Original Designer: Aurora Suominen Copyright © 2009-2020 All rights reserved.

1. Shells Around 
19. Fresh Air
20. Spring Loops
21. Fluttering Breeze 
22. Texture in the Round 
23. Moms Flower  
24. Diane's Flower
25. Pixie Flower
26. Flower Day Square
27. Shape Shifting in 6

28. Rippling Loops
29. Winter Ripple  
30. Clover Luck times 6 
31. Window of Fresh Air
32. Baby Bloom
33. A Mothers Bloom 

34. Popcorn Burst
35. Pop Star 
36. Heart of a Petal 
37. Corner Pop 
38. Embrace the Heart
39. Twisted Braids 
40. Criss Cross 
41. Burst of Popcorns 
42. Popcorn Vines 

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Diana F.- Ohio said...

I l;ove your patterns. They are so creative and beautiful.

Jo N said...

Hi, you have some amazing and beautiful designs! I am one of the admins for the FB group 2018 Granny Squares CAL
And would like to ask permission to use some of your 6" patterns please?
We use our own layout for patterns but would credit you as the designer and give link back to your original pattern.

I would be very excited to include your wonderful designs. Many thanks and kind regards, Jo

Joshua1 said...

I was trying to find the 6" Granny Square pattern "Pixie Flower", but when I went to the page the pattern was not there. Is there somewhere else I need to be looking?? Thanks!
- Ms. FC