Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Mr Aiden here with a Spiderman scooter that had belonged to AJ when AJ was small, we didn't realize we still had this, but apparently my father had put it away in the garage, and AJ found this this Aiden was using it today, and had fun with it...........I took this photo this afternoon. Talk about warmer temps, we had to turn the air on, the temp inside was around 80 degrees, and outside its about was hot in here.
I took this today outside too, I love how the sun shines down through the trees through all the leaves and you the shadows and stuff. We spent a lot of time outside...............Aiden playing on his scooter, and AJ was planting his flower that he got from school today.
now is this not the coolest little jedi boy you have seen?
Well I started Pokemon Lucario Sunday night, and worked on him for about an hour, then a bit more on Monday, and then put him aside last night to finish another strip to my living room afghan...........I have 7 more squares to do to finish one.........but anyway I am working on Lucario tonight and this was him earlier.......I have his arms done too now. Now that "horn" in the middle of his chest is more pointy than the original one was...........the original one looked more like a boob. LOL

Thursday, April 16, 2009

We had a great Easter, I didn't take a ton of pictures like I usually do, because how many pictures do you really need? I usually end up taking too many, and I didn't want to do that this are the boys with their baskets, we made them......and they both loved them of course. We had to have the Easter Egg hunt inside because it rained all day.....I mean it never stopped. My father wanted to go for breakfast, but I wanted to stay home to get some stuff done and set up for dinner. So he took them in my van since his heat didn't work, well I had been in the laundry room cleaning up and didn't hear my phone ringing until I got closer to the front of the house, my dad called to say some guy hit them..........someone ran into the back of them.........the other guy told the police it was his fault as he was not looking in front of him.........anyway my van had a few scratches on the bumper but no damage, and the other cars whole front end was smashed in. I am just glad the boys and my father were not hurt and then I was happy the van was ok. LOL Anyway we had a great dinner and I was happy to get some rest later that night.
I did this pencil holder for Aiden last night and he likes it, I didn't put a button on it though. He has been walking around carrying this. LOL
I tested this really cute cow for Ivory, click her name to go to her blog. This pattern is called Strawberry the Sleepy cow. You can see its tail in the photo, some picture taking on my part. LOL

This toilet paper cover was done for Margaret, she had one listed for a wish in a group we are in. this went out today with her Grandpa........Aiden and I had to go to the Box store to find a box for him........and as someone in another group put it, he will have crik in his neck since its bent a bit to fit him in. LOL Aiden and I also had lunch together, and then relaxed the rest of the day.

I have had a headache since some time during the night, and I am getting dizzy, I am hoping its just stress and I am not getting sick.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Well some of you have been keeping tabs on Grandpa's he is finally finished!!! I started him on the 20th of last month, and took my time with him, he was due to be mailed until the end of this month........and I wanted to work on other projects in between working on him............but he is finally done, and I could not be happier. The pattern called for using yarn in french knots for his eye brows and hair, but I used stuffing......I thought this looked more realistic!!
Here is the old man from the side
and with his coat open...........he was a pain at times, but now I know what changes to make for Grandma to make her easier to make. if you pull up his pants, you will see white socks and his skin. LOL How cute.

I am doing good, just been tired, My dad was sick today, had what AJ had not too long ago, and I am hoping Aiden doesn't get sick or me...........short update there, will have a longer one soon.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Woohoo Pokemon Charizard is done!!!

OMG!! I finished AJ's Pokemon Charizard tonight....I am soooo happy to have him done........I took my time with him, so many pieces to him....lets see let me count 38 pieces to crochet and put together!! LOL I have to say this lady did an awesome job designing him, as she does with all her patterns, if you want to check her work out She is Bizzy Crochet Just click the name to find her. Aiden is posing with Charizard so you get the idea of how big he is.
A side view of Mr Charizard!
This is Aiden's little Alien ship with Alien. he loves it and was flying it around the house tonight.
Well here is Grandpas body....he is still headless, I have his head done, but no facial features yet.........I had to redo his belt loops as I had originally done them in the wrong color. LOL
Took this today of Aiden and I.........I was taking some pictures of some crochet stuff, and he wanted some of here we can see that I am letting my hair grow out.

It was a very cloudy day today, and they said rain......but its actually snowing right now.........will try to post an update this weekend.

Monday, April 06, 2009

These are the little aliens I did last night, and am working on the space ship today, but have not had much time to crochet. They are faceless right now, poor guys!!
This is a close of up of the two strips I have done for the living room afghan
and this showing that it will be 7 squares long. I think these are about 7" squares,
Mr Aiden in deep thought here.
AJ and his team mate, Brett. I love the uniforms this year. Usually he got stuck with drab colors, like grey and black, but this year they got a really cool green.
Just before Aiden and I left to go to "Bro's" soccer game, Saturday, we spiked his hair.......he loved it.
LOL AJ and I wearing each other's glasses............neither of us could see a thing through them.

I am very tired........I need to get to sleep........I am just not feeling well, so its hard to fall asleep. I have a headache and feel like I have a stick stuck in my throat going across it, and my ribs hurt.......I think its just bad heartburn though, but it sure is making me feel odd.......I also might be coming down with something, hope not though. I think its just a combination of stress over the past few days......I don't really want to go into it........but today was better. I got some laundry done, both boys were good today............AJ usually is really helpful when he knows I am upset or sad..........he will really help out, and be there for me.

Yesterday was pretty the 70s, but very windy..........AJ had a soccer game, and all the boys got dirt in their eyes, the ball kept blowing was just awful out there. His team played well considering.

I have two strips done for my living room afghans..........each afghan will be 35 squares, 5 across and 7 down.............I had drawn out how I wanted the squares, but I was doing them, and decided I didn't like how it was turning decided on just doing one row going down in one pattern, and then the second row another pattern going I had to adjust the squares I had already done.........time consuming to have to do that, but its done, and I have the first two strips for one.........I also decided since changing them, that I will do one at a time..........they will both be done using the same squares, but in a different order for each. Once I got the two strips done, I decided to work on the Alien and little can find the pattern by clicking the name I am going to be making 3 of for Aiden, one for me, and one for a friend of mine. Aiden wanted me to finish tonight, but I was too tired, and not feeling well, so I stopped at the two aliens...........I took pictures of my crochet today, but my phone is not sending pictures at the moment. I will try again and post tomorrow.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Well I had a rough day........I got up and did nothing, but spend some time with Aiden, then after lunch, I had told my father that he needed to help me get the washer and dryer pulled out, so I could clean and vacuum up all the dust bunnies and find out if the hoses were kinked in the washer as it hasn't been working right.....dryer has not been drying well he did that and we found a ton of junk clogging the hose to the washer and in the little screened we got that cleaned out and I told him to help me vacuum the hold that the dryer hose goes into to vent outside..........well was clogged big time, so he went outside and it was clogged there, but nothing on the ground, so down to the basement we went, took the wall off to the crawl space under the dryer and man........was it filthy........the pipe or whatever that the dryer vented down into and then outside was not connected the dryer had vented down in the crawl space, it was eery looking with all that dryer lint, I mean it was all over everything, the cords, the floor, gross!!! so he pulls out the pipes to clean and put back together, then the fun part of getting all the dryer lint swept and wiped up and out of there, a whole 30 gallon trash bag full......lord knows how long that was like that, I am just glad we decided to do this now.............its done, and hopefully no more problems with that. I had to sweep up the kitchen and dining room as the boys and my dad kept tracking that stuff everywhere...........I was so happy to get into the shower!!

AJ got to play with Chris too a bit today, and they kept trying to say they were going to help clean down there, but I knew they just wanted to play.

AJ is done with math testing at school......he said that nothing really stumped him but a couple of questions, so hopefully he did well on them. May is the last month of school, I can't believe how fast this school year has gone.......
I started on my squares for the living room afghans............will do them at the same time, so one square done for the couch and one square done for the love seat.....wooohoo huh? LOL I will also start an ami for Aiden tonight too. I think I will start on the little space ship with alien, I have to admit this is way too cute for any sci-fi fan, so I will be making one for me..........and a few other people.

My chest is hurting tonight, so I am going to go relax and work on some squares, I want to get at least one strip done for both.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Well I am really tired and sore tonight.............So far this week has started well, just trying to stay caught up with everything around the house......The washer is not wanting to work right, so I need my father to pull that out tomorrow and see if any lines are kinked up. so doing wash is taking a bit longer than I want it to. Today I cleaned the living room, a full clean, meaning moving all the furniture to vacuum, clean base boards.........up and down on the ladder cleaning shelves up high, sweeping the cob webs for ceiling.....I have to say I slacked off in the cob web department, I hate doing that, and we have those stupid popcorn ceilings.....but luckily I only say one, but there was dust bunnies around the I had all those little spikes from the ceiling attacking me. After that I cleaned the boys room, did all the dusting, they pretty much picked up the toys and stuff, but I also had to clean the closet, move toy boxes around, and also managed to FINALLY organize my yarn totes.......I am sure they will get messed up again.

AJ went to dinner and a magic show with Communities in School last night and had a lot of fun with that..........Did some shopping, and I think with all the errrands I had to run yesterday and taking AJ to and from school, and picking him up later after the show........I was in and out of the van 14 no wonder my knees hurt last night.........

I managed to get the details of my matching Dragonfly afghan done, I am doing two for the living room, one for the love seat and one for the couch, will do the squares in a Dark Sage, and a light sage for the pillows..........I saw some pillow at Wal-mart that I wanted that would match perfectly in the living room, but for two pillows each for love seat and couch, would have cost me over 70 dollars!!! Didn't want to pay that much for 4 pillows, so will make them......I already have two pillow forms, I have the yarn, and once I buy the other two pillow forms.........I will have only had to pay out less than 8 dollars..........I think I will try to wish for the pillows in a group though.........that would help out too. So anyway I am starting on my first square......I will be using the squares that I designed.......which are still being tested.

I also got some patterns this past week and some more today, so want to get started on a few things for Aiden.........I have a little alien and his ship to make, and a crayon holder for Aiden, finish AJs Pokemon Charizard..............and swaps!! Busy Busy

Aiden's father will be coming out sometime in May............but he wants to bring his other son, Mathias to see Aiden, since they are brothers........I don't like using the term "half" brothers.........and I agree, but of course this means his wife will have to come too......which would normally not bother me, but since this woman has been so jealous of me and Aiden, I am not too comfortable with it............but I do see the need for her to come.......Mathias needs his mommy too........just as Aiden does me..........I can't get over the things she has said about Aiden, and how she from day one, wanted Thien to have nothing to do with his son, Aiden...........she was jealous of Aiden too...............I can see her not liking me, and that is fine, she can say all she wants about me, but NOT MY SON!! you don't take your anger or frustration nor your jealousy out on an innocent if she does come, I hope that she will not mouth off to me, I don't think I will be able to control myself.....LOL............but I certainly don't want her to have an attitude towards Aiden.......We will see though.

I found a site that offers drop down menus, so it takes up less room, of course I only found one that offers 10 links, but still its a lot easier, when I want to change the background of blogger, I don't have to add all those links in, just re copy the code that I have saved.

Well off to watch Dog the bounty hunter and hope my pain pills take effect soon.