Tuesday, March 26, 2013


You decide on the "blah" of the week!  I tell you I have been sick a lot since late last year.  It's either flu like or cold like.  Last week, I thought my head cold was into my eyes, as they were leaking and very hard to see out of.  After waking up for my 5th day with my eyes cemented shut, I decided to call the dr.  I was lucky enough to get an appt with a couple of hours.  No infection, (thankfully), but it's mainly my allergies.  So I HAVE TO, NEED TO remember to take my allergy pills!!  It seems each couple of years, my allergies come up with something new to bug me with.  This was also my 3rd visit within a few months where my blood pressure was high.  So they put me on medicine for that.  I think that explains the dizzy spells I get every so often.   I need to read up info they gave me as well as checking online about how to reduce my blood pressure.  I know stress plays a huge factor in it.  As a mother of two boys who are 8 years apart in age, I'm always under stress.

So I will work on de-stressing my life as best I can, and not letting my temper flare up.

Boys are back in school from Spring break and there is only a bit over 2 months left of school. 

Friday, March 15, 2013

Day at the Park with Aiden

We got some really nice weather this past week, Austin went to a friends, so Aiden and I decided to head to a park. First we went for a walk along the water and around the parks streams.  We saw some really amazing trees!!!  I love the trees here, especially these two!  How gorgeous are they?

I got Aiden on one of the trees, but he didn't want to take anymore after this one.......LOL I love taking pictures!!  always have.  This was too awesome of a pic not to take!

See another weird tree!  this was really awesome. 

Love how the trees are reflected against the water here.  After we went for a walk around the park, we decided to go play....well Aiden played, I watched.  he had a lot of fun, but it was getting warm, so off to Walmart we went after this.  
Boys are off school for Spring break........they actually started yesterday.  Both are looking forward to the week off.  I just hope I don't go crazy.  I am babysitting my neighbors kid for the next month and a half, so Aiden will have someone closer to his age to play with before he goes back to school.  I had both of the boys out today playing since the temps were in the 80s.  The dogs from next door even had to come over to play too.  :D 

I crocheted these apple pie potholders a few weeks back.  they came out nice.  I used Regular WW yarn instead of cotton which I do sometimes for the hot pads.  I mainly use them to place hot pans on.  So it works either way.