Monday, June 29, 2009

Amigurumi Swaps & More Crochet in the News

Amigurumi Swaps & More June 18th, 2009

"Crochet in the News"
Well here is our June issue of Crochet in the News newsletter.........I said before i want to have this once a month. Remember that if at any time you want to contribute anything to this newsletter, just let me know. I will also post this newsletter on my blog.
Is evveryone looking forward to the Holidays......I know we are just coming into summer, but I know for me, I get bored working on the holiday stuff when that holiday is upon me. LOL Might not make sense, but in my twisted mind, it does. Anyway, I can't wait to see what everyone has been working on.........if you do any holiday work, let me know I will post your pictures here.
I would like to point out that for the phrases in parenthesis and in red, I would like to hear your answers on please by all means, copy and paste into an email and give us your answers through the group. For those of you reading this on my blog, leave a comment with your answers. I am sure a lot of people, including myself, would love to read them.
Ok on to some news.

Crocheting for Beginners
I found this site below and I think its pretty interesting, and anyone who crochets, whether you are new or old school.......should really enjoy reading this. This brings me to our Featured Section........
"What made you want to learn crochet?"

Here are some stories from our members here at
I Hope you all enjoy reading them.
I know for me, it was wanting to make afghans, which I called blankets, but some "crocheters" would tell me they are called Afghans! To me it was no difference. I was pregnant with Austin, who is now 11 and I was high risk, so I desperately needed something to do. I can tell you that it was very slow going........I didn't crochet anything while I was actually pregnant, with personal issues going on and being sick so much, I didn't have the time. Not to mention I could not figure out what the heck a slip knot was for the longest embarrassing at that is, I chalked it to up being sick and the meds........LOL Good excuse right? Anyway I believe my first project was a wrap around for my mom, very simple rectangle shape and it came out perfect, very even and second project was a scarf that came out horribly uneven!!

Carole's Answer
What made you want to learn crochet"
Gee-- I always knitted and just wanted to learn something different-- and less time consuming. My mother-in-law offered to teach me-- but it was awful- she had me use thread and a steel hook and I had bad eyesight and it was a mess. A few years later I learned that aluminum hooks and worsted weight yarn were a great combination for me. My step-daughter taught me to read patterns and from then on it was clear sailing.
Also if you could tell me if you remember what your first project was and do you still have it? My first project was --hmm- probably a baby blanket-- but i don't know which one-- but the first ones were all single crochet ---
Do you have a picture of it as well? not a chance-- but I do have a blanket I made of leftovers from the first year or so of crocheting. I could take a pic of it for you--
Any interesting or funny stories you would like to share about your "learning" process.
not really

Ivory's Answer
My very first crochet project was a scarf made with this salmon pink yarn. I still don't know what brand it was, it was one of those pounder yarns. Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of it, because I frogged it lol. My roomie taught me how to CH, DC, and turn, so whenever I would make a mistake, I would leave it. She has a different schedule then me, so when I got back from class or work, the error was fixed.
The first amigurumi I crocheted was a crochet cat, I have a picture of it and have attached it to this e-mail.
My crochet kitten was the very first amigurumi I have ever made. It taught me how to read a pattern! Well, I finished it and didn't have any experience sewing on limbs, so they are crooked. Oh and I didn't have any eyes, so it became my "Blind Crochet Kitten". My son now plays with it.

"Colors in Crochet"
"When you find a pattern you like and want to work on, how do you determine color? Do you usually use what is typical of the item you are working on, or do you just go crazy and do some off the wall color for it?"
Example, a cute doggy pattern, would you make a "blue" or "green" dog? LOL At the link below you can find an article on color.
for me, I usually pick out my own colors...........I don't always use the designers choice of color, and I really don't think many designers care what colors you use. I think it opens up a great conversation on why you chose the particular colors, and allows others to enjoy seeing the item in a different color......I have heard from some people that if they don't like the color of an item, they will not want the item, but seeing it in different colors opens their eyes to the fact that they might just like it that way. LOL. Sometimes I look at something someone has done, and think to myself why did they use those colors, but it's a preference, and I understand that........I think we all have to respect that choice that others make when choosing their colors for a project.

"What is the most off the wall color combination you have seen?"
"What is the most off the wall color choice you have been given for an item you were making someone?"

I can't wait to see your answers! :D

Have you ever wondered about the history of crochet?
I know I have.........I know that I have seen the shows like, "Little house on the Prairie" and saw them working a project, but was never sure if that was just for the show. I knew that the craft went way back, but after reading the article below, I had no idea just how far back it went! I wonder though about what they used, and just how popular it was.........well if you are like me and have the same or similar questions, please check this site out. You won't be disappointed.
"Did anyone in your family crochet?"
Well not sure really. I know my grandma did, but I never really saw her work, she lived in another state. My mom says she use to knit, but growing up I did not see her knit. I know I have seen some work that my grandmother on my moms side did, and she was GOOD We still have some of that work she did........I wish we had more.

Gale's Response
My mom she done doilys and she never had a patt that i can remember her mom and grams taught her so i assume it was a memory thing she never learned to read patt that i know of anyway i was a tomboy so when i begged her to teach me she said always wash your hands cause thread was white i guess they didn't have colors or she just always used white Course i was a tomboy and you should have seen the doily lol they didn't have spray and wash then either i bet i frogged that thing 100 times i would do a row and she would check it of course it wasn't tight enough or i missed a stitch REDO anyway im so glad she was that way she always told me do it right or don't do it at all well i wanted to learn and been learning all these years So thanks mom for having soooo much patience with a 7yr old dirty hands and all tomboy. Moms been gone six years now and you know i still frog if not done right

Well this is it for our June Newsletter, I hope this was a good read for you, and hopefully in time we find these getting better.
I will post the questions below too, and again if you are in the Amigurumi group, please send us your answers to the group, and for those of you reading my blog, please post your answers in the comments.

"What made you want to learn crochet?"
"When you find a pattern you like and want to work on, how do you determine color?
"Do you usually use what is typical of the item you are working on, or do you just go crazy and do some off the wall color for it?"
"What is the most off the wall color combination you have seen?"
"What is the most off the wall color choice you have been given for an item you were making someone?"
"Did anyone in your family crochet?"

Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day

Well we finally got around to setting up the pool again, and the place we wanted to put it, would not work as the tree was in the it basically had to go in the same place.....Aiden actually got in the pool this time, you can see above, he would NOT go in before......he was always so afraid, so I was pretty proud of him. The pool leans, but I AM NOT GOING TO TAKE IT DOWN. I will buy some really good grass seed though to lay down after the pool comes down in a couple of months.

It was super hot today..........the humidity was really nasty and suppose to be getting really bad this week. Usually we don't get this hot weather until August, so I am almost scared to see what August will bring.

We also got the back yard toys cleaned out, threw most of them out, they were old and the boys didn't play with them...........we also had a bbq of hamburgers, chicken strips and polish sausage.

I tried to trim my hair, and threw my hair over my head as I was told to do by a hairstylist, and ended up only trimming the front!!! oh well its not that bad, layered and the feathered look!!! LOL

AJ has a friend over for the night. I am going to go work on squares.


I did the Pillsbury Dough boy for the mini swap, made him with size 10 thread, and he stands about 4" tall, he is cute. and Super easy to make
Closer of him, but not very good I guess.
did this angel for the swap too, she is about 3" tall

Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday WooHoo

Well a bit of an update on the crochet front.......I joined a mini ami Round Robin.......and this is one I did, this is a mini ami turtle, from here You can also check out her blog here I did this turtle in size 10 thread with a small needle, I believe a size 8 not sure............anyway she sits a bit under 2-1/2" tall, and is just under 3" can see her next to a regular size coffee cup. I LOVE her, and might not send her off and make something in place of her. Plus my mom wants her bad!!!
Side view and a bit blurry, but it was the best I could do.
Got this adorable smurf from Debbie for a Cartoon swap, I loved the smurfs growing up.
I also got this frog from her awhile back, but lost the picture I took of him originally. I love frogs.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It's Hump Day?

Well Aiden absolutely loved his dragon, I think he kissed it a few hundred times!! LOL He wanted his picture taken with it. Just look at how proud he is to hold his dragon? LOL
I got the Amigurumi Round Robin package, this all cost only 3 dollars to mail......I think we might have more of these.......How cute are they? lets see, from left to right...we have a smores, an ice cream cone, a frog, a crab, and a bee. I know I am taking the smores, the crab and maybe the cone.......I have a frog and bee exactly like I will let the next person to choose. I will add a couple of extra's too.
Well if you had not guessed the Mystery CAL here it is.....a flamingo, I kept saying peacock, but was thinking flamingo, but could not think of the word. LOL Anyway I finished this up today, and the picture is not very good, so will try to take a better picture tomorrow with my camera.

Today was not such a good day, the boys did not want to listen, and Aiden was wild tonight.......he finally went to sleep cuz I made him go to bed early since he was acting up. I also managed to cut his nails and toe nails, which I can only do when he is sleeping.

Tessa came over today for a bit and we talked, so that was a welcome relief from the boys. I love them dearly, but I sure wish they would not have acted up so much today.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Dragon Ami

Well Aiden's Dragon Ami is done........It took me a few days to work on him, but I have been so tired lately. the Original pattern can be found at this SITE her pattern did not call for wings, but Aiden wanted wings.......I took him to Walmart the other day to pick out yarn, I took him to the green yarn and said pick out the colors you want for your dragon........he chose Spring Green and Hunter Green, I didn't buy the Hunter as I knew I had a few at home. Spring Green I use a lot so I knew I didn't have any.
Here he is from the back........Aiden is sleeping so he has not seen him yet. I think this dragon looks more like something else than a dragon, but its way cute though.

I had a good day, I forgot to do some laundry, but thankfully its not piled up.......mainly just hung around the house, it was another super hot day, so we didn't stay outside too much. We have more storms nearby, and some are really severe.....I am hoping no tornadoes.

I talked to a friend of mine who was kicked off of Section 8 for being evicted, and I do feel for her situation, I know what it's like to be without a home..........I just wish she would open her eyes wider and see the bigger picture, that her making a ton of calls wanting people to give her money is not the answer.......her gas got shut off today too. :( I sure hope she can find a place to live, and even if she can't I told her we will call the shelters.

Other than that, not much else is going dad could not get a hold of my uncle Jimmy, he has cancer and its spreading. This really made me very sad and upset.

I had to take my mom into her doctor yesterday to sign some papers for one of her really took a toll on her to walk.......he was just beet red, and almost fell a few times. I was worried about her, and scared too. I know I get frustrated around the house that i do everything, but I know how hard it is for her, that she can't do the things she liked to do. I worry so much about her. I can't imagine what is going on in her head. :(

Ok enough of the bad news..........I am waiting for a box of mini ami's, I joined an Amigurumi Round Robin

Blog Award

Last night I got a comment from Caroline, at the Kansas Hooker letting me know that she gave me the Kreativ Blogger Award. I tell you this brought a smile to my also made me laugh, since I had been at her blog looking when I got confirmation of a new comment on mine. :p

The rules with this award are to:
1) List 7 things you love.
2) Link back to the person who gave you the award.
3) Pass it along to 7 other bloggers

Seven Things I Love:

1. My family.....without them I would be no one.

2. My home..........without it we would be homeless and in this current day, you have to be GRATEFUL for that.

3. My friends.........

4. International Vanilla nut coffee......I have never been a coffee drinker, but this coffee is soooooo good.......I have a cup almost every night.

5. Stargate Atlantis......I loved that show and man was I not a happy camper when they ended that show. :(

6. Fresca.......peach flavored

7. My Crochet!!!

Seven Bloggers who are deserving of this award:

Sissie's Crochet Place

Wanda's Crochet Paradise

SmoothFox Original Crochet patterns

Craft's Place

Home is where the heart is

Wolf Dreamer off the Hook

Dishcloth Diaries

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Well above you can see the WIP I have going on...I started this little dragon for Aiden Friday, but only made his head....I started on him so late at night, that I just got too tired to keep going....then yesterday I did his body, and sewed that to his head, but got into watching a movie and put him away, I just finished his tail....and wanted to post before finishing him up....the pink stuff is the Mystery CAL, I have a few more things to do for it, and put it all together...I know what it will be, can you tell just from the picture?

Aiden and I will be camping out in the living room, Austin has a friend he met at school spending the night tonight, so they will sleep in the bedroom, so I will have Aiden out in the living room, and stay with him out there, we have a queen size blow up mattress, so he will like that.

I frantically worked my butt off this morning and afternoon, doing my cleaning....I didn't have much to do, but mainly dusting, sweeping and vacuuming...but wanted to get it all done before Blake got over here, I don't like cleaning when we have company. Anyway got it done, and even got the rest of the pool out back drained and moved....we will till up the dirt "circle" and plant grass seed, I so want grass back in my backyard....We will put the pool behind the garage and hopefully it will more level there, and since the boys don't really play in that area, I don't mind the "bald dirt circle" that will be there when the pool comes back down. Hopefully the grass will grow quickly....

Anyway, I am worn out from doing so much so fast.....but the rest of the day and evening went pretty good. We have some storms in the area, last night Austin and I were outside talking with our neighbor and this huge bolt of lightening lit up the whole sky, and then a huge clap of thunder that really freaked a lot of people out, lights came on, doors opened. major storm or rain though. Hopefully nothing severe tonight either.

Anyway.....I will get off of here and work some more on Aiden's dragon.

I joined an Amigurumi Round Robin...and I will be the first one to receive the box, and it will be mini ami's, so I need to get some patterns out. I can't wait to see what Cyndi has put in the box....she and her mother do such cute ami's....

Friday, June 12, 2009


I am so sore tonight.......I was super busy today, and was hoping for a relaxed seems I am always "hoping" for one of those days. LOL Anyway Austin spent the night with a friend, so I took Aiden out today to get some clothes.....he needed shorts. I am really disappointed with the boys clothing departments as opposed to the girls section......they always have this HUGE section for girls, and if you blink, you just might miss the boys section. Very disappointed in that. We did manage to find him some shorts and shirts.......he even helped pick out a t-shirt, "Transformers" which I would like to take Austin to see this weekend.....Aiden can still be a bit rambunctious in the movie theatre, sometimes he just does not want to sit still or be quiet. Anyway, We also managed to finally fix the holes in the ring of our pool......we hope anyway! Will know for sure tomorrow if they are fixed and hold air.

I didn't get to work on any crochet today..........I did get a bit in tonight, I am doing a mystery CAL hosted by Tiffany, and I am pretty sure I know what it is......will take a picture and post tomorrow.........but I am caught up now. I will get to work on Aiden's dragon tomorrow........he picked out some green yarn, Spring green actually, and he also wanted darker green, so he chose the Hunter Green...........He was so cute picking it out....and he really likes when he can "do" stuff for himself, and help out too...........With some things I wish he was more independent with......and other times, it's like I wish he would let me help him potty training.......I know we started a bit late, but come on, he is 3 and I still think that is a good age to start............we started early, but he just would not have it..........but lately, he expressed some interest in it.......we finally gave up on the "singing" potty chair we had gotten him......he played with it more, and it sat so low that he flopped down on we just said the heck with that.......and we got him a seat that sits on the big potty...........well he is now wearing his underwear and so proud of himself, he knows when he has to go........and does #1 and #2 in the potty.......WOOHOOOO!! Anyway I still put a diaper on him at night right before bed..........and he is ok with that. I don't mind washing the underwear when he has an accident, but I don't want to have to wash and change the bedding that much......but so far since wearing the underwear he has only had 2 accidents...........and those were both awhile ago he has done really good with this.........I got tired of buying diapers! LOL

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Grandma is DONE!!!

I finally finished the Ami Grandma., the one on the right is for Margaret, I will send that to her soon, the one on the left is for my mom and was done in a C hook, I messed up on the color change of her shoes, but didn't notice until I had her body done, which was worked around the legs, so there was no way I was going to "frog" that and redo it. I will be making another grandpa for my mom too, and that will be done in a c hook The one for Margaret and her grandma was done in a G hook
My moms Grandma I did the shawl on both of them without the last 2 rows that the pattern called for...I had to make more rows just to them both long not sure why they came out short in the beginning, but both shawls had to be redone last night and today, so I was just not going to do the last 2 rounds. LOL
Margaret's done in a G hook
This Amigurumi Dragon I did for Tiffany for a wish she had in a group. I hope she likes it, I mailed it the other day.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Busy Saturday

This is the Busy Bee done for a Ami Things with wings swap in the group, Amigurumi Swaps & More group, I made this for Tiffany, and had a hard time parting with her... If you are interested in the pattern, check out this BLOG You can also find a link to her Etsy store there as well. She does such cute projects.
I made this Purple Butterfly for the same Ami group for the swap, "Any Cute Ami done in purple. This went to Tiffany.
I also did Belle again for a Birthday swap in the Ami group and this also went to Tiffany, this is a side view of her, and I did her in a C hook this time which seems to be my favorite hook size with Ami's.......I think I did a better job with her this time around. Which makes me think I might redo the Cinderella and the Aurora dolls too.
The front of her.

Wow my day started out busy...........but no major issues, except for the neighbor girl from across the street bugging me since last night........I don't like that parents/grandparents don't teach them manners..........We set up a pool last weekend, and this little girl visiting her grandma yesterday wanted to swim, and we said tomorrow afternoon well yesterday she came over to play with the boys and I said they were not home, and I got the third degree from her......anyway she did that 3 other times and finally I went and told her grandma and that if she wants to play with the boys today and go swimming, that I would send the boys over sometime today when they were ready........well I got online this morning to check something and her son IMed me and I said we were cleaning and we would let them know.......well 10 minutes later here comes the girl..........we told her no that we had cleaning and stuff to do, and we would come for her when we were ready.........well an hour later here she comes again!!!! we told her we would be done in 2 hours, I told her grandma too.........well not more than 30 minutes later, she comes and walks right into our house.....I told her to go home and don't come back until we come to get her.......... I don't really care, I am not the local pool and playground for the neighorbood kids..........they come over and fight my kids for their own toys. Both Austin and Aiden have scooters, and these kids will come over and immediately jump on them, the girl will walk over and grab it from Aiden and say its my turn now........I have told her to stop, that I don't really like other kids playing on them, they might get hurt and I don't want that responsibility or to feel bad that they got hurt. Anyway We got the toys organized, under all the beds cleaned, I got the sheets off of my bed and Aiden's bed, and I also cleaned the utility room, did 3 loads of laundry, and we got part of the closet most is done.....I will finish up the closet later today when I make the beds..........

No crochet for me yet............I was working on an Ami dragon for a Wish in a group and last night I put his "parts" together.........the body, the head, snout, two ears, two horns, two eyes, two eyelids, two legs, and two arms.........Whew!! LOL I want to get working on him some more today and get him finished.

I need to run to Walmart to buy a new umbrella for our patio table, the one we had was left out and open in the wind, and it broke.........this will be our third one that I get today, so hopefully that is the charm to help us keep this one closed and safe!! LOL

Well I am off to finish up the kitchen and get some crocheting done once I get back from walmart.

Friday, June 05, 2009

I had to post this, this was taken a couple of weeks ago..........We were outside sitting on the front porch and the expression on Aiden's face was just too cute.....I love this shot of us.
The three of us after AJ got home from school.....this was his last day! I love this. I just got Austin's report card today and he did very well! He brought up his band grade and I am so proud of him.
I did this doilies a couple of months ago, and forgot to take pictures of can really tell, but the design are bells inside the red part and the blue part
Can you guess what this is? Its a mystery CAL in my Amigurumi Swaps & More group........Tiffany is hosting this for us.......I have the 3rd set of instructions, but have not worked them yet today........I am working on a Ami Dragon for a wish in Crochet Swap Buddies, I have it almost done, then will work a bit more on Grandma the ami I am doing for Margaret and my mom, my moms is being done in a C hook while Margaret's is being done in a G hook, and I realized I goofed on my moms, she is suppose to have pink shoes, but I gave her the brown shoes, never changing colors from when I was working the soles. Oh well, I am not going to redo it as I have the legs done and the body done on that one.