Monday, January 11, 2010

Sluggish Monday

Saturday I took the boys to see, "Alvin and the Chipmunks", a very cute movie, it has been awhile since we took Aiden with us, the last time we tried to see a movie, he was just too talkative and fidgety, which he was younger, so was to be expected. Anyway he did good in this movie, he doesn't like all the previews you have to watch before the movie, but he liked the popcorn and candy he got.........we all loved the movie, it was too cute. We also had lunch before the movie, and after the movie I took AJ over to a friends. I had a talk with the mom about some things her very young daughter had been saying......I picked up AJ later that night, and after being harassed by this very young girl today.....I think I will just sever ties with this family. I don't need their drama.......LOL I have enough of my own. Sunday I took AJ and a couple of kids to the YMCA to go swimming, I didn't work out, since AJ just wanted me to swim. Had fun though.
I did this mermaid in thread for a lady in a group with me, she wanted this as a wish, so I made it for her and got it mailed today. This worked up super fast, I think it only took about an hour to make if that. I didn't want to part with her, but then I have that problem a lot with stuff. LOL

Monday, January 04, 2010


Well Sunday is the last day of Christmas break!! WOOHOO can you say party time? LOL AJ is back to school, and hopefully I can get our days back to normal....although I want to see some changes, and I have to get busy making them happen.......I will not say the "R" no won't hear it from my lips, nor see it from my fingertips........I am just going to make the changes happen, without making a huge deal out of it.

I am glad that this night is coming to an end, I sure hope my Monday is better than Sunday was..........AJ had a friend over, then two more kids from across the street and things were fine for awhile, until AJ slammed open the bedroom door hitting my finger!! OUCH! Anyway I didn't start yelling until he started in with an attitude........and this was not the first time I had gotten this attitude from I just went off on him, yelling and telling him I was sick of it......especially how it gets worse with his friends over........i told him that I hoped he was embarrassed, because now he would know how it felt for me when he gives me attitude to "show" off for his friends. I wish I had the AJ that everyone else sees.........I mean for the most part he is a good kid, but like all kids, he has his moments...and when I am already stressed out, those "moments" really boil me!!! Anyway from the time he could talk everyone has told me how polite he is, and how they enjoy his company........HELLO??? how come I can't get that kid 24/7??? That is not fair!! LOL. Anyway I made his friends go home early.......and he sat in his room stewing, and I in the living room crying..........yep crying........I felt so bad for yelling at him...........and even for doing it in front of his friends, but oh well, it's over with, and he ended up being nice the rest of the night, even though he is grounded until the middle of the week..........

Aiden is going to wake up with a black eye........I got his teeth brushed before bed, and told them to get into bed, and I would be in to tuck them in........well.........Aiden was not listening, and jumping on AJs futon...and fell off hitting his eye on the metal bar...........right on his it swelled up fast and turned a nasty shade of grey..........I just went to check on him and cover him up, he is always throwing his covers off at night.......he is fast asleep and even in the dark, I can see his swollen eye. :(

I really need to take a break from crochet, my hands are so sore.......I have been working on swap stuff, even though none are due until the end of this month.........and a couple not until February........but I want to stay ahead of myself so I can get busy on some afghans.

Good Night.

Friday, January 01, 2010

More Christmas photo's

With some of the gifts they got....opening them in their room.

Just waiting to open them.

AJ sliding down the ramp......we ended up getting alot more snow than this.

Finally here is Luigi, I did not like making him, nor do I like how he came out....the first time I did him, I ended up frogging him thinking I had done something wrong, but second time around, was the same.....Aiden loves him, and I guess that is all that matters, but I had to force myself to finish him, I felt bad, but just glad he is done.