Thursday, October 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Aiden!!

 Mr Aiden had his party Saturday, and he loved it, he loved the whole day, and his daddy being in town too.
Opening a gift!
Mr gooder, and mommy with my best friend looking on in the background.
Toy story cake

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Conferences Already

Yep, my Aiden did today!!!  I have to say I am getting excited about elementary school again.  Once AJ hit middle school, I missed elementary school.  He was growing up on me so fast, and things were done differently in middle school.  I can go through it again with Aiden.  I love to hear him talk about his day.  I LOVE that he still wants a hug and a kiss from me when I drop him off and he DOESN'T care who sees!!!!  He still says, "I love you mommy" as he walks into his class!!!  I always miss him!  It is only 3 hours, but still!!!!  He is my baby.  Anyway he is doing great in school.........he can sign his name now without tracing he will graduate to signing his name without seeing it.  He can count to 100, but they are not even doing that in his class yet.....but he will count to 100 all the time at home.  He is super polite, and smart........but they wish he would talk more......he is shy at school a bit.  So that is the goal next well as learning how to write our last is a hard one, he can say it now.........but spelling it will be a challenge.  8 letters!!!  LOL  I know he will catch on fast.  I think I want to start writing the day, month, and date for him too, so he will get use to what those words look like.  

I got his hair cut yesterday too, and he looks so handsome, I wanted to wait until it was closer to his birthday and school pictures!!  He will turn 5 tomorrow, but his party will be on Saturday.  He is so excited.  I also had AJ get his hair cut yesterday too.  He looks so handsome and much better.  Even the stylist said he looked better leaving then he did coming in.  LOL

Our temps are cooling down a bit, more so at night, time does not change until November, which I am a bit upset about, but what am I going to do?  I like when it gets dark earlier.  


Saturday, October 16, 2010

4 New Patterns added

I hope you scroll down to see the 4 newest patterns I have added to my blog. 

Monday, October 11, 2010

Well it was a gorgeous day, no sun out, but we did get rain, thunder, and lightening!!  Talk about some really cool temps too.  My mom and I were out on the porch taking a break from cleaning and stuff, and we got chilly out there, So did Aiden.  I am really tired, and we have Best Buy coming tomorrow to get out tv that caught fire.  It is 2am and I am still up, so I am going to be one very tired lady!! 

Had a great weekend, yesterday AJ was out with some friends, so Aiden and I went to see a parade and to the Fall Festival the local fire department was having.........Aiden had a lot of fun, and I did too, visited with some friends and relaxed some.  AJ was gone today too, so just hanging out with Aiden, cleaned some of the house.......tried to pick up my hook and I think I have "crochet depression" if there is such a thing........I just can't get motivated to crochet..........I thought maybe it was because I hurt my wrist...but that was not it.  I started a little ami for Aiden, and just could not get that hook to move very much.  Aiden knew I had run out of the soft navy yarn for his blanket, so he reminded me today, and he and papa went to get me some, so I could "finish" his blanket, he really wants it done!!!  I think I will force myself to work on it later today.  Now I need some sleep. 

Friday, October 08, 2010

Crochet Pictures

 Just in time for Fall!!!  Magnets, Turkey and Pumpkin Pie
 Cat/Dog pattern I tested for Ivory, how cute is this???
I made this and then had to send it off, I LOVE this dragonfly!!

I have my modem up and running.  I missed the internet.  I think we all did, especially my mom.

Yesterday our living room tv caught  on fire..............smoke was filling the living room fast, and I had my father unplug the tv.........we could not see flames, but smoke coming it said he heard a pop, and the tv went out, but then came back on, so he thought the Directv box went out, which it does a lot with satellite.  Anyway, I bought the tv from a lady who bought from Best Buy.........she bought an extended warranty on it, TV is 2 years I called them, and they said yes the warranty transfers since she bought it from they are coming out Monday which was the earliest.  I am sooo glad the warranty transferred, she said she called when I was buying the tv to find out, and the store in town said yes since it was bought from them it would be covered with the new owner as long as I had the original receipt, which I did. 

I am just so glad the fire did not get worse and we are all ok..............I am also glad I called, I was about to throw the TV out and take the hose to it....but once we unplugged it the smoke eventually stopped. 

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Missing the Internet

Well I am without a modem...........I was told my ATT that I would have one on Wednesday, but it never showed up, and it took them a week to tell me that it was not ordered, and that I was basically given the run around and lied to by them........I will be looking for a new internet company, but until I do find one, I will continue to pay my att bill and get the new modem. 

Other than that things are going ok, I got a new car, but it had an issue with the radiator, but it is being fixed, it is done but needs to get some antifreeze in it.  Anyway just a quick hello here, still have a few more pattens to post on here.