This is where you will find videos showing how some of my patterns are worked.  I hope they help you.  If you want to see a video of one my patterns please message me and let me know which one and where you are needing the help.

SHAPE SHIFTING SERIES (includes the 6", 12" squares, as well as the hotpad & dishcloth.

Video showing how the fpdc are worked into same sts.

Ring Around a New Year 6" square 2 Videos

Video Part 1 showing up to round  3

Video Part 2 Showing up to round 5
Also explains the st count in rnds 4, 5, and 6

Snowflake Breeze 6" square Video

This shows you Round 5 and how I am working the Back Post Double Crochet.

Forever Love 12" Square

Video #1 Rnd 3 showing corners & middle sp

Video #2 Rnd 4 Showing corners

Video #3 Rnd 7 Showing how to mark sts behind the fpdc

Video #4 Rnd 8 Showing how to work the Heart Humps

Video #5 Rnd 9 Showing the DTR behind work
Climbing Corners 6" square.  The following video will show you how I worked the FPTC sts in the corners.

Climbing Corner Video

6" Single Dragonfly square

this video shows you how I work the wings in round 2