Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Sad Day

I am just so depressed right now. I had a really nice car, that my ex fiancee bought for me, yes that is right he bought it for me as a gift because I had to sell my other car to pay him rent for my parents, because he gave me such a hard time about them being late.......anyway the title had to be in his name due to the loan being in his name, but the car was registered to me, anyway he paid off the loan we were already broke up by that time, but he said the car was a gift and he would keep it that way, but he never gave me the title, the loan office said he requested the title be sent to him! Not me, but him, I called him several times to ask for it, but he would ignore me. Well after Aiden was born, i could not drive my car, because it was a standard, which my dr told me not to drive, so i was trying to trade it off for a taurus, but without a title I could do nothing..................so to make a long story short, if i had had the title, i would have been able to trade it off for an automatic.....but this taurus was being loaned to someone else, and the transmission was acting funny. the guy kept saying he would look into it, well, he took the car back for awhile, my father totalled my car in an accident during an ice storm, which he had no control over, and so I was able to get the taurus back a month ago, and the guy said i need to decided on whether i am going to buy it, he wanted 1500 for it, but it has over 200,000.00 miles on it, the air does not work, the back door does not work and the electrical system was not working, this all not including what might be wrong with the transmission. so today I took it in, because it really started to act up, and i was scared to drive it, well this guy was very honest with me, all the motor mounts are gone!! you should have seen how that engine jumped when the car was in gear!!! The transmission fluid was burnt black............to rebuild the transmission is anywhere from 1000 to 1600 dollars, the motor mounts because of how you have to get to them and with labor is another anywhere from 600 to 800 dollars!! The guy said the smartest and safest thing I could do was give this car back immediately, it was a very unsafe, very very dangerous car to be driving! I was so upset, number one to even think of what might have happened with my boys in the car!! I am mad at myself, mad at...................just myself, I can't believe it, 34 years old and no car AGAIN! How stupid i feel right now, how depressed.................I know I am just feeling sorry for myself, but to know what could have happened while driving that and my boys being in the car......its just so scary, and I feel like its all my fault, I trusted people, but really i should only trust myself. I took all my stuff out of it and will give it back.

Monday, February 19, 2007


Well Evelyn called me from Child Support, we are still missing payments, and CA is not returning calls at all. We don't know if they are open today though, some places I am sure closed for Presidents day.

Anyway I am back with blogger, of course this blog was already open and started, just hadn't done anything more to it. I really need to keep this one going though.

Its been a busy month, but February has gone by so fast. Earlier this month AJ has conferences at his school. His went well, he still needs some help in Math, but we have a tutor coming over once a week to help him with math, and I also help him as well. His class had thier Valentines party on Wednesday.....we made 24 cup cakes and also brought salsa. I went to help out too, which was fun, the kids had fun and really liked having chips and salsa. Everyone loved the cup cakes too. After the party, school was out, so we went home, and found snow had accumulated on the ground in the short time I was in there. It was really coming down........but at the end of the night it was gone, and the next day what little we had on the ground was gone.

AJ missed school on Thursday because he was running a fever that morning when i got him up for school, not to mention he was like a zombie, he could not even focus his eyes. Later that day, Aiden peed on the couch by accident, (those little boys!!) My mistake for changing him on it, but i took all the material off the cusions and my mother washed them, so later that night after putting them back on, Aiden comes to snuggle with me on the couch, and get sick all over the couch, me, himself and the floor, so I had to clean that up, get Aiden and I in a shower to clean up too, and I got everything cleaned up and smelling much better............Thankfully! He seemed fine after that, so obviously something just didn't agree with his little tummy!

Saturday was AJs last basketball game, they played well, but the other team was ahead, and the kids taking score were also cheating, they kept giving the other team points for no baskets, and our team was cheated out of points when we made baskets, which we were losing anyway , but that is not the message we want to teach our kids. That you can cheat and get away with it, because the coach and parents of the cheating team are allowing it and not saying a word. It really frustrated a lot of us parents. After the game they got some really cool medals and bottom line is they had fun, played thier best, the won some games and lost some, and had a lot of fun doing it.

So anway I will finish up more later, have to get something to eat in the boys. I am back to counting my calories too.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Back to Posting

Well someone told me that blogger was running better, but when i posted my old entries from another journal i had, it would let me edit my font and colors, but now adding a new post, it does not give me the option of changing my font and colors, surely if they were making it better and easier to use, they would not take away the font and colors and stuff when posting?

Got it figured out, don't know how, but i did, will post tomorrow, Aiden is tired.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

When You need someone to talk to I hope you will talk to me
When you need someone to laugh with I hope you will
laugh with me
When you need someone to advise you I hope you will
turn to me
When you need someone
to help you
I hope you will let me help you
I cherish and love everything about you
And I will always support you
as a parent, as a person
and as a friend.
~Susan Polis Schutz~

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Well its been a busy week so far...........Our weekend went good, I decided to keep Aj home Saturday morning from his basketball game. Friday evening he had been running a slight temperature, plus it was going to be extremely cold that morning, and I did not see the sense in getting the boys out in that cold. So He did go with Brett and Aiden and I stayed home and relaxed a bit.............ohhh I almost forgot, last Friday was a bake sale at AJs school......and I told me dad to give him some money from my wallet so he could buy something.......well AJ had about 2 dollars and a quarter on his shelf, and he grabbed that and said he was going to give that to a girl in his class who doesn't have money! OMG I thought that was sooooo sweet!!!!!! I didn't tease him about it, but told him how incredibly nice that was of him and such a gentleman.........although he didn't get to buy anything, his bus was very late that morning, and the sale sold out of everything early!
So anyway, Sunday I took the boys to Mcdonalds for ice cream and so they could play at the playplace, it was way too cold to play outside..........so they had fun there, Aiden was asleep when we got there, and we had to sit in the lobby next to the playhouse because it was so busy!! We finally got a table inside and of course Aiden woke up then. He loves going up there.
I finally got a payment from Child support yesterday, it was only over a month late, I am still owed 2 more payments, not Thiens fault though, its coming out of his checks.........but Ca is taking forever to send off..........anyway we went grocery shopping, we were out of everything, i paid some stuff, and stocked up on diapers and wipes!!! I never know when the next one will come. Anyway Aiden was so cute in the store, those beautiful brown eyes of his get him attention, as do his laughs and even his cries.........he was so tired and i was holding him, and his little tears were falling onto my back! I got him laughing though and let him walk around, he stays close of course, and helps push the cart, and when he does, he takes little baby steps......lol goofy boy!!
Got home and man was i sore!! My back, feet and knees were killing me, Aiden fellasleep pretty quickly. I have been getting up with AJ to get him off to school, since dad was working a few days earlier than usual.................and Aiden would get up a few minutes after me, and then fights to take a nap..........so he has been very tired.........
Early this morning, he was fussy throughout the night, but then i heard him making this choking noise and I got up really fast and heard him vomiting, and man i picked him up in the dark, ran to turn the light on, and he was covered in it!! (yuck) i know but imagine how my little guy felt, i started cleaning him up, then put him in the bath, which usually he loves, but he didn't this morning at first..........after that he played with AJ before Aj left for school, and then he was so tired. I went back to lay down with him, and he was falling asleep, then got sick again!!! He was so frustrated and sad! I hate when he is sick, Aj too. We got up changed and cleaned him up, and he was off and running, finally fell asleep, but only for about an hour! Will go get him some 7-up and Pedialyte later. He did eat a bit of chicken soup, ate about half, so hopefully he will keep that down.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Snow Snow SnowIts snowing today!!!! I was so happy when i got up this morning and saw all the snow on the ground and still falling heavily. I got AJ up for school, made him breakfast and doing all this very quietly because I didn't want to wake up Aiden...........I kinda figured the bus would be late, with all the snow falling, the roads were already ice packed.......apparently it started during the night sometime..........I was lucky enough to get to sleep by 1am...........Anyway Aj and I got ready and got him bundled up, and I let him play outside while we waited for the bus, but no bus, so we came in and after a few minutes, my little Aiden woke up, got him up with no 30 pound diaper!! Tuesday morning I had swore he had had a pee fest during the night..........his diaper was extremely wet, and usually he doesn't wet that much during the night................but this time, it was awful had to let him play in the bath.........anyway he got up and loved the snow, in fact he wanted to go outside to play and eat the snow!! LOL The school called me to let me know that the bus was of course running very late........but had finally made its second stop and would be here shortly..........so i was sitting in front of the door, and no bus..........finally i did see a bus with flashing lights, but she had come from the opposite way instead of the usual way, but she didn't stop where she was suppose to or in view of the house..............so she looked at me standing at the door, I also opened the door looking at her while telling Aj the bus was here, but she kept on driving!! Found out that was in fact his bus............so i called the school, and told them i would try to drive him myself...........So had to get Aiden dressed and bundled up, luckily he did not give me any trouble with that...............he loves going bye bye, he got outside and instantly threw himself into the snow..........so there went his dry clothes!! LOL Got both boys in the car while i brushed off the car and headed out! We made it there and home again. Aiden is eating and I am off to relax now.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007 Old Post

wow I know its been awhile since i last wrote in here, I tried to this past weekend, but could not get into it.
Had a great weekend, Saturday morning AJ had his basketball game, and they won..........Aiden was there clapping along with everyone else. I just sat on the floor with him instead of the bleachers, so he could move around better and of course dump everything out of my purse. Afterwards Aiden and I came home and he was a sleepy boy. Aj was having a sleepover with some friends, so we really missed him.
Aj came home early Sunday and off to a birthday party.........had a lot of fun.
I am really pissed at Child Support, I finally get a judgement, and now it seems i have to fight to get the money..............I have only received one payment...........suppose to get two a month...........i got one earlier this month, stocked up on diapers and wipes and stuff, now I am almost out of diapers and stupid Child support says they sent my payment last week to the CORRECT address, which means i should have gotton it yesterday, but so far it has not been received, it only takes a day to get where it needs to go! I called them today when it did not show up and they don't know where its at??? it was mailed to the correct place last week, but they have not received it!! So there it is off floating around space!!
I will write more later when i calm down and relax some.......