Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Time is Flying

Well today was a good day, but then I started getting paperwork organized and realized how busy of a week I have.  Then I came across a paper reminding me of the Open House for AJ Friday.  For high school!!  WOW!!!  My little AJ is going to be in high school.  Where did our time go? I know that he is still only 13, but I guess 13 is not 5 anymore.....he is not my baby.  Well I tell him that he will be my baby always..Things I do with Aiden remind me of AJ and I when he was little.  Every morning Aiden will wake up and come snuggle up on my lap!!  AJ did the same when he was that age.  Aiden asks me really cute, funny questions......AJ did the same at that age.  Aiden is so open with hugs and kisses, he will snuggle a lot, he tells me how beautiful I am, how much he loves me. AJ did the same at that age, but with each year, it got less and less.  He still tells me he loves me, but not as often as I would like.  My "baby" is growing up.......and now I get to watch my baby Aiden grow up, who already tells me he is not a baby anymore.  I love my boys so much, and I want them to grow up and become amazing adults, to experience so many good things to have families, but it is hard to see it starting.  We want those things for our kids, but watching them grow up is both amazingly happy, and amazingly sad at times too.  You wonder why it moves so fast.  Can't it just slow down a bit, maybe even more than a bit.  How come the times we want to go slow, move fast, and the times we want to move fast, go slow?  This is just not fair for us!  

Aiden is doing really well in pre-k, and I am saddened a bit too that he is venturing into Kindergarten....ALL DAY TOO!!  Which again reminds me that my baby is growing up too.......I wonder how well he will like all day kindergarten.  He just had a fundraiser with school, and he did very well.  

AJ is making a high B in pre-algebra, which makes me very proud!!  I just took his instrument in to get fixed and got some estimates on getting some of the dents out and a new case.