BBBS program!!! WHAT!!! Why is my son being punished for this??? She said I broke the rules by allowing a sleep over when she said no unless they went through the case worker, so my old case worker dances around it by saying she didn't give permission......WHICH IS SO NOT TRUE...........she called him which he told her what they were doing, and she called me and I told her myself and she said that sounded fine with her, but now she is dancing around at this point I am about to stand up and I tell them that I might as well leave now, because I did not agree to come only so they can say this was my fault, or punish myself or my son................the supervisor and I had a very tiny arguement, and I calmed down and sat down while they were waiting on the president or whoever the lady was to come back in from walking him out.

By this time, I am hurt and angry!!!! but I don't let it show, if I did I would have started crying right there, and I told them that now I have to go tell my son that he cannot go back on the waiting list and he will want to know why, and I did nothing they kinda backed off from that saying if a future match were to happen that rules would be set, and also asked me if i would want to meet the future Big before he met my son................I again told them i was nor was I ever saying that I think they did anything wrong with the initial back ground check or anything with checking him out, although I am started to think that maybe because his father is involved with the program and has been for some time now that maybe that played a role in this............since my old case worker brought his dad up a lot.

So the lady comes back in and more was said, and I was about ready to leave, and feeling really horrible by this time that these people could make me feel like I was the bad guy, I was fighting back tears, and I was fighting back anger! But I was polite and calm and then the kicker of the meeting..................hearing my old case worker talk about how he was just such a great guy, and he could have done so many wonderful things in the program and now he wont be able to be involved at all and how sad that was, and how she wished someone would have stood up for him!!! OMG Did I hear her right???????? She made it sound like this was my fault!!! or maybe she was feeling guilty...............guilty for allowing the match to go on for so long, lord knows I do!!!! But what on earth made her think that someone needed to stand up for him after what he put my son and I threw????? What on earth made her think it was ok for this man to argue with me every chance he got about my son................. What on earth made her think that he was ready to be a match for someone?? What on earth made her think this was my fault!!!

I walked out of there with my head held high, but cried getting into my dare these people make me feel like I was the bad guy here and poor him was the victim!!! I was shocked that they could do this...........intentionally or unintentionally they made me feel horrible!! and I wanted so badly to tell them off, but I don't want to do that..................I felt bad for the new case worker.

but I decided today after that meeting, that i no longer feel comfortable having my son in the program, so I left a message with the case worker telling her so.

They had no right to make me feel this way, or to even think my son could no longer be matched with another Big.................I did nothing wrong here and neither did my son. I tried to work with this man and the case worker, but felt like she was more emotionally involved with him since he had been volunteering in the office as well, and she said she was getting to know him better. and maybe this clouded her judgement, maybe because she had told me in the past how she has known him through his father for a long time...................

I still cannot believe some of the things that were said..................I think they handled this very poorly. I still think the whole program is a good one for kids, but this office apparently has some issues, if they feel that making the parent feel like the bad guy is the right thing to do.

I stand up for my child!!! and I feel like I should have ended this match long ago, but my case worker at the time talked me out of it, and said we should have a meeting, so now I feel like she was not fighting for my son, but for the big brother. I should have listened to my gut feeling, I should have listened to my friends and family! but the shouldves will stop and we will be just fine.

They had no right to ask me to remove my last entry, do they remember that the constitution says one of our unalienable rights is Freedom of Speech? Maybe they feel guilty too................I don't know........i removed all the names, since that is one of the things she told him was that I blogged my feelings, and his name was what?? We all have first names and we all have last names, I am sure there are millions of guys in this city who share his first name..............does that mean I can't mention his name in my blog? Since when did our rights only become our rights when someone else gives them to us, do we need to get approval for everything we think or say?

I talked to my son tonight and he does not feel like he wants to be matched again, he knows I was upset, he saw me crying, and I did not tell him everything that was said, but I did tell him that they made me feel like the bad guy.................and that I felt so horrible and uncomfortable in that room..............I will not allow these people to make me feel that way any more.

I think they failed with my sons match...........i think their judgement was clouded by the fact that they knew this person, that they knew him through his father and then through him volunteering in the office. According to the old case worker they made it sound like they had to bring him in kicking and screaming to be matched, because he was not sure he was ready for it, maybe they should have listened more closely to him then.


I wish this man the best...........I hope he continues to open up to his family more...........but when a grown man tells my son that he loves him more than his own family, then I think he needs to come to grips with what it was he really wanted in this match? Did he want a little he could mentor and teach things to, or was he looking for a son? He let me son see his many moods and depression and that was not teaching him anything.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I am sorry that I have not been around much online lately, but things are finally getting better for me..........I hope anyway.

Friday the 20th, Aj had a check up with this dr, as did Aiden, well AJ is doing good, the dr feels new bone growth, so luckily it was lined up perfectly. He is still under very strict restrictions, until another 4 weeks, then after that he can do more normal activities, but still no sports or anything like that. He also gets to wear one or the other on his slings, he chose to wear the arm sling, the figure 8 collar bone sling was very uncomfortable for him. so he is happy about that.

My little Aiden is finally catching up with his age on size, he is now 24 pounds and is 32 1/2" the dr said he will probably be taller than most his age, which is like Aj. His weight is still a bit under, but is fine with his height! No shots on this 18 month check up, so Aiden was happy about that.

Friday night, Aiden kept kicking my back and it really hurt, but I went to bed shortly after that. Saturday morning we got up and it was so nice out, that we walked up to Wal-greens, because Aj wanted hair gel to spike his hair, so we walked up there which is less than a 10 minute walk, maybe that..............I went to crouch down to put my wallet back in my purse under the stroller, and my back gave out!! took me awhile to start walking, and stop crying, because the pain was so bad, took another 30 minutes to walk home! I took it easy the rest of the day as it really hurt to do anything. I was hoping by Sunday it would feel better but nothing helped, the tylenol didn't the Ibuprofen didn't and by Sunday it was still hurting. I called my dr finally and he said to go to the ER since I have a bad back anyway from a previous car I did and luckily no nerve damage, or anything, so it was out and hurting probably due to Aiden kicking it so hard Friday night! Little booger!! LOL He gave me some pain pills and off i went.

So I have been offline because it hurt too much to sit here at the computer, but today its better and I wanted to get some email out.

Anyway its been cloudy today and we might get some severe storms later tonight, So I will try to crochet a bit tonight

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Virginia Tech

I have some strong opinions on this story. I was saying to myself yesterday when I saw the airing of the video, which I only saw online, I clicked and only saw less than a minute of it and clicked out of it. I think its stupid and very insensitive of NBC to have released this tape. Same to whoever posted his stories as well. I think its sick that the nation wants to read and watch this.........that people are more fascinated with the killer then the victims...........we should want to know more about the victims if anyone.............why is the media focusing soooo much of its attention on him? If you compare all the news and papers its more about him and not the victims, those who lost their lives, those who survived............this is not about that................pathetic excuse of a human being............this is about the victims who lost their lives and those fighting to survive. To give him what he wants is sick sick sick

NO I don't think the tapes should have been aired or the writings printed........I am very surprised the FBI even allowed them to be broadcast,

I think there are some people out there that could have done more.......but the only one to blame here is him.............who does not even deserve to have his name said or printed. He does not deserve the attention. He was pathetic, He was sick and not sick as in we should pity him or feel sorry for him, and I don't give a rats behind who or if anyone abused him, or the fact that he didn't have a lot of money, He should have been damn grateful he was in college, and making a living.............He should have been damn grateful that he was in the GOOD OL USA!!! He should have been grateful he had the opportunities that life had to offer. None of this was an excuse for what he did..................NONE of it. He should have sought out help, he should have wanted to get help, but apparently he was having fun being sick and depressed................I know some have the disease of being depressed and stuff, but I am sick and tired of others out there using it as an excuse...........a justification of his life that he was so depressed or sad, or boohoooo whatever to have killed people.

I think some people did have a responsibility to get him help, or try to, did the parents try to help him, or get him help? Did the police try to get him help? Did the doctors try to get him help? Did the school try? Telling him to go to the school counselor is not trying, did they make him go, did they check up on him? Did they see to it he went? Maybe by then it would have been too late, but at least someone tried, now others have lost their lives.........families are devastated, and we as a nation are plastered to TV and newspapers, not being able to get enough of this pathetic killer. Will any of us remember the victims? Will we remember their names, will we remember their faces? Will we even care...............I am sure there will be a book written about the pathetic killer, I am sure a Movie is already in the minds of these greedy writers and directors...........and guess what? People will go and watch and by the books and talk about him.................but maybe say a few words about the victims, spend a tiny amount of time, talking or remembering him, but who cares, right? If we cared, we would walk away, we would turn off the TV, when his face or name came into play, we would turn off the radio too..................but we would always stop and listen to the victims names..........we should always remember them. Both living and dead.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


I just remembered something, There is this little girl who is only 3 years old, and her parents let her walk and ride her bike all over the street and sidewalks, no supervision at all. It started last week, I was looking out my door, and saw this girl sitting on our flower bed pulling out flowers so i was going to tell her to stop, but Aiden was crying so i never went out, but later on she came again and tried to walk right into our house!!! She got partly in and I told her to get out, i told her you don't walk into someones home! You don't know me, and you need to go home, I also told her she was way too young to be out by herself, I saw no adults out watching or looking around!! Well she keeps coming and hanging around now and I don't feel comfortable having some 3 year old just wandering in my yard, my porch, my driveway and following me around. So then Brett dropped Aj off the other day and she just walks right up to Brett!!

Yesterday she comes by hanging around and we told her she needed to go home, and she comes back again and we tell her the same thing, and she said her mommy said she could come down here............i can't beleive what a twit of a mother this woman is, even if she did not say it was ok, to let your 3 year old daughter loose with no supervision is sick sick sick and dangerous VERY dangerous! Not to mention I am not some baby sitter for some unsupervised child. I caught her trying to take Aiden off somewhere, I had turned to look at AJ and turn back around and she has his hand walking the opposite way with him!!!!! NO WAY!! I watch my kids, my kids don't wander off!! So many perverts around and these parents think nothing of letting kids roam around. Gosh forbid if a parent has to watch their own kids!!

Sorry just had to vent about that.

Tuesday Tuesday

Well yesterday was just one of those days...........started off pretty good, Aj woke up hurting, so we kept him home from school, but let him go in after lunch to make up for a state assessment test he missed last week. He decided to stay the rest of the day, which was only 3 hours. So later I picked him up and we came home and hung around outside, Aiden was really wanting outside.

So then my sons friend, Dakota comes over with a paper and a number on it saying someone called his dad asking for me... asking if they knew me and could they give me her number. Well It was a bill collector, this majorly rude twit, who would call the house number numerous times a day to harass me, call me a bum for not paying a debt, and I kept telling her not to call me anymore and she said she could do what she wanted, so i told her that is ok, I will just have the home number changed it was not in my name anyway, so she said she had ways of getting unlisted numbers, well apparently not if she took to trying to find people who lived on my street to get a hold of me, i called her a few names, saying she had no right going to strangers asking them to give me her number..............she said she could do whatever she wanted. So I found out from the Federal Trade commision that she can't do that, and I filed a complaint against her and her company and the police tried telling me she can do whatever means necessary to collect her money, and i said so just because i owe money means I am not entitled to privacy or my family is not? that just because i owe money means i have no rights anymore? Anyway I called my local tv station too, because I think more things should be done to bill collectors, and I know that this is just not right.

Then later that night, Aiden threw my cell phone and the flip broke, actually loosened it up a bit, and now I can't see anything on it, except the outside window, but no texting, picturing, or anything like that.

Took my phone in today and was told there was nothing they could do, since I had no insurance on it, but you still have to pay 85 dollars to replace the phone and found out today they usually replace it with a refurbished phone, not a new one...........anyway I found out today I would have only had to pay 50 for my particular phone, but no insurance, so i took it around the corner to a place that fixes them, and they wanted 65 dollars, and I just don't have that right now, have gas and electric to pay Thursday, So I ended up paying 15 to have the service transferred to a verizon phone i had from when I was with Thien, the only thing is I can take pictures but not send or receive!! Sucks, but atleast I can see who is calling and my text messages. I will think about whether I want to fix the phone or buy a new one. More in likely have it fixed, I do like the phone.

So that is my day so far, I need to take Aj in to do testing, he didn't go in this morning, because his neck was swollen and really hurting him, the sling loosened up quite a bit during the night and I think he did way too much outside last night, bending over and stuff, and i told him no more.

What is up with dogs and parents who don't seem to care if their children are being bit. I have a neighbor who has a pit bull and is holding 2 others for a friend. Well some stray has been running around and that kid, Jesse? remember him? Well his mom and him are taking care of the stray dogs, hoping the owners come around. But these dogs are running loose and got into our neighbors yard Sunday night and started fighting with his dogs, and then last night, they got into Dakotas pit bulls pen and started biting and fighting with the pit bull, which didn't fight back.........go figure on that one, but dakota tried to separate them and the stray started biting him and then bit his dad, then later on that night bit him again, and his dad wont call the police or animal control.........why? because the two dogs he is holding for someone don't have their shots and I don't think his does either, so screw your kid getting hurt, he would rather his son get bit up and hurt, then getting into trouble for having dogs that are not up to date on shots or licensed. STUPID Own a dog, you should take care of it, but your kids should always come first.

That stupid dog bites me or anyone from my family and I will dakota and his dad started hitting the dog after it started biting, and Jesses mom came rambling over out of bed at 6 at night, I think she was on something she was staggering and Jesse says she is not sick.......................she was yelling at Dakota about why the dogs were limping and how he had no right to hit the dog.......well the dog could have gotton hurt in one of the TWO yards he got into and started fighting with other dogs.

Some people, jesses mom is no winner, she is off her rocker..

We had to call Animal control today after I wrote this, because the same dog started approaching Aiden in an aggressive manner..............and I won't put up with that, they took the dogs, we have a leash law, and I am tired of owners getting dogs then thinking its ok for them to run all over the neighborhood.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

My Saturday

I forgot to talk about today! LOL Today was a good day, early this morning it was still snowing, but a couple of hours after it stopped, the snow was gone and a very beautiful day came. I let Aj have an outing with Brett, and was worried the whole time. I know Aj is doing good, and he is ok, but I am worried about him falling now. or doing something he knows he is not suppose to do. But he had fun, and I stayed with Aiden and he was so rotten today, I was getting something for my mom, and he had his play broom and pointed it at me and said, "don't move" LOL what a stinker!! We went outside to wait on AJ who was coming home and he played out there for awhile and was so happy to see his brother come home. So not only did I get beautiful red carnations from Aiden, but Aj brought me red roses today! and a Birthday card, since my birthday is next week, he wanted to do that for me today. I loved that. He is in room watching a movie with a friend, and I am about ready to get offline and work on some crochet, if Aiden will let me! LOL


Well my week started off good, Monday night I was up late that night, Aiden fell asleep early, and stayed asleep all night except around 5 am when he was drenched!!! I got up got him a change of pajamas and a new mat for the bed........we usually lay one under him changed and he was so cute, playing with my phone with those big brown of eyes of his just looking all around, and he was making scrunchy faces at me! cute cute!! anyway got him changed and laid back down, but took another hour to fall asleep, and NEVER heard my alarm go off..........I woke up and looked at the clock it said 8:35!! Got Aj up really fast, he got dressed, opened the door, got him something to eat really fast, and I am thinking we missed the bus, because by this time it was past 9:45 and I was not able to watch for the bus like called the school to explain and to have them check if the bus came yet...........She called me back telling me the bus was about 3 minutes away, it got stopped by a train, and the train had been stopped in the middle of the road for awhile she said, which I believe, because trains do that all the time here and it drives me up the wall!!! ok that sounded a bit nerve wracking, but the rest of the day was good........... Wednesday came around and started out fine, a friend came over so I could do her taxes and I went into the bathroom to clean up after someone got mud on the floor, and I hear AJ come in the house crying, I thought nothing of it, but then it started so sound serious, So I was coming out and he told me that he was running outside and his jeans fell down to his knees, and he fell and flipped forward landing on his shoulder and hearing a crunch, his shoulder did not look right, So I took him to Immediate Care, and we had X-rays done, but the dr knew before she got them back what was wrong, because when you looked at his shoulder it was hanging really low, and she came back and said he had broken his collar bone!! It is completly seperated from his shoulder!! that is why its hanging so low. so we got a figure 8 collar sling and left and was given very strict restrictions!! She said its very important that he does not fall again. So we got home and gave him some loratab, and off to sleep he went, the next day i called his regular dr, who was furious that they did not give him an arm sling as well, saying his arm had to be up not just dangling! The reason I had called, since to me that didn't seem right to have it hanging. He woke up Thursday in a lot of pain, and there was no way he was going to school, and the dr said no school until atleast Monday if he is feeling up to it. Thursday night, we did some shopping and Friday Aj was doing a bit better, Aiden just didn't understand his brother was hurt, so he ended up climbing on his arm a few times, we finally just locked Ajs door, to keep the little one out. Friday we woke up to a lot of rain......and very cold temps, it rained all day with a few claps of thunder, it was funny, my father got home from work and he and my mom went out with Aiden, and while they were getting into the car, this huge loud clap of thunder happened, and two boys were walking and then ran after that up to the car asking if they could use the phone to call their mom!! LOL the thunder shook the houses!! later that night it turned to snow. When my parents got home, my little Aiden had red carnations for me!! What a sweet little guy, my mom said he "picked" out the flowers. I love carnations. Friday night they also bought Aj two movies, charlottes Web and Flushed.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Crochet Squares Mailed!

I am impressed with myself, I got some squares mailed, I have had them crocheted and in their envelopes for about a week, and kept forgetting to mail them. I sent my father out today after he got home from work to mail them. I am still working on some more to crochet, I want to atleast get squares out to those who have sent to me so far. One thing about this swap is you have to be careful with people only joining to get them but not send any in return. So far this swap has been pretty good. I am hosting it, in Shades of pink or purple........and have received a good amount so far, and some really pretty colors! There is about 22 ladies signed up.

I stayed away from swaps in groups for this month, wanted to rest my hand a bit, and catch up on my own swap. I do have a book mark to do for a lady on Hookinandaswapping........that is due by April 17th, my birthday, so I should not forget that date! LOL

I will get some pictures of some of the squares posted on here soon. I have received so many really beautiful squares.

Aiden is so tired today...........been really fussy. I know the fussiness is just from being so tired, but sometimes he drives me mad, he will scream so loudly.............he is at that stage of hitting and throwing. I have tried everything, rocking him, singing to him, playing with him, changed his diaper, tried to give him something to eat, drink and nothing, I was on the floor playing with him and for about 15 minutes that worked............after that, he threw his animal train at me hitting my wrist, and boy did that hurt.........his main problem was my dad was home from work but outside working and Aiden didn't like that Aj got him from school, and went out back to play, I took Aiden out there too, but had to constantly run after him because he kept trying to get into the garage to get to "papa".........I don't want him in that garage, with all the grease and lawnmowers, dirty tools and stuff, EWWW..............but finally my dad got done with what he was doing and came in to get Aiden.............and of course Aiden is fine now....I am sure very tired, but he will fight that with everything that he has!!

What is it with kids fighting playing and stuff really that important to them? Don't they realize how much better they feel after waking up? I mean come on, what angel up in heaven thought it funny to add that touch of "lets fight sleep at all costs!!" LOL I feel that Aiden has reached his terrible twos already, so there goes another kid of mine thinking he has got to rush the growing up process!!!!

AJ is tired too, he started Math testing at school..........which to me seems just another way for the schools to get more funding for every kid who does not do never really seem to know............because all you hear from the the schools and the school board is how much more money they need, which I am all for schools getting funding, but for the right reasons. They should be more caring to the kids. This thing about kids leaving school early is really starting to piss me off too...............they are ALWAYS harping on how we need to keep our kids in school..............don't let them leave early, or be late, god forbid!!! they don't tell you when and what time they usually do testing, and with individual classes now sending out newsletters, it is not too much trouble to add that in there, so we can try to schedule things around those times.............I had to get Aj early a couple of weeks ago, I walked into the office and Fritz smiled at me and said can i help you, and I said i needed to take Aj to the dr, and he about had a little fit. slamming his book shut, huffing and puffing, and i asked him sarcastically if he was having a bad day or something? He said no, and I said well then you must not have wanted to get up. Seriously I don't know if he was mad about having to get his butt off his chair and move, or what.............they were not having any test that day and there was only about 40 more minutes left of school!!!! When Aj brought home his newsletter it stated in big bold letters........."IT IS SO IMPORTANT THAT THEY ARE PRESENT FOR ALL PRACTICE TESTS, REVIEW SESSIONS, AND FOR THE ACTUAL TESTS." All underlined and everything then adding in smaller letters "please schedule doctores appointments and sporting activities after school hours" Umm if they can tell me what doctors or dentist have hours after 5pm, I will be sure to check them out!! Aj gets out of school at 4:10 by the time the bus drops him off its past 4:30, if i pick him up from school, I still don't get out of there by 4:30 because you have kids running all over that don't watch where they are going, you have parents trying to get home just like you never have time, and most drs and dentist don't want you to be late either!! I always try to schedule appointments on days off from school, but so does every other parent too, because those days are usually booked up!! So I am really tired of them pulling that crap on parents. I personally think kids are in school way too long during the day. or atleast let them out of school earlier! I also heard that they are trying to increase the time they are in school!!! I mean its ridiculous! I know school is important for our kids, but things are getting out of hand! Anyway I have ranted on enough, gotta get some crocheting done.


We just stayed around the house since it was cold and windy. Plus Saturday was a busy day. My mother and I made up the baskets last night while AJ was out and Aiden was sleeping. I think I bought way too much candy, but got them some toys and Aiden a big stuffed bunny...............I also filled the eggs to hide Sunday morning.

When AJ got home we dyed eggs, but Aiden really didn't seem interested, I guess he is too young to really care about that yet, i think by next year, he will really enjoy it. I took a few pictures will share once i have them installed on the computer. My camera kept going dead, rather the batteries.

Sunday morning, Aj came and woke me up quite a few times.......he really wanted to open his basket. So the boys did, and loved everything in it, after breakfast, they went to "find" easter eggs out back, and had fun doing that...........My mom made a very good dinner, we had a spiral bone-in ham and other delicious dishes.

That was about it, just a relaxing day.

Hope everyone enjoyed their Easter!!

Sunday, April 08, 2007


I know I have not been around much, same excuse, just been tired and busy............Anyway my week went well, just trying to stay awake, AJs bus was late all last week, and Thursday never showed up even though they claimed two busses came............they are getting a bad rap and a well deserved bad rap, will try to find the stories and post them tomorrow or tonight if i remember.

AJ didn't have soccer practice for two weeks, I guess the coach is busy with other things, but still, he is a good coach, but if his personal life is wearing him down, maybe being a coach is not the right time. Last Saturday was pictures and a game, but both were cancelled due to a lot of the make up date was yesterday. They called earlier and said the game was rescheduled for later in the afternoon, when they were hoping it would warm up!! WE have been getting cold cold temps.

Anyway, Friday I finished up some shopping and went to 3 stores looking for rolls, and then on the last store, forgot to even look for them!! I was so tired and had been out for over 5 hours at the stores! Not my ideal shopping trip. Anyway Yesterday We got to the game, to have pictures, and it was soooo cold and windy!! Aj forgot his coat, and i was lucky enough to get him a change of clothes for after the game, he was going to have an outing with Brett, so i had him put those on over his uniform, until pictures were taken........which they had the kids standing facing the sun, so the group shot was a bunch of squinting eyes, I am hoping one came out better than the other since they took two.

We still had about another hour before the game and noone could understand why they were even having the game, but I figured the pictures would not be rescheduled we went to Super Target to get something to chicken soup, found the rolls!!!!

Game was good, AJs team lost, but played well. AJ even played better! I was proud of him too, he got to be goalie!!! and blocked 3 times!!!

Last weekend my best friend was in town, she flew in from Houston, where she was all week training, but her flight was short, as Wichita airport cancelled all incoming and outgoing flights due to all the rain and lightening we were getting, so they were flown into Kansas City and the flight rented a bus and drove into Wichita, so she didn't get in until sometime after 1. It was good seeing her again, I miss her! She lives so far away!

Anyway AJ starts math assesments this week...........I am hoping he does well. He struggles in Math, but I have faith in him.