Friday, December 07, 2007

AJs Week

I missed AJs graduation from D.A.R.E yesterday!! How could i forget to go? Between feeling sick and stressed, it just totally slipped my mind! I felt horrible, and didn't remember until AJ came home from school and i saw him wearing the shirt he got. He said he was ok with it, but i knew he was bummed, and so was i.............Tuesday he had his Christmas program at school, and not only did he play his instrument....Viola, but he had a speaking part in the program, I was beaming with pride when he was up there. I saw my handsome boy up there doing such a great job! I was so proud of him. I thought my face would break i was smiling so big! LOL After that we went out to eat and had a nice time. He came home and played for mama since she could not make it.

Essay for Dare

D.A.R.E has taught me so much about not using drugs.
Like it can make you very sick and kill you.
It can also make you do things that can hurt you or others that you care about.

D.A.R.E taught me about tobacco and if you use a lot of it when you are a kid,
it can cause cancer in your mouth. They might have to remove your bottom jaw.

I promise not to use drugs in my whole life.
I will not use anything that can hurt me like alcohol, tobacco and marijuana.
If one of my friends were using drugs, I would tell them to stop
and that it can hurt them or kill them.
I would not want them to die.

If my parents used drugs I would tell them
find the right medicine to help them stop using drugs.
I would ask them to get help for their problem.
I would tell them how much I loved them and don't want
them to be hurt by using drugs and stuff that can hurt them.

D.A.R.E is the best program out there to help make us safe and healthy.
They are there to help us and that makes them cool in my book.

By AJ Suominen

Well what an essay huh? I am really proud of him for writing this.

I am still feeling awful and hope this cold and virus leave me really really soon.

I am off to wash my hair and relax. My little Aiden is still sleeping, he is a tired little guy!

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Lesalicious said...

Nice poem. I think AJ understood. At times moms do forget I have to keep post it stickers all on my bulletin board just so I don't forget things but, when us moms are so stressed and top it off sick to we total forget things.:)