Sunday, October 12, 2014

Rewriting of my Patterns

Hello!!   it's been awhile, and many "I'm going to get it done" moments for me, but I am finally working on rewriting all my squares, I have decided to go in order that they were designed and by same types, meaning I started with all my 6" squares.  I am still working them and have some done, I will post them on my blog when I am done so you can check out the links, you can also download them on Ravelry in pdf form. 

I hope you like the "new" look to them and hopefully the patterns are written out better. 

Shells Around
Simple Wish
Single Dragonfly
Open Cross
Framing a Flower
Grace Adia Flower
Flower Love in 2D
Flower Love in 3D
Reflected Dragonfly w/color changes!