Sunday, November 29, 2009


I had my father peel and cut some apples, I didn't want them to spoil.......we didn't make an apple pie for Thanksgiving, because I had already made pumpkin and blueberry pies. So he did, and we had alot of I had enough to make apple pie and an Apple Crisp, which I absolutely love!! AJ helped me with both, he crinkled up the edges of the pie, and cut the slits.....he even indented happy faces, not sure they came out in the picture, but I thought that was cute. Anyway we just took out the apple crisp, and it smells so good. Will have that tonight with some cool whip. If you are feeling adventurous and want to create a different kind of apple pie, culinary classes at online universities should also be able to teach you the Top 10 apple pie recipes.

I started on AJ's Pokemon Mew the head and body done.......will try to finish him up tonight.........I also want to start on Luigi for Aiden, and Woodstock from Charlie brown........I will do Woodstock in thread, he was my favorite character!!!

Well AJ is back to school tomorrow, and hopefully we can all get back on a better schedule.........I would like to say things will slow down, but then I remember that Christmas is right around the corner.

Apple Pie that AJ helped me with. This was before it was cooked.

Saturday, November 28, 2009


Well Thanksgiving is over and I am was a busy and stressful day, I forgot to take pictures...........I had to make 3 trips for things I forgot!! UGH!!! Oh well, the day went well, and we had a great dinner. We also got our Christmas Decorations up too. Anyway AJ said he wanted me to make an angel for his librarian, he is a proctor and she had a birthday right before break........he chose a pattern, which is above, and he wanted it done in I used a Size 5 pearl came out tiny........very cute!! I made it last night, and I took a picture of it next to the one I made a few months back with a G hook and WW yarn.........I also used the red felt for the mouth. I will also make her a bookmark too. He will take it to her Monday. I think this was really sweet of him to want to do. Now his friend Fernando wants me to make him one for a girl he likes. LOL
I took the boys to Chuck E Cheeses Wednesday......this is AJ and I, I was able to snap this while he was getting more coins to play the games.
This is Aiden sitting on my lap playing Mario Cart, his feet didn't reach the petals, so I had to press the gas pedal for him while he drove.

Both Aiden and AJ on some sort of bike game.........they had a blast...........then off to walmart we went...........bought a package of pokemon cards for AJ and they were 10 bucks, and on our way home, he opened it and found only 1 card, someone had opened the packages and took the cards out. So we had to go back which was no fun.

Yesterday I spent about 4 hours on my couch, I was not feeling well at whole body felt very I was ok but a pain in my lower left side of my stomach.........I think stress and not enough sleep. AJ has a friend sleeping over tonight, but hopefully they will have an early night...........LOL Wishful thinking?

Monday, November 23, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

I did these Gingerbread boys last week I think.....they came out really cute, I used the Lion Brand pattern which you can find HERE. The boys like them
I also finished this Gingerbread house today. I started it back in October, and had it all done a few weeks back, well not all done, the box was put together, all "house" walls and roof were put on..........I did the trimmings today..........I think it came out really cute, and actually worked up fairly quickly, I didn't like cutting the box........that part was no fun at all, and even with it done and glued together, I still have to "trim"
This is the afghan I was doing for a friend of mine online.............I had sewn on the last strip upside down and had already added a border...........well I finally decided to fix it, so the border actually came off fairly easy, and I was able to get the last strip off without cutting into the border of the squares...........anyway you can't really tell in the picture, but it has a white border, then I added a second border, two sides in red, and two sides in green.
I made this Santa door hanger, I did two of them, one will be sent off to someone.........the pattern can be found HERE. It called for two Santa faces, but I did the Tree one instead of the second face. Now that I look at the patten, I did mine wrong.......I only printed out the actual pattern and not the pictures. :( oh well,

Sunday, November 22, 2009


I am worn week started out somewhat slow, but sure ended busy...We had Amanda come over and help us set up a 25 gallon fish tank that Todd, our neighbor gave to AJ. We got it set up, so it was a late start for us with dinner and day, when it was ready, we went to find fish...picked up Amanda from school, and then AJ from tutoring, and off we went..first one was we went to a second one, but they had a very small fish section..although plenty of puppies I wanted!! LOL So off to a third one, that had a better selection and price range.....only got about 6 fish...they said not to put too many in with a new set up right away.....Our Betta died the next morning.....we exchanged him, and the new one is doing good, we had to get rid of one of the fish, it was chasing and attacking all the other he went bye bye!!

I had tons of laundry to catch up on, and still not completely done, tomorrow I will have bedding to do....My gingerbread house is about pictures to show........The Christmas afghan I was working on and had put the last strip on and didn't realize it was upside down until the border was on? Well I decided to fix it.....yep, I took the border out, and the strip, and luckily I had no problem!! It's done now, and I will wash it tomorrow to "soften" it up and take pictures and send her package off. I hope she likes it.

I am going to go watch the movie, Star Trek while laying in bed and hoping my back stops hurting.

Monday, November 16, 2009

It Snowed!

Well I am looking forward to more snow..........we actually had snow falling today........I woke up this morning not feeling well, just felt really tired.............I laid on the couch for about an hour, and decided nothing was getting done............and we had only rain outside.........and very cold temps. So I cleaned up the house a bit, worked on some crochet while waiting for AJ to come home, he had an appt for his flu off we went and it was raining when we left, but half way to the dr it was snowing hard.........of course it was too wet to show up on the ground, but it sure looked pretty falling........we then went to Wal-mart to pick up a few things and the wind picked up and at times it looked like a blizzard. I just wish it would snow more and actually show up on the ground.........oh more rain after tonight and the sun will show itself sometime tomorrow. I will survive without my snow. I have to. :(

I had two gingerbread crochet patterns, I want to do two for the boys..........So I let AJ pick from the two patterns I had, and got started on that, but laid down earlier tonight to watch tv and let the pain pills kick in.........shortly after taking off for the drs, my knees started to ache, then burn, then hurt something awful, by the time we got home, I was ready to cry, and then my back decided to join the "pain club" I tried the heating pad on my back while laying down and that and the pills worked!! So I am off the computer now to work more on the gingerbread boy.

It's Raining Reindeers?

I did this reindeer tonight.........the mouth is kinda creepy looking to me......LOL could be the lighting, or something.

I also tested this pattern for Carrie at the Ville, he came out cute, and the antlers on the first reindeer were actually the corrected the antlers here at not the same as the pattern, or actually she reworded the pattern instructions and of course that came out alot easier.

Weekend went ok, my neighbor let her 12 year old daughter get a hicky from her by Let her, I mean, she let her have her bf over at the house with no supervision.........then took both of them to a bar!! Call me old fashioned, but I think that is just wrong!!! First off, 12 is too young, second, it's just wrong to take them a bar to hang out........anyway.............the father got upset at first then told his 12 year old daughter that at least the bf could have done it right, by making it more "purplish" OMG???!! Am I just missing something????

Friday, November 13, 2009

Its been one busy and fast week........I can't believe how fast this month is...........going into the 3rd week already!! Both boys had dr appts this week, Aiden on Tuesday, I told him a check up only and made the mistake of telling him no shots.........well his exam went well, but he needed 4 shots, he was ok up until she finally poked him, but he cried for only a few minutes, he stopped when I started!! LOL I know silly at this stage of motherhood, but I think I felt more bad about telling him there was going to be no shots. Aiden weighs 34 pounds and is 39" tall. Anyway they set up us the next day to have a flu vaccine for him..........then Wednesday was AJ's turn, his was fine too, I need to get him more supportive shoes...........he has been having knee and back issues............I also need to get him to lose some weight, he has gained so much since last year. he is by no means fat, but he has gained. I want to stop it before he gains more. His problem is snacking, he will try to snack off of others plates. Anyway he needs to get flu shot too, so I need to remember to call the dr tomorrow and hopefully get him in tomorrow after school. I also had to run to the store both days of the appts, so by the time I get home it's dark already and I have to clean up and get dinner started, and I hate getting dinner ready so late. So far my phone is working ok...............but I haven't really talked much on it since the other day, so not sure if the hearing issue was resolved, I sure hope so, this phone is only about 5 months old.
Today was good, my dad got the washer to work, he called the company, who said a bad pump code can also mean the washer hoses and screens could be clogged, so he took it apart Wednesday and sure enough he found gunk in there, looked like what could have been a washcloth, a sock.......fuzzy crap.............and a Purex sheet............the company said that can happen in any washer.........because the repair man awhile back said those new 3in1 purex sheets are a waste as they get into the motor and ruin the washer......but we only found one, and I have been using them for awhile now......since they came out and finding only one is pretty good. A washcloth and a sock got through too. Anyway I am so glad to have my washer back, been doing bedding all day today...........and so far no errors with the machine. Woohooo!! LOL I hate going to the laundry mat.........I went the other night and did 3 loads and it came to about 18 dollars.......that adds up fast!! We have a lot of laundry. LOL I make AJ change out of his uniform when he gets home from school, so with that and 5 of us.......that sure adds up!!!
I am going to try to take a couple of days off from crocheting.........but I doubt I will last that long!!

I have been working on a Christmas lapghan..............finally got the last strip done today...........I had been super busy this week, and wanted to get it done, my hands are swollen and cramped up.....but I was sooooo happy when that last row went on, and I weaved in so many ends, then added a DC border, will add two more borders in red and white I think, but anyway, I laid it out flat to make sure I got all the ends weaved and cut..........when I realized that last strip was sewn on upside down!!!!!!!! OMG!! I can't believe I did that............I will have a lot of trouble fixing it as the border is already I am debating on sending it or not..............I can't get past the's pretty, but man that was just awful seeing that

Saturday, November 07, 2009

WooHoo Update

Can you spot the 3 heads? LOL that is upper from left, Chris, AJ and Aiden below.......we had them rake the leaves Sunday afternoon and of course they played in the huge pile!! They had a lot of fun, and it was nice weather for this is another nice and warm day to rake what has fallen since last week. They got the back yard done this past week too.
This was on Halloween night, Chris went as an escaped convict, Aj went as Thesora, from kingdom hearts.....I THINK........I have been getting it wrong. LOL of course there is my little Luigi!! They all had fun going out, I stayed home taking Halloween stuff down and putting up the Thanksgiving stuff
Another shot of them outside getting ready to leave.
I have been in a crochet funk.....not really wanting to crochet.......but I need to get busy as I have some things that need to get done and mailed..this Christmas afghan has two more rows then it will be done.

This is from Dishcloth Diaries, this is October's Pretty in Pink.......I did mine in light blue though, It came out really pretty.

I am going to enjoy this weekend, the weather is suppose to be nice both day, and today is very I want to get more leaves out front raked up. AJ is out with a friend, so it's just Aiden and me......I am hoping to get some crochet done and cleaning too, mainly dusting. I did have to fix the DVD shelf, I got the first season of NCIS, Season's 1&2 of Stargate Atlantis, and the first 3 seasons of Criminal Minds.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009


I was lucky enough to test another pattern for Allisha. This was for a snowman and snowball cowboy. They came out cute, and I wanted to add arms to the snowman and a few other things, but I am in a crochet slump.....I have not worked on crochet for almost a week. Allisha offered a a second hat pattern for the snowman........a sleeping her name above to be taken to her blog and from there, find out more info on her patterns.

I started this Christmas scene a few weeks back, and so far the tree is all I have will be a snow scene with a snowman..........

WE had this adorable Boxer puppy for all of one day........not even that, a night..........We named her Buttercup, she is cute and was super sweet to the whole family, she was a lap dog and followed you everywhere, she did not want to be alone..........I heard a few stories on why the original owner got her back from the first buyer.........but that is not really the issue of why we don't have her anymore.......I am allergic to dogs and cats......really any animal with fur............I knew I my allergy attacks could get bad..........but man was this the worst............ok maybe not the worst, but it sure felt that way........I had swollen, itchy eyes, that watered big time......and that is not the eyes got so swollen, I could barely see out of them, I looked really weird!!! anyway, my throat closed up..........I got huge welts all over, and my skin turned bright red............I was bringing up blood I itched so bad..........I am taking allergy medicine, but I have always had issues with them times, I was on two different kinds, with a nasal spray, and eye drops, and cream for the welts and rash..............anyway.......I end up in ER and didn't get any sleep.......maybe 30 minutes before AJ called from school because he forgot the car he made for his science my father brought that up to him, and them about a couple of hours after that, I was still awake, and miserable, and the school nurse called saying AJ was having bad stomach off to pick him up, I called the lady who I got the dog from, who wanted him back, she saw how awful and miserable I looked.........we miss Butter Cup already. I guess I will give up on getting a dog for Aiden was scared and kept crying everytime the puppy tried to play with him.

Anyway since only getting 30 of sleep, I am going to go to bed early.........well after I read a bit of Twilight...........I was thinking I wanted to read this book slowly to enjoy it, but it's too good, and I just want to get through it, so I can start on the second book. I am huge Twilight fan........ok maybe not "HUGE" but I do love the movie and the books so far, and I have always loved Vampire stories..........not to mention the pictures of the Volturi vampires are hot!! LOL ok now its really time for me to head to bed. I am getting loopy.