Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Another Entry for the Night

Well I got some of my crochet pictures up, I have to get some pictures done. I have some 12" squares to send off tomorrow to a group exchange I am in.......I feel so bad, one was due in July, and another this month. I have just had so much going on the past couple of months. This way I will be caught up, I will take pictures to post tomorrow.

I am currently working on Halloween crochet and will get some pictures of what i have done so far.

I am hoping to hear from Austins teacher...........he has two teachers, the class breaks up between two teachers, they have one in the morning then another one in the afternoon. His afternoon teacher graded him unfairly and I want it fixed.

Well my little Aiden is just screaming his little head off at me, he is sooo tired, so i am going to get him in the bath and relaxed.

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