Sunday, March 06, 2011


Well I received an email from a Christine Seivers about my diet soda post...she sent me a link, actually here is the email she sent me.  I have gone to the link and I think it offers up some great information.  I will say that I have really slowed down my diet soda drinking.  Not that I did drink that much anyway, but I am counting calories so I am slowing down on a lot of the "other" drinks, trying to stay more with water and tea.  I don't put sugar in my tea.  I actually had a funny conversation with a friend of mine about water and tea.  He said drinking tea sugarless is not considered very good for you, he said it makes you go pee a lot.......Hmm......not sure why his dr told him that, I drink water and make many trips to the bathroom, but I have always drank iced tea and it has never made me go as often as water does.  LOL  Anyway please read the site below.  I think the Unsettling Facts really do sound legite, and we all can make up our own minds, but I think if you are going to decide to do something or not do something, you SHOULD know the facts, or what the studies do say.  I am glad Christine sent me this site, and I will certainly continue to drink less soda period.  Diet or not......I am slowing down......I read this but had already decided to slow down and hopefully stop altogether.  I don't consider myself addicted at all.....I am proud of myself for slowing down.  I even had my son drinking diet soda......which reading this makes me wonder why I didn't do my own research before deciding to allow my son to drink it.  So he doesn't now.  


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